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7 Top BuildOps Alternatives for Field Service Businesses

November 7th, 2023
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BuildOps is a relatively young, commercial-focused field service management software (FSM) that was founded in 2018 to serve HVAC, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, and fire safety businesses.

Their platform offers a set of cloud-based features including scheduling and dispatching, quoting, a field service mobile app, project management, service agreements, and more. 

However, there are certain contexts in which BuildOps may not be the best software solution for a field service business. Specifically:

1. Companies that want to benefit from innovation and scale.

Our years of experience, a larger workforce, and industry expertise fuel the development of over 200 new features and improvements yearly to support growing businesses — delivering more than any other software in the market.

For the past decade, ServiceTitan has been revolutionizing how contractors operate. We have powered over 1,000+ commercial contractors and processed more than 5 million commercial jobs annually, making us a solution you can trust to support your needs today — and scale with in the future.

2. Companies that are looking for a partner, not just a product.

At the time of this writing (November 2023), BuildOps does not have active user communities set up to support one another, which is a huge disadvantage for their customers. In contrast, more mature platforms often have robust user communities that share best practices and help each other grow.

For example, our platform, ServiceTitan (founded over a decade before BuildOps), has a number of different programs and communities (discussed below) that users find absolutely invaluable for developing greater industry expertise, learning how to implement best practices from other veteran business owners and operators, and growing their revenue in ways they couldn’t have otherwise.

3. Hybrid shops with both residential and commercial service divisions.

BuildOps is a field service management software built specifically for commercial contractors, meaning their platform is not purpose-built to support residential service. Therefore, if your company is a home service business or has both residential and commercial service divisions, you’ll benefit from choosing a platform such as ServiceTitan that has robust workflows for serving both business divisions.

Whether you’re looking for field service software for the first time, or you’re a current BuildOps user exploring other software solutions, this post will share 7 BuildOps alternatives to consider.

Top BuildOps Alternatives

  1. ServiceTitan

  2. Service Fusion

  3. FieldEdge

  4. Kickserv

  5. ServiceMax

  6. Jobber

  7. Housecall Pro

First, we’ll discuss some key differences between BuildOps and our product, ServiceTitan. Then, we’ll share links to in-depth comparison posts that we’ve written on the other BuildOps competitors.

Want to see how ServiceTitan helps to streamline workflows for field service companies? We specialize in helping HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other trade service businesses grow revenue, work smarter, and keep their businesses on track. Schedule a call to get a free, live, one-on-one walk-through of how our field service management solution works.

1. ServiceTitan

Like BuildOps, ServiceTitan offers a comprehensive set of features for field service companies to streamline their businesses in both the field and the back office. This includes essential SaaS features such as:

However, customers not only get a product with ServiceTitan, they get a partnership and all the tools and resources they need to successfully run their business. For example:

  • Titan Exchange: A cloud-based platform for sharing assets such as contracts, templates, checklists, and other valuable information.

  • ServiceTitan Community: A users-only message board where ideas for our software and business in general are shared. 

  • Free Peer-Group Training: A program run by ServiceTitan employees through Ember and Spark sessions, designed to share best practices.

  • Certified Admin Program: Our Certified Administrator program provides a structured approach to increasing knowledge on ServiceTitan, as well as constant and continuing education on the software.

Many ServiceTitan users find these resources invaluable for getting the most out of our platform (as they have remarked), as well as staying up to date with best practices and strategies that are working for other companies. 

So, if your business is a residential or hybrid shop, or you’re in one of the trades we specialize in (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.) and want to benefit from the vast resources and community we offer, ServiceTitan is likely to be a better solution for you than BuildOps.

Now, in the rest of this section, we’ll focus on highlighting some of the key ways in which we compete with BuildOps in supporting commercial service businesses, which we’ve invested heavily in developing in recent years. 

For example, in 2022 alone, our platform introduced 105 new commercial-focused features and improvements, including client-specific rate sheets, office estimates, project tracking, job costing reports, purchase orders, service agreements, inventory management, and more.

Examples of ServiceTitan’s Commercial-Specific Features

Inventory Management: Built-In Workflows for Inventory Tracking, Replenishment, Purchase Orders, and More

ServiceTitan is one of the only FSM platforms that has true purchasing and inventory management capabilities. We help contractors employ automations that help them track warehouse counts, ensure trucks are always stocked, and generate purchase orders automatically when materials are running low. 

Appointed staff can access and leverage a suite of tools to optimize inventory and purchase order management, including:

  • Inventory Overview: See big-picture numbers, such as total inventory valuation and total number of items, or drill down into individual inventory items for further detail.

  • Replenishment: Easily track equipment and materials in your trucks and warehouse with automatic updates that reflect the number of items needed for replenishment in a given location.

