Field Service Management Software + GPS Vehicle Tracking = Huge Value

ClearPath GPSApril 6th, 2018

Sometimes you can bring two technologies together and create a lot more value than the sum of what those tools offer individually.

Add an online map feature to the Yelp app — and suddenly it’s easy to find a restaurant that’s both nearby and has nothing but rave reviews.

Or, take an outstanding software platform that manages your field service business — and add GPS vehicle tracking — and suddenly your company has a whole new series of opportunities to improve customer service, cut costs, and boost profits.

When ClearPathGPS integrated our 5-star-rated vehicle tracking solution into ServiceTitan’s #1 field service management software, we believe our companies created some of that tech-combination magic for field service businesses.


Here are just a few of the ways adding GPS tracking to the industry’s top field service management platform can unlock massive value for your company.

You Can See How Your Techs Are Handling Your Vehicles

ServiceTitan’s online platform leverages data brilliantly to empower employees across your team. It gives your customer service reps the real-time information they need — who’s calling, what timeslots the company has available to schedule a service — to create a great experience for a customer who calls with a request. It puts electronic product catalogs into the hands of your techs so they can more effectively sell products and services at the customer site.

But what happens to your vehicles when your techs hit the road to make their service calls? How can you obtain data on that?

This is where integrating ClearPathGPS vehicle tracking into your ServiceTitan platform can unlock even more valuable business intelligence.

With our tracking solution installed on your fleet, you’ll essentially be able to monitor the real-time vitals of your company’s vehicles all the time. You’ll know when a driver is idling for too long (and costing your company in needless fuel), or braking and accelerating too aggressively, or even speeding.


Knowing this information can help you correct these behaviors before they cost your company money. Plus, just knowing that you know can serve as a powerful incentive for your techs to take better care of your vehicles.

You Can Improve Customer Service by Knowing, in Real-Time, Where All of Your Vehicles Are

ServiceTitan puts lots of valuable information at your customer service reps’ fingertips when a customer calls.

Your CSRs will be able to see not only a customer’s personal information and history with your company, but also a calendar showing which time slots are open, and a master schedule showing each of your technicians’ open and booked times.

But what happens if a customer has an emergency request? How will your team know which technician makes the most sense to dispatch to that site?

Here’s where adding GPS vehicle tracking to your ServiceTitan platform can add massive value for your company.

If your dispatcher can pop open a real-time map and see exactly where each of your vehicles are in that moment when an emergency call comes in, they’ll be in a much better position to find the right tech to send. They’ll also be able to see which driver finished a job early and is actually heading back to the office — even if he’s still listed on the master schedule as booked.

You’ll Get Automated Virtual Timecards — Accurate to the Minute — for Each of Your Techs

Thanks to your ServiceTitan plumbing, electric and HVAC software platform, you’re far better informed than most field service businesses about a wide range of things happening across your company — including your technicians’ schedules.

You can check your dashboard online and know exactly when a tech is scheduled to arrive at a job sit. You can also view in your dashboard exactly when that tech swiped the customer’s credit card, presumably when he completed the job.

But how long was that tech actually at that customer site? Did he arrive on time? Did he leave for lunch? How long was he gone? And — just as important for your company’s bottom line — does the time on his timecard accurately reflect the hours he/she put in on the job?


This is yet another way adding GPS vehicle tracking to your ServiceTitan platform can add tremendous value for your company. Rather than having to review each employee’s self-reported timecard — and, worse, possibly even paying unnecessary overtime — you can generate automated timecards that calculate exactly how long each of your techs spent at each job, every day of the time period, down to the minute. No more guesswork. No more overpaying.

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