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Work Smarter with an HVAC Change-Out Checklist Template


Whether performing open heart surgery or installing a new transmission, skilled professionals follow a predetermined order of operations to complete the job safely and optimally. 

The HVAC industry is no different. When it comes to installing a new air conditioner or heat pump, or replacing a thermostat or ductwork, a change-out checklist provides a step-by-step guide to the task at hand. In the home services world, we often refer to a new HVAC installation as a change-out.

Using a change-out checklist provides many benefits to heating system and air conditioning contractors, from ensuring technicians follow the right processes—in the right order—to reducing install time, and minimizing errors, which we all know lead to negative reviews and lost business.

Read on to learn more about change-out checklists, download our free HVAC change-out template you can customize for your business, and discover how ServiceTitan helps HVAC contractors streamline their operations and provide a superior customer experience.

What is an HVAC change-out checklist?

Similar to an HVAC maintenance checklist, a change-out checklist walks your installers and HVAC technicians through each step of the project. A checklist is often broken into sections and covers all aspects of installing a new HVAC unit. For instance, sections may include a pre-arrival checklist, site inspection checklist, air quality checklist, and checklists for installing individual components, such as compressor, air handler, evaporator, blower, etc. Consider the following two examples of an HVAC change-out checklist.

HVAC installation prep checklist example:

  • Put on shoe coverings and place dropcloth in the work area

  • Take photos of any damage to the work area or HVAC equipment and go over findings with the homeowner

  • Shut off the HVAC system

  • Shut off gas

Post-installation checklist example:

  • Set pressure on gas valves 

  • Test gas lines for leaks

  • Test condensate pump

  • Insulate condensate drains and trap 

  • Drain line sloped and draining 

  • Condensing unit is away from gutters, downspouts, and outlets

  • Clean air filters installed properly and securely, dirty filters discarded

  • Verified correct piping of split system 

  • Breakers turned back on 

  • Recover refrigerant

Lack of process leads to mistakes

Without a checklist, employees can only go on memory. And while memory might be sufficient for testing airflow or servicing an air conditioning unit, it proves problematic for complex installations.

Even the most experienced HVAC contractor can make errors during an HVAC installation or service call. For instance, a busy technician might forget to shut off the breaker before starting a job, or your installers could damage the homeowner’s HVAC system or install the wrong product. Even worse, an inexperienced apprentice could be injured by cutting corners. 

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How a change-out checklist template helps HVAC companies thrive

An HVAC change-out checklist helps minimize the issues mentioned above. A template helps technicians work quickly and efficiently, while saving your company money and time. With a customizable checklist, you’ll be certain installers complete an HVAC replacement right, every time.

Save the PDF template to your desktop as a new file. From there, you can customize the form with your company name, logo, and change-out details.

How ServiceTitan HVAC software streamlines business management

Digital forms improve efficiency, prevent mistakes

ServiceTitan’s customizable digital forms, designed specifically for the trades, give you the ability to easily create and implement a variety of custom forms—including HVAC change-out checklists—to ensure installers follow your procedures and collect the necessary information for every job. 

Techs also need to document a wealth of information whenever they arrive for a service call or repair, including customer signatures, service dates, inspection details, and more. Traditionally, service companies relied on paper forms and checklists, raising the risk of user-error or lost paperwork.

Some of the benefits of using ServiceTitan forms include:

  • Triggers for certain jobs: ServiceTitan can trigger a form based on the job type, such as a checklist for a maintenance inspection or to document warranty information for new product installation.  

  • Streamlines the sales process: With ServiceTitan forms, create checklists for your sales team to ensure they provide the right information, so the hand-off to the installer team goes much smoother.  

  • Required actions: ServiceTitan can require a technician to fill out a form before allowing them to close out the job and move to the next one. 

  • Request for a picture or signature: Requiring pictures of the finished installation documents that the work was done properly. And requiring a signature, for example, from a customer who forgoes a technician's recommended repair, could cover the contractor if the customer’s preferred solution fails in less than a year.  

Integrated pricebook and mobile templates boost sales

ServiceTitan’s digital pricebook and mobile estimate templates enable technicians to quickly generate good-better-best options at the jobsite for every service or repair.

Using detailed descriptions with photos and videos, your technicians can explain the value of each service level, which in turn educates the customer, creates better understanding of available options, and ultimately helps techs close larger jobs.

Optimize all angles of your HVAC business with ServiceTitan

To compete in a digital world, HVAC shops today use end-to-end field management software like ServiceTitan to streamline business operations and grow revenue. ServiceTitan provides core features to help HVAC companies level up their dispatching, scheduling, digital marketing, and customer relationship management, among other benefits.

While an HVAC change-out template offers a good starting point, ServiceTitan’s cloud-based platform allows you to improve all areas of your business.

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