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Shockingly Effective Electrician Advertising Slogans for Your Business

User IconStephanie Figy
Clock IconJanuary 6th, 2021
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Creating catchy electrician advertising slogans can be tricky. Company slogans must avoid offending or confusing customers, but also set themselves apart from the competition. The best slogans, or taglines, enhance brand recognition and authority, improve customer retention, and even boost employee morale.

When planning your local ads, direct mail, television, and mobile serve as the top three venues, with direct mail accounting for 25.4 percent of advertisements. ServiceTitan electrical software helps electrical shops monitor each marketing campaign, so you know immediately what's working and what's not.

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Are you still searching for the right company slogans for your electrician business and electrical services? Try one of these ideas:

Showcase Your Electrical Expertise

When it comes to something as important (and potentially dangerous) as electrical work, homeowners don't want to hire an average electrician—they want to know they've hired the best, most knowledgeable electrician who can solve their electrical hazard problem Demonstrate your know-how with these catchy slogans that highlight your company's electrical services:

  • We're so good, it hertz.

  • We know how to conductor business!

  • We're ready to take charge of your electrical needs.

  • Our electricians have "amp-le" experience!

  • From your hands to ours, let us fix it.

  • We're plugged in with the very best electrical tools.

  • We bring an electrical flare to our electrical services.

  • Call our well-grounded electrical service today!

Call Your Customers to Action

You want to make customers feel welcome when they call your shop, and know that you're prepared and ready to tackle any electrical project. Inserting what is known as a “call-to-action” in your slogan can get that feeling across by urging local homeowners to get in touch. Try one of these options:

  • Don’t be shocked when our electricians turn up on time!

  • Switch to us for your electrical work, and you'll be glad you did!

  • We fix all the re-volt-ing work out there!

  • Don’t pull the plug. Call us for exceptional electric service!

  • Watt are you waiting for? Our electricians can fix it.

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Make the Customer Chuckle

These company slogans include an easy-to-recognize pun. Even your customers' children may get these jokes. One of these slogans could fit your company:

  • Wire you waiting? Call us now for your electrical needs.

  • Yes we conduit! Call us for our electrical services.

  • Don't be de-lighted. Give our electrical business a call!

  • Let us take charge of your electrical needs!

  • You'll find our electrical services enlightening!

  • We’ll get amp-ed up on your current electrical needs!

  • Our current specialists are shockingly good at watt they do.

  • Ohm, my goodness, the best sparkies in town.

Puns often allow people to explore their creative thinking. When they hear your company slogan, customers may perceive your business and employees as more approachable. Remember, your customers are inviting strangers into their homes to fix an electrical problem—so do whatever you can to put them in a casual state of mind to relax, laugh, and ask questions as needed.

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