Automating Email Campaigns Made Easy with ServiceTitan and Marketing Pro

Diana Lamirand
February 10th, 2020
4 Min Read

Since signing on with ServiceTitan five years ago, Cody & Sons has grown its $1 million Dallas plumbing and HVAC company into a $5 million operation with 30 employees.

“I love ServiceTitan,” says Robin Cody, director of marketing and business development for the 50-year-old family-owned home services company founded by her husband’s grandfather. “We started with ServiceTitan in 2014 when I joined the company. It’s been a great product that has grown with us.”

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Cody oversees marketing efforts for Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air, with help from the company’s CEO and owner, who also happens to be her father-in-law. “The CEO is very interested in marketing, he likes to be on top of things,” she says.

When ServiceTitan launched Marketing Pro last summer, Cody knew immediately she wanted to add it to her toolbox, in particular for automating email campaigns to improve customer retention. 

“I’ve been watching for it to come out,” she says. “Before, we just didn’t have the time or tools to target existing customers. That’s been our goal for 2019, and even more so in 2020.”

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We asked Cody, a seasoned ServiceTitan user, to share her first impressions of Marketing Pro.

Q: What kind of marketing did you do before Marketing Pro?

A: Mostly digital. We’ve had a lot of success with (marketing) good reviews. We've used other email marketing providers. I’ve had no success with direct mail or print. We’ve also done some radio, but media buys are just kind of costly and scary for us since we’re a smaller company. But (better marketing) is something we eventually want to be able to invest in.

Q: Did you face any challenges when running email campaigns with the other marketing tool providers?

A: I mostly ran a holiday campaign with them. I just don’t have the time to devote to look into our data, research and start doing things like building audiences.

That’s what’s so great about ServiceTitan Marketing Pro. I can essentially use it as our customer relationship management software now. I can use and analyze our own data to target customers appropriately.

Q: What kinds of Marketing Pro automated email campaigns do you have planned?

A: Mostly, we’ll be doing ongoing automated campaigns throughout the year. We’ve also set up expiring membership campaigns, “We Miss You” campaigns and unsold estimates campaigns. We’ll also do seasonal, one-time campaigns, such as our annual 12 Deals of Christmas.

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Q: Has Marketing Pro helped you save time or improve productivity?

A: It really is very easy, very quick. It probably takes me about 30 minutes to set up an email campaign, maybe less, whereas, it would probably take me an hour or more with the other ones. It has definitely saved me hours. 

Q: For the past three months, Cody & Sons brought in about $3,000 a month in direct revenue tied to Marketing Pro email campaigns. Are you seeing a clear ROI after 90 days?

A: Definitely. Even the one-time campaigns, like the furnace tune-up special, caused our phones to ring more because of that one email. That one ran for about 90 days, and the direct revenue was $2,600 and the attributed revenue was nearly $20,000.

We sent the email to about 3,000 customers, anyone who wasn’t a member and hadn’t used us within the past six months. It was a small audience, but it had a lot of return.

Marketing Pro helps me capture the customers we could potentially lose. It’s easy to use and easy to build audiences. ServiceTitan also tracks the phone calls, so it can directly track our response from these emails.

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