Zoom Drain sees lift from Phones Pro, Marketing Pro — and “having everything within ServiceTitan”

Diana Lamirand
February 6th, 2020
4 Min Read

Zoom Drain Philadelphia wanted to keep all of its digital tools in one toolbelt for easy access. Already a user of ServiceTitan home services software, the drain-cleaning company added Marketing Pro and Phones Pro in Fall 2019. 

“We like the idea of having everything within ServiceTitan,” says Christina Dear, Zoom Drain’s onboarding and training specialist. “We like the ease of it and all the features … it’s always nice to have something that’s already integrated with the software you use.”

After attending Pantheon, ServiceTitan’s annual user conference, last summer, Zoom Drain signed up for both Marketing Pro and Phones Pro following feature demonstrations for both new products. Before, they used landline phones and a more complicated email marketing platform.

As one of the first users to combine Marketing Pro and Phones Pro, we asked Dear to describe Zoom Drain’s experience with the new add-ons.

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Q: What email marketing program did you use before, and which Marketing Pro feature were you most looking forward to?

A: We used an email marketing company … It was always just kind of a pain having to import our customers. And then the campaigns … were not user-friendly. You really have to build the automated campaigns — and it was not that simple of a system. 

We were looking forward to the simplicity of being able to target the customers we already have, and not having to completely build these campaigns from scratch.

Q: What kind of results are you seeing with Marketing Pro?

A: We’ve made our money back. That was our hope. We have tens of thousands of customers, so if anybody is going to see an ROI out of its franchisees, it’s going to be us. In the sewer and drain industry, it’s a little bit more of a niche from a marketing standpoint, and we have to kind of play around with the campaigns. We just sent out a one-time restaurant campaign that has been pretty successful.

Q: What are your overall thoughts on Marketing Pro?

A: Marketing Pro is 10 times easier than the other email solution we used. The overall building process is easier: it takes a few questions, you answer them, click next and Go!

I can send targeted emails without the daunting task of exporting and importing. I love that our customers are already in the system and since we use tags a ton, we have been able to send out targeted emails to people with specific tags. Unsold estimate campaigns are really nice, and the fact we do not have to upload into another software is huge. It just makes it way easier to send an email marketing campaign.

Q: What benefits have you seen from using Phones Pro?

A: Phones Pro has really helped from a training and coaching perspective, especially as a manager of customer service coordinators. Being able to listen to live calls and being able to read the call transcripts has been very helpful for coaching. It definitely makes training a lot easier.

The amount of abandoned calls is now very minimal, which is nice. Using the Voicemail Drop feature in Phones Pro saves us at least an hour of our time throughout the day. 

Q: Would you recommend Marketing Pro and Phones Pro to other home services companies?

A: I would 100% recommend Marketing Pro to established companies. Marketing Pro definitely makes email marketing easier. With Phones Pro, it’s nice to also have your phones all in one place.

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