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Uncover Wasted Ad Spend with Marketing Pro - Ads

Melani Deyto
June 6th, 2022
3 Min Read

Like most contractors, you probably spend thousands of dollars each month on Google Ad campaigns. You may even feel like those dollars are working for you because your campaigns are getting clicks or they are making the phones ring.

But do you or your agency know the actual revenue impact of your ad campaigns? Most likely not.

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That’s why we are excited to bring you  Marketing Pro - Ads, a new component of Marketing Pro Full Suite that allows you to measure your ad performance and uncover wasted ad spend.

The Problem: Ads Performance Based on Clicks or Calls

Today, understanding the performance of your Google Ad campaigns means having to analyze on two different platforms. In Google Analytics, you can measure performance by the number of clicks your ads generate, while in ServiceTitan, you can see the ROI of the channel, but not individual campaigns. 

The challenge is knowing which campaigns to credit once someone lands on your website. You may be managing multiple tracking numbers for your ads for when a potential customer clicks on your ad to call, but this doesn’t work if they land on your website. So instead, you rely on CSRs to manually attribute calls to a campaign, leaving plenty of room for misattribution, inaccurate data, and ultimately no way to know if your ad dollars are making you money.

Get Better Insights into Campaign Level ROI

By connecting your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to ServiceTitan, your Google data and ServiceTitan data are aligned and always in sync. As a result, you’ll know which campaigns - even which keywords or ad groups - impact jobs and drive revenue for your business. 

Increase the accuracy of your campaign tracking

With Dynamic Call Tracking, you can show a unique phone number on your website based on which ad your visitor clicked. We automatically attribute the campaign source for you, so your CSRs don’t have to. In addition, Dynamic Call Tracking can track calls from your website in any situation, so you will always reliably know what marketing campaigns are driving calls - and more importantly, revenue – to your business.

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Increase your ROI and lower your cost-per-lead 

Marketing Pro’s full-funnel digital ads dashboards allow you to monitor your ad campaign performance and quickly identify which ones drive revenue and wasted ad spend. Whether you manage ads on your own or collaborate with an agency, it is now possible to take action on these insights and reallocate your budget to winning campaigns instead. 

The result? A lower cost per lead and an increase in your marketing return on investment. Based on the customers we have worked with using Marketing Pro - Ads to measure ad performance, we typically see 40-60% waste in ad budget. In addition, we’ve seen a 5X or greater ROI by reallocating your budget to higher-performing campaigns.

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