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10 Marketing Tools to Give Your Home Service Business a Competitive Edge

User IconBrittany Paris
Clock IconApril 14th, 2021
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Table of Contents
  1. Email marketing tools

  2. Automated direct mail postcards

  3. Integrated software to tie together all marketing mediums

  4. Reputation management

  5. Google Local Ads

  6. Job booking integration

  7. Tagging for Audience Segmentation

  8. Templates for marketing campaigns

  9. Data analytics to show ROI, track performances

  10. All-in-one business software platforms

Whether you run an HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or other commercial or home services business, you likely play a few key roles—a skilled tradesperson, the boss, and also a small business marketer. 

In today’s competitive marketing climate, you must excel at all three jobs to grow your home service business and revenue streams.

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You know your trade. You know how to repair HVAC equipment, install wiring and lighting systems, or repair pipes and fixtures. Through years of experience, you know what tools you need to use to get the install or repair job done.

However, when it comes to picking the right digital marketing tools, it’s hard for most tradespeople to know where to start. You don’t want to waste precious resources of time, effort, and money on your marketing efforts. Not to mention, you may not possess all of the skills or staff to execute your company's marketing plan to accomplish your business goals. 

You may consider hiring a marketing agency to take care of your digital marketing strategy and improve your SEO (search engine optimization), despite the hefty cost. But have you ever heard of a customer calling a plumber, when all he or she needed was a plunger?

The same thing happens with marketing. You just need the right marketing tools to simplify the process and measure your results. Comprehensive, cloud-based software makes marketing efforts much easier and more effective for home services companies with these features:

  • Automates email nurture campaigns to target specific customer types

  • Direct mail automation with audience segmentation

  • Easily integrates with company systems and connects all marketing platforms

  • Manages customer online reviews and online business listings

  • Links to digital advertising such as Google Local Services Ads for lead generation

  • Online appointment booking to attract new customers

  • Simple tagging to target specific segments of your audience

  • Templates to create professional, branded marketing email newsletters and direct mail 

  • Holistic data analytics to deliver actionable business insights, improve SEO, and track ROI

Learn more about how these proven technology tools simplify and improve your home services marketing results—and make your service company stand out among the competition.

1. Email marketing tools

Email marketing remains the most effective form of marketing communication. If you’re still manually sending generic customer emails and painstakingly tabulating the results internally, consider cloud-based software to automate email marketing campaigns and receive accurate reporting to show you which messages convert. 

It’s easier than you think with the right email marketing tool, such as ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, which links to your customer data and automatically delivers an email drip campaign to re-engage past customers and new online leads with a timed, targeted marketing message.

ProSkill Services in Arizona, recognized as Titan of the Year in 2020 by ServiceTitan, uses Marketing Pro to leverage customer data and deliver hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns. 

The company’s first email campaign on the marketing automation tool brought in $6,000 in revenue within 24 hours. ProSkill’s co-founder Travis Ringe calls ServiceTitan business software a “game changer” and credits the platform for driving tremendous success—with 400% growth since adding the software. 

“ServiceTitan is as important to our company as the tools and the trucks we use every day to accomplish the job,” Ringe says. 

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2. Automated direct mail postcards

Tired of dealing with design houses, printers, and expensive postage when you blanket your entire customer base with printed direct mail pieces? Same as email, you can use software to easily automate direct mail pieces and send a specific marketing message to a select segment of your customer base. 

With ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, you can quickly create branded, targeted direct mail postcards that get sent out right away. No more waiting weeks for delivery, or sending the same message to every single customer. 

3. Integrated software to tie together all marketing mediums

Employing multiple marketing systems that don’t work together to deliver holistic results defeats the purpose of investing in technology to simplify and amplify your marketing strategy. Pick one software service you use to create and monitor email marketing, direct mail, and optimize digital advertising in one place. Ideally, it will also integrate with your customer database and other business operations. 

Maximize effectiveness by choosing a SaaS (software as a service) marketing tool that works with your existing software, or replaces it with comprehensive features to handle every aspect of your home service business. ServiceTitan integrates with QuickBooks software, online financing partners, and a host of other top-rated services to help you expand your business. 

4. Reputation management

Do you check all of the various customer review sites on a regular basis and make an effort to respond, especially to stellar feedback or to address complaints? Do you have any idea how many different websites and social media platforms display your service company’s basic information—and whether the information is all correct? 

Online referrals and testimonials can really hurt or help your business. Monitoring and maintaining a good, consistent online presence is a must for marketing success. It’s where most new customers find you first, and research shows they’re much more likely to hire a company with more 5-star reviews.

Ringe estimates ProSkill gets between five and 15 Google reviews per day on average. The Arizona company boasts more than 4,500 Google reviews with an overall 5-star rating. 

With ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro – Reputation software tool, home service businesses can monitor and respond to customers' online reviews from various sites—all in one place. It also allows companies to update business listings information across more than 60 sites.

The software automates follow-up review requests, asking customers if they’re satisfied with the completed job and sending them a link to a preferred review website by email or text. It’s convenient for customers and happens while the service experience remains top of mind, without any extra effort from your technicians. 

5. Google Local Ads 

Most business owners understand Google reigns supreme for online marketing, with the majority of searches for home services happening on the search engine and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) digital advertising taking up large portions of marketing budgets.

