Introducing ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro

Nikhil Dhingra, Director of Growth Product MarketingJuly 16th, 2019

Today at Pantheon, ServiceTitan’s annual user conference, ServiceTitan President Vahe Kuzoyan unveiled ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro.

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro and ServiceTitan Phones Pro are two new add-on products, which along with Pricebook Pro, now create a triad of ServiceTitan Pro Products. Together, the ServiceTitan Pro Products help home services businesses reduce friction at every step of the customer journey so they can boost efficiency, win more business, and drive customer loyalty.

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro helps ServiceTitan customers leverage all of the homeowner information they have inside of ServiceTitan to deliver hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns to win more business. ServiceTitan Phones Pro helps ServiceTitan customers reimagine the entire phones and call booking experience so they can boost CSR efficiency and optimize every single customer interaction.

All of Your Tools in One Toolbelt

Our customers are delighted with the ServiceTitan platform. They’ve been able to deliver an amazing homeowner experience with technician tracking. They’ve been able to uncover business insights with custom reporting and dashboards, They’ve automated many manual and paper processes with our back office integrations. This has led our customers to achieve outstanding year over year growth.

And still, with all of this amazing success, there is still so much more opportunity that we want to help unlock for our customers. In fact, we’ve heard that many of our customers have a desire to reach even greater heights. They want to tap into all of their valuable homeowner information in ServiceTitan -- like unsold estimates and aging equipment -- so they can identify new opportunities to grow their businesses. And, they’re tired of using fragmented third party tools and services to do all of this.

ServiceTitan Phones Pro and Marketing Pro help ensure you have all of the tools you need in one toolbelt to get the job done. We want to help you run your entire business like an absolute pro across every stage of the homeowner lifecycle, from taking calls to marketing all the way through selling and servicing.

A Powerful Tool to Drive Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that in today’s hyper-digital world, customer loyalty is hard to come by, and it is continuously eroding. We recently conducted a survey of home services businesses, which revealed that only 10% of millenials care whether they have used your service before when making a purchasing decision, compared to over 30% of previous generations.

So how do you continue to drive customer loyalty and continue to win repeat business in this new world?

A cohesive digital strategy that includes thoughtful and targeted email marketing can help you deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time, to drive customer loyalty. In fact, we’ve found that 70% of home services customers prefer email as the best type of communication about deals, offers and reminders. And, over half of them want the email communication to be timely and personalized.

That’s why it’s all the more important to double down on a digital strategy that includes targeted email marketing, which means using the right data and customer information to create hyper-targeted messages. However, 70% of home services businesses don’t even know they can use homeowner information for marketing purposes and of those that do, 25% of them find it too time consuming to do so!

That’s where ServiceTitan Marketing Pro comes in.

You Don’t Need to be a Digital Marketer to Market Like a Pro

Many shops are doing some form of email marketing, but they are tired of using multiple, disconnected solutions. Many of them are also are not honing in on the right customers with the right message at the right time—which minimizes the impact of their campaigns. In fact, it can even result in customer disengagement or dissatisfaction.

So we wanted to build something right into ServiceTitan that helps them deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time so that they can get more repeat business, win big in the offseason, and bring marketing expertise in-house 24x7.

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro helps you:

  • Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time: Marketing Pro is designed to work with all of the valuable homeowner information you have collected in the core ServiceTitan platform. Create countless combinations of data—like unsold estimates, aging equipment, memberships that are expiring, and more—that empower you to hyper-target specific audiences that are more inclined to buy.
  • Become your own digital marketing expert: Leverage pre-built curated content based on the marketing best practices of the homes services industry that ensure you create the most impactful campaigns with the least amount of effort.
  • Track real ROI and easily optimize your efforts: Our centralized marketing hub connects email marketing performance, calls and booked jobs all in one place making it easy to understand each campaigns ROI at every stage of the homeowner lifecycle. Only ServiceTitan can track real ROI that includes both email performance and revenue attribution.

“Each Marketing Pro campaign we've done has generated at least 10x more revenue than the money we spent on marketing.” --Tom Howard, President of Lee’s Air

Run Your Whole Business Like a Pro, at Every Stage of the Homeowner Lifecycle

We don’t want to just help you drive more leads and win more repeat business, but we want to help optimize every customer interaction, from the very first hello. That’s why it doesn’t stop with marketing.

That’s where ServiceTitan Phones Pro comes in—to help you reimagine your entire phones experience.

You Don’t Need a Separate Phone System to Book Jobs Like a Pro

With the core ServiceTitan platform, CSRs are able to deliver a personalized customer experience because customer calls are connected to your ServiceTitan data. But we’ve seen that many shops want to do away with the traditional phone experience altogether -- they want all their tools in one toolbelt, they want everything right in ServiceTitan. Customers want a lightning fast experience that prevents any inefficiency around abandoned calls, forwarding delays, and call bubbles.

ServiceTitan Phones Pro helps you:

  • Boost CSR efficiency: Because everything is connected, there’s no need to spend any time re-classifying abandoned calls or clicking call bubbles.
  • Grow your business: Increase call booking rates using real time coaching and monitoring tools such as customer sentiment analysis and call transcription. Eliminate call forwarding delays so you never miss an opportunity.
  • Enhance the Customer Experience: Combine real time reporting and actionable alerts to minimize customer hold times and uncover insights that will offer new ways to meet your customers’ needs.
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