  • Purchase Orders: Users can initiate the requisition of equipment and materials for jobs right from within the estimate screen. They can then create and send purchase orders to the appropriate vendors, and track those orders through fulfillment. Inventory data automatically updates to reflect all POs.

  • And more: This feature set also includes workflows for managing adjustments, returns, warranty parts tracking, and more. 

In addition, with the introduction of our Inventory App, customers can leverage barcode scanning to automate these processes even more. 

Project Tracking: Easily Monitor Job Costs and Manage Long-Term Projects

With ServiceTitan, service businesses can view commercial project financials in real time via the project page. 

For any given project, they can view a set of financial tables including:

  • Project Summary: An overview table containing the high-level details of their project, such as the amounts and percentages completed of their contract sum, expenses, cost to complete, total earned, total retainage, total invoiced, etc.

  • Budget vs. Actual: An in-depth look at budgeted versus actual expenses, including the variance and percentage of the budget used.

  • Expense Details: A detailed breakdown of all expenses for the project, and the ability to drill down into individual line items to track expenses at a granular level. 

These tables are updated automatically throughout the project as expenses occur, work is completed, invoices are received, etc. And from this same page, service contractors can take a variety of key actions that include building estimates, adding invoices or applications for payment, requisitioning equipment and materials, and more.

With these tools, commercial subcontractors gain a significant leg up for maximizing efficiency and maintaining profitability on longer-term projects. 

Customizable Forms: Robust Form Capabilities for Improved Day-to-Day Workflows

Contrary to what BuildOps states on their comparison page, ServiceTitan has a number of flexible features when it comes to form management. For example:

  • Ability to upload PDF forms: ServiceTitan users can upload PDF forms that were created outside of ServiceTitan, and then host and use them in our platform.

  • Ability to create custom forms: Users can design any type of form they need, from a checklist, to a contract, to a warranty form — right from within our custom form settings.

  • Easily duplicate forms: If a technician needs to complete multiple copies of the same form for a job, they don’t need to re-create the same document multiple times. They can duplicate the initial document and customize it accordingly.

  • Leverage dynamic forms: Dynamic forms use conditional logic to update form fields based on information that’s populated. For example, if a water heater is tankless, the form automatically updates to display questions related only to tankless water heaters. 

  • Required forms: Users can define rules so that specific forms are completed by specific staff members, depending on the job stage, to ensure all necessary forms are filled out throughout the course of a job. 

With our advanced form functionality, businesses can better ensure techs and office staff follow best practices when executing day-to-day workflows, as well as ensure the right information is documented for every job. 

Client-Specific Rate Sheets: Easily Implement Custom Pricing for Commercial Customers

ServiceTitan has built-in features for offering customer-specific rate sheets to commercial customers. For example, if you’re working with a particular chain of big-box stores or restaurants, and you want to offer them special rates, you can create custom rules for pricing and markups for that specific customer.

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing Between ServiceTitan and BuildOps

In addition to everything we’ve discussed so far, there are yet more areas where ServiceTitan stands out as a top solution for service businesses. For example:

  • System Consolidation/All-in-One Functionality: We bring the functions of standalone systems into one connected solution. No alternatives bring together FSM, CRM, ERP, and financial technology (fintech) capabilities to deliver an unmatched experience for commercial contractors. 

  • At the Center of the Ecosystem and Tech Stack: From our 30+ direct integrations to open APIs, we provide the ability and seamless connection to third-party platforms to not only ensure real-time data syncing but make ServiceTitan the source of truth for your data.

  • Machine Learning & AI: We're at the forefront of bringing AI to the trades, something no other platform can provide. With Titan Intelligence (TI), ServiceTitan's AI engine, you get actionable insights to help automate repetitive and simple tasks, predict outcomes, lower costs, and stay competitive in a world run by data.

  • Infrastructure to support you as you grow and scale: We’ve been the leading software of the trades for over 10 years and backed by leading investors. With quarterly releases, we’re continuously delivering new features and improvements right to your account, so you know your business is running with the latest innovation in the market. Our platform provides the reliability and support that’s needed for a business operating in a 24/7 world. With our historical uptime of 99.9%, ServiceTitan is a partner you can rely on. 

  • Security: Protecting customer data is top priority for ServiceTitan, so we have implemented best-in-class security practices to keep customer data safe based on best practices in the SaaS industry. We have compliance with PCI-DSS Level 1, AICPA SOC 1 Type I, and AICPA SOC 2 Type II. ServiceTitan’s formal security program is detailed in its independent third-party SOC-2 audit report and ServiceTitan’s Security and Privacy Documentation. ServiceTitan’s Security and Privacy Documentation and independent third-party audits demonstrate the advanced security framework that ServiceTitan uses to protect customer data. 

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Want a Live Walk-Through of ServiceTitan’s All-in-One Solution?

The features we’ve discussed throughout this section are just some of the areas where ServiceTitan offers more to service contractors than BuildOps.