“Google really rules the roost,” Ringe says. 

Google Local Service Ads represent Google’s newest search marketing offering. They show up at the very top of a local search results page related to a locality and specific service (HVAC services near me), and show a company’s phone number, hours, ratings and reviews. They’re also featured in Google Assistant’s voice query search results. 

Companies only pay for leads who schedule service through the digital ad and can easily pause the ads if too busy to accept new clients. Marketing software helps service companies track their results in real time, and add automation elements to the ads like allowing online leads to see real-time availability and schedule a job online.

6. Job booking integration

ServiceTitan software integrates instant booking with Google Local Service Ads, so when potential customers click on the digital ad, they get the opportunity to book your service online right away.  

Those booked jobs from Google Local Ads appear on ServiceTitan’s Call Booking Screen in real time. That keeps everyone from dispatch to the technicians apprised of what jobs flow in from those digital ads. 

7. Tagging for Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation means taking a broad customer list and applying criteria to narrow it so you can deliver a relevant message that resonates with that particular group. Sending specific messaging to a target audience makes for supremely successful marketing. 

Many companies manually perform this rigorous task by running several different reports in their customer database, uploading spreadsheets, and deleting duplicates or those who don’t exactly fit the desired audience profile. It’s time consuming and often inaccurate when sorting by a variety of different columns within a spreadsheet.

Marketing software that integrates with your CRM database and offers an easy tagging or filter feature can help your team easily identify different campaign ideas and obvious audience segmentations. 

Using tags in Marketing Pro, you can easily segment your send list to deliver hyper-targeted messaging to specific types of customers. You can tag customers based on job type, estimate status, zip code, and endless other unique identifiers. Popular tags for home service companies can tell you:

  • Are they an HVAC or plumbing customer, or both?

  • Performed an install for the customer within the last five years

  • Number of maintenance visits performed

  • Unsold estimates or overdue services

  • Maintenance service club members

Automatically send postcards to customers tagged in the system as new leads or create an email campaign to target those due to renew their maintenance agreement. Marketing Pro also grades your audience segmentation efforts to improve your campaign reach. 

For one email content marketing campaign, Chloe Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at Express Plumbing, Heating & Air in Idaho, selected residential customers with open estimates for more than $500, received no more than two days ago. She excluded commercial customers and estimates already dismissed or won. Those tags ensured extremely timely, relevant email content, and allowed her the opportunity to offer financing resources that appeal to customers considering expensive work.

Doing testing to measure open rates and conversion success, Davis reported an initial open rate of nearly 50% with a 25:1 return on investment (ROI).

“I use everything I know about them, and that makes it extremely easy to create content,” Davis says. “Marketing Pro is honestly one of the best funnels I’ve been able to utilize. That’s how I look at audience building—it’s a funnel.”

8. Templates for marketing campaigns

Think of how many promotional emails land in your inbox each day. A boring, plain text email that doesn’t prominently display your company logo won’t cut it. Same with direct mail—it better look slick and grab attention, or it goes straight into the trash.

There’s no need to pay a designer or marketing agency thousands of dollars to turn your idea into a visually appealing and subtle piece of advertising. If your home services business doesn’t employ a graphic designer or a marketing professional who can craft a professional-looking email or postcard, you can find software to fill that gap. 

Davis uses templates in Marketing Pro, regularly updated with new designs and messaging, that she can then easily customize for Express Plumbing to create branded email and postcard campaigns. She uses the templates to come up with new ideas for her marketing plan, too.

“It’s definitely been one of my main areas of inspiration,” Davis says. “Templates give me some great ideas that I can leverage—seasonality, playing off the holidays, spring specials—and images to go along with each trade.”

9. Data analytics to show ROI, track performances

Data drives the world of marketing (and business). Tracking results for every marketing campaign, in real time, to see ROI and gain actionable business insights should rank as a top priority when evaluating a marketing technology tool. Detailed data analytics reveal which marketing messages resonate most with customers and show which campaigns drive the most profit for service providers.

When integrated with other aspects of the business, managers can see which aspects of the marketing strategy and sales process converge to successfully convert a customer and move closer to achieving business goals. It can even tell you which technicians garner the most positive reviews and track other metrics to help measure tech performance across a variety of tasks.

10. All-in-one business software platforms 

The whole point of implementing software is to make tasks easier, quicker, and more effective. Trying to manage marketing for your home services business using multiple apps, websites, and software tools ends up needlessly complicating things. 

Seek out a comprehensive, cloud-based marketing software platform that integrates seamlessly with existing business systems to deliver holistic data and business insights. It must create messages built for mobile devices, since that’s the preferred viewing format for most customers, and give you the best-in-class tools to design professional promotional content you can automate—without an entire staff of marketing professionals.

ServiceTitan offers the leading all-in-one field management software for residential and commercial HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other service businesses. Improve your marketing and overall business performance with powerful, fully integrated features that facilitate:

  • Call Booking, Dispatching, and Scheduling

  • Dynamic Data Reporting

  • Contracts and Memberships

  • Customized Pricebook, Estimates, and Invoices 

  • Payroll, Timesheets, and Job Costing

  • Mobile App for Technicians

  • Marketing and Local Services Ads

ServiceTitan Software

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help service companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by thousands of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, garage door, and chimney sweep shops across the country—and has increased their revenue by an average of 25% in just their first year with us.

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