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The Best Ways to Evaluate Your Home Services Marketing Efforts

Jackie Aubel
February 22nd, 2018
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Your company is on the radar in your area. Your inflow of new business is steady, but marketing efforts seem scattered. How do you know you’re using everything you have in your toolbox to get the right customers interested in your services? How can you streamline your funnel of efforts and use your resources better to market for your company?

See What's Working 

Being able to access and analyze the success of channels you’ve invested your marketing budget in is extremely important. Understanding the return your business is gaining from those channels should tell you where your message is getting across most effectively. Using that information moving forward, you can take what marketing channels are working and amplify the tactics associated with those channels.

Create a marketing scorecard. Your scorecard should include all current campaigns and information about which customers came to you through those campaigns. Start by running a customer survey when you book a new service asking where they heard about your business.

Previous marketing initiatives for your company may have focused in a variety of places. A strong online presence on websites like Yelp is key, local radio or TV ads, or even print ads in the daily paper. It can be hard to keep track of the channels customers find you through.

Some softwares provide a dashboard that allows you to visually compare the success of your different campaigns by comparing ROI metrics, booked meetings, leads generated by that source as well as sales. This insight is valuable moving forward because your company is now informed and in control of the next steps. You could run small experiments in certain channels, switching up the messaging or altering the cadence in running ads. Likewise, you could put more budget and effort into the campaigns with larger success. What a relief to actually see where your marketing is making an impact, instead of yelling into as many channels as possible. Nobody wants to go unheard. It’s expensive and inefficient.

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Double Down on Your Successes

The issue many home service businesses face is knowing where they should double down on their marketing efforts. Imagine you just made a big upsell in a neighborhood, but forgot that in the same area you had a big sell a few months ago. If that information was organized and available somewhere for you to reference and use, you could make a concerted effort to market to that area of town. You know there is interest there, and most likely, word of mouth is spreading about your services. If you couple that momentum with new marketing efforts centered on the people that live in that area, you would have the opportunity to make a big impact.

You’ve experienced the frustration of a third-party call tracking service. They intercept phone calls and ask "How'd you hear about our services?" That rarely solicits an accurate and usable response. If you want to know exactly where the interested calls are coming from, having a software that integrates with your phone system is key.

You need a system that is accurate enough for you to gain insight into which marketing efforts are bringing in calls. If you use a tracking number with certain softwares, you can attach a number to a specific marketing campaign. All incoming calls can be tied to this number, effectively linking a call to the outcome, whether that is a sale or not. This information will give you valuable insight into which marketing channels the calls are coming from and the likelihood of selling to those customers.

Get the Most From Marketing

Having a way to keep better track of your marketing efforts can take the guesswork out of the customer acquisition equation. Ultimately, this allows for you to better invest your time and money in the right channels. Having a more organized and trackable marketing effort also allows you to adjust methods or messaging that doesn't work — or to amplify those that are working well. This way you can continue to reach the right people who are going to book meetings with your technicians.

software that connects and streamlines your avenues of marketing in one, comprehensive place will make it easier for you to make marketing a part of your workday and a major part of your revenue.

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