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HVAC Maintenance Contract Template: Build a Loyal Customer Base with Streamlined Services


An HVAC service contract benefits both your HVAC business and your customers. Not only do HVAC contracts generate year-round revenue for your company, but they give homeowners peace of mind knowing your company will properly maintain and repair their HVAC systems.

Preventative maintenance contracts, usually billed annually or monthly, build a loyal customer base and often provide discounted rates for maintenance services or parts. A successful maintenance contract agreement or membership program relies on efficient contract management and exceptional customer service to retain customers and build your business.

While an HVAC service contract template simplifies a portion of the process, it doesn’t solve challenges relating to selling, customizing, or managing contracts, dispatching service technicians, or communicating to customers. For that, many HVAC contractors turn to a comprehensive business solution like ServiceTitan HVAC Software.

Below, we’ll share an HVAC contract sample you can download and customize, and we’ll also show how ServiceTitan helps HVAC companies streamline their operations and provide a superior customer experience.

What is an HVAC contract template?

An HVAC contract template is a binding legal document between an HVAC service provider and a customer that lays out the scope of work for planned maintenance services for a set fee.

An HVAC contract typically includes:

  • Business information, including the contractor’s license number.

  • Details of maintenance services.

  • Discounts for services, such as emergency services, or parts.

  • Prices for additional systems, equipment, or services.

  • Contract price, frequency of payment, and contract renewal options.

  • A disclaimer and excluded services.

  • Customer signature.

The challenges of HVAC service contracts

Managing HVAC contracts can turn into a time-consuming task for your office staff, especially if they rely on paper spreadsheets, Microsoft Word files, or Google Docs to keep track of all the details. Property owners’ heating and air conditioning systems require different services, depending on their contracts.

If your HVAC contract management system isn’t well organized, your HVAC business may not utilize it to its full potential, losing out on building a strong customer base and future sales opportunities.

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Current solutions for HVAC service agreements

When creating and managing contracts, some independent contractors use paper forms and several different software programs. Manually customizing individual HVAC service contracts takes time, increases chances for error, and doesn’t solve related workflow challenges.

Heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning service companies that use templates in addition to HVAC software find a streamlined workflow increases efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

How an HVAC contract template improves documentation

An HVAC service agreement template saves time by providing you with a customizable form you can use over and over again. It includes covered services, discounts, and other contractual details.

Our sample HVAC contract includes key contract, equipment, and payment details to document everything you need in a residential HVAC contract.

Save the PDF template to your desktop as a new file. From there, you can customize the form with your company name, logo, and contract details.

Business owners should consider consulting a law firm about their legal document requirements, to ensure contracts include proper disclaimers, governing law, and other legal elements to protect their company.

How ServiceTitan simplifies HVAC service contract management

Easily create, customize, and track contract details

With ServiceTitan HVAC Software, HVAC companies can easily create and manage HVAC installation contracts, membership agreements, and warranty information. Contracts remain in one system, so your office staff and technicians can access all the details of a customer’s contract.

Since ServiceTitan connects every aspect of your operations, you can automatically schedule preventative maintenance services, dispatch the right tech, and send invoices—streamlining the process from start to finish.

Offer superior service to boost customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by communicating with customers using their preferred method, whether SMS text, email, or a phone call. Send customers appointment reminders and provide tech tracking, so they know exactly when the tech will arrive at their home.

During the job, set up customized maintenance checklists to ensure techs address every detail during a heat pump, furnace, air conditioner, or refrigeration inspection. You can trigger forms for a specific job type or during a certain point in the job cycle, assuring quality work.

Leverage HVAC contracts to increase profit

HVAC service contracts allow customers to address HVAC system issues before they become serious problems. When it’s time for HVAC system repairs or installation, techs can show customers tiered options on a mobile device and demonstrate the value of a higher-priced option. Customers can e-sign and pay securely by check or credit card, or techs can send them a link to a personalized online payment portal.

When it’s time to renew an HVAC service contract, provide customers a performance summary showing revenue, costs, and number of planned visits. When customers understand the value, they’re more likely to renew and remain your loyal customer.

Grow your business with HVAC contracts

If you face challenges relating to creating and managing your HVAC contracts, it may be time to examine your workflow. While an HVAC contract template is a good starting point, ServiceTitan’s integrated approach allows you to maximize the profitability of your HVAC contracts.

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