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ServiceTitan Streamlines Home Service with Custom Forms

Andrew Loschert
September 22nd, 2015
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Paper-based processing has been a staple of the home service industry for years. Ranging from voluntary field analysis reports and lead capture forms, to mandatory state legal disclosures, trade professionals can spend hours of precious time dealing with and creating paper-based work forms and processes. In the past, a home service business could either hire the staff necessary to manage these documents, outsource the service at a costly rate, or fall behind and lose potential new business, or even risk legal action.

ServiceTitan aims to change all of that with the groundbreaking technology featured in our new Custom Forms software package. Custom Forms, designed specifically for plumbers, HVAC providers and electricians, gives you the ability to easily customize, create, and implement a variety of forms that can help your business with compliance issues and drastically cut down the development time typically associated with paper-based processing.

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Here are a few ways that Custom Forms can streamline your customer service:

Home Inspections

When your field technicians leave a customer’s home, how well do you know the condition of the components inside? For residential plumbers, having a multi-point inspection form that can be viewed and completed on a tablet or other mobile device can help you identify the baseline condition of a customer’s entire plumbing system. For HVAC workers, having the ability to create a custom inspection form for home air components can help reduce the number of panicked calls from customers.

Membership Application 

If your home service company has a customer membership program, or if you’re considering implementing one, you can boost participation by transforming traditional paper-based sign-up sheets to clean and compelling digital forms. While your field technicians perform their job, customers can use the tablet to review membership benefits, pick their desired plan with interactive radio buttons, and even electronically sign the application. This helps streamline the on-site sales process and can help boost your company’s overall appeal.

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Legal Sign-Offs 

Depending on your state of operation and field of trade, your residential business may be required to provide customers legal sign-off or disclosure forms. Some of these, such as a 3-Day Right to Cancel, have special requirements for text such as bolding or italicizing that may prove difficult to create digitally. With Custom Forms you can develop legally specific forms to be signed off and reported with the speed and convenience of the Cloud.

Custom digital forms, designed in the office and used in the field, can add value to your home service business and help you stand out from the competition. The Custom Form feature, available only at ServiceTitan, is revolutionizing the industry by helping home service providers develop innovative tools, complete with detailed instructions, straight from the comfort of the office. To find out more, contact us today.

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