To see why our software is trusted by 100,000+ service professionals, schedule a call to get a free, live, one-on-one walk-through of how our user-friendly field management platform can help you grow revenue, work smarter, and keep your business operations on track. 

2. Service Fusion

Service Fusion describes itself as an “All-In-One Field Service Management Software.” Like ServiceTitan, it offers a wide range of features, including estimates, invoices, customer management, scheduling and dispatching, and more. 

However, when compared to Service Fusion, ServiceTitan offers the following as a part of our base product (while Service Fusion charges extra for many of these features):

  • Robust membership billing capabilities (bulk membership billing, and automated monthly or annual billing options).

  • Scheduled report automations.

  • Call booking automations for easier job booking and better customer experiences.

  • Property data to spot sales opportunities and drive revenue.

For more details on these differences, check out our complete comparison article: Service Fusion vs. ServiceTitan

3. FieldEdge

FieldEdge offers a wide range of features like ServiceTitan, including functionality for quotes and invoicing, scheduling and dispatching, service agreements, and more. 

However, when compared to FieldEdge, ServiceTitan offers:

  • For residential service businesses

    • Integration with Google Local Services Ads

    • Seamless access to membership information during call booking

    • Adjustable capacity planning to optimize schedules for max profitability

    • Real-time technician tracking

    • Greater customization and drill-down capabilities for reports

  • For commercial service businesses

    • Ability to create customer-specific pricing

    • Built-in customer portal with base subscription

    • A suite of project management and project tracking tools for longer-term projects

    • Dynamic form capabilities that ensure staff follow best practices and improve data quality

    • Native equipment tracking and inventory management

For more details on these differences, check out our complete comparison article: FieldEdge vs. ServiceTitan

4. Kickserv

Kickserv is another field service management software offering a variety of tools for large and small businesses. Like other FSM software, it provides a mobile app as well as desktop features for job management, scheduling, managing your workforce, and more. 

However, when compared to Kickserv, ServiceTitan offers:

  • Mobile app with customer convenience features and stable offline functionality

  • Customizable forms and pricing tools in the field

  • Two-way SMS text messaging for customer inquiries and scheduling changes

  • Pre-appointment GPS Tech Tracking for accurate arrival times

  • End-to-end presentation mode: A visual pricing tool and estimate builder with good, better, best options

To view these and other differences, check out the feature comparison chart on our comparison page: Kickserv vs. ServiceTitan

Note: To view additional comparisons between our product and others (such as FieldAware, SmartService, ServiceTrade, and more), visit our comparison hub.

5. ServiceMax

ServiceMax, like other field service solutions, is designed to provide better visibility into your field service operations. It offers a number of products, such as Asset 360 for Salesforce, ServiceMax core, ServiceMax FieldFX (their mobile app), and ServiceMax Engage (for customer engagement). 

However, when compared to ServiceMax, ServiceTitan offers:

  • The ability to toggle smoothly from one feature to another without the hassle of opening multiple windows, programs, or add-ons, which can disrupt workflow

  • Advanced customer communication features included in our base subscription (ServiceMax requires an add-on fee)

  • Highly customizable visual pricebooks that help grow average ticket prices and increase close rates

  • Service agreement features that are more tailored for service businesses

For more details on these differences, check out our complete comparison article: ServiceMax vs. ServiceTitan

6. Jobber

Jobber is a field service scheduling software that also offers a wide range of other features for field service business management. Like ServiceTitan, it offers functionality for estimating, quotes, scheduling, invoicing, and more.

However, when compared to Jobber, ServiceTitan offers:

  • More robust, native pricebook functionality

  • In-app access to top industry supplier equipment catalogs

  • Extensive marketing functionality that reduces the need for third-party marketing hires

  • More flexibility and customization for membership plans and recurring services

  • Offline functionality for our mobile app that allows techs to work seamlessly (even when they’re out of cell service zones)

  • Deeper reporting capabilities that allow business owners to drill down into the sources of their data

For more details on these differences, check out our complete comparison article: Jobber vs. ServiceTitan

7. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a mobile field service management software solution for home service businesses. Similar to ServiceTitan, it offers a wide range of features outside of invoicing, such as scheduling and dispatching, estimates, QuickBooks integration, and more. 

However, when compared to Housecall Pro, ServiceTitan offers: 

  • Greater native pricebook functionality

  • Ability to drill down further into reporting metrics and trust your numbers

  • Automated tagging features that help increase revenue

  • Gated work sequences and customizable forms to facilitate accountability across the organization

  • Offline functionality that allows techs to use our mobile app when out of cell service zones

For more details on these differences, check out our complete comparison article: Housecall Pro vs. ServiceTitan

To see why our software is trusted by 100,000+ service professionals, schedule a call to get a free, live, one-on-one walk-through of how our user-friendly field management platform can help you grow revenue, work smarter, and keep your business operations on track. 

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