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HVAC Scope of Work Template: Outline Responsibilities and Ensure Project Success


An HVAC scope of work document benefits both your HVAC business and your commercial and residential customers. A scope of work outlines all facets of an HVAC project, from large construction jobs to installing new HVAC units, like an air conditioner or heat pump.

Scope of work documents serve as an official contract document, outlining the responsibility of the contractor and expectations of the customer. The document includes several sections detailing the project, from a high-level overview to completion dates, materials and HVAC equipment, building codes the project must follow, start-up inspections, and more.

To ensure they complete the project efficiently and without error, HVAC companies typically use scope of work templates, either paper-based or digital, to streamline the process. And in today’s digital-first world, many HVAC contractors turn to cloud-based field management software to automate and optimize all aspects of running their shops, from scheduling and dispatching to digital marketing and reputation management.

Read on to learn more about this crucial document, download our free HVAC scope of work template, and learn how ServiceTitan HVAC Software can help you work smarter, boost customer happiness, and grow profits.

What is an HVAC scope of work template?

To recap, a scope of work serves as a working agreement between you and your customer that details all relevant information and necessary steps to complete the task at hand. An HVAC scope of work template saves time by providing you with a customizable form you can use repeatedly and access from the office or while on-site with a customer. 

Our sample template comes with several common sections, such as design submittal and commissioning, but we recommend you customize it further to match your shop’s unique processes. 

Common scope of work template sections include:

  • Overview of Work: The overview section offers a general description of the work. Give a brief overview of the necessary steps to complete the project, as well as intended goals and outcomes, and start and completion dates.

  • Verification of Details: Use this section to confirm the work you plan to complete matches the deliverables included in the scope of work. The section ensures both you and the customer are on the same page and serves as a safeguard before proceeding further. The section also specifies key equipment and roles related to the job, such as subcontractor, construction manager, project manager, etc.

  • Design Submittal: The design section provides additional information on the items mentioned in the verification section. Specifically, it may state that the contractor will pull all applicable permits before starting work, prepare the job site to install a new HVAC system, and provide necessary blueprints or shop drawings.

  • Commissioning Requirements: With commissioning, sometimes referred to as startup, the contractor outlines critical information for local inspectors. It may relate to safety, energy efficiency, or other standards. Ultimately, commissioning ensures the installed components function properly and their operation meets all applicable codes, including local building codes.

  • Closeout: Closeout occurs at the completion of the project. It’s a formal sign-off where the contractor transfers the project and any applicable assets over to the customer, such as operation and maintenance manuals, commissioning reports, and warranty information.

  • Addendum: The addendum goes at the end of the scope of work template. You can use this section to change, update, or nullify a portion of the initial document. An addendum typically includes project revisions or change orders, additional costs, and updated timelines and deliverables.

How a scope of work template minimizes risk, ensures a job well done

An HVAC scope of work template saves time by providing you with a customizable form you can use over and over again. More importantly, it allows you to provide a positive customer experience and minimize friction because both you and the customer can sign off on each section in the template.

Our sample template makes it seamless to document everything you need in a commercial or residential HVAC scope of work document.

Save the PDF template to your desktop as a new file. From there, you can customize the form with your company name, logo, and scope details.

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How ServiceTitan HVAC Software improves the customer experience

Offer top-notch service to boost customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by communicating with customers using their preferred method, whether SMS text, email, or a phone call. Send customers appointment reminder notifications and provide tech tracking, so they know exactly when the tech will arrive at the job site.

During the job, set up customized maintenance checklists to ensure techs address every detail during inspection of a heat pump, venting, or refrigeration. You can trigger forms for a specific job type or during a certain point in the job cycle, assuring quality work.

Integrated pricebook and mobile templates give customers options, boost sales

ServiceTitan’s digital pricebook and mobile estimate templates enable technicians to quickly generate good-better-best options at the job site for every service or repair.

Using detailed descriptions with photos and videos, your HVAC technicians can explain the value of each service level, which in turn educates the customer, creates better understanding of available options, and ultimately helps techs close larger jobs.

Streamline all aspects of your HVAC business with ServiceTitan

To compete in a digital world, HVAC shops today use end-to-end field management software like ServiceTitan to streamline business operations, improve customer satisfaction, and grow revenue. ServiceTitan provides core features to help HVAC companies level up their dispatching, scheduling, digital marketing, and customer relationship management, among other benefits.

While an HVAC scope of work template offers a good starting point, ServiceTitan’s cloud-based platform allows you to improve all areas of your business.

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