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6 Reasons to Deploy Dispatch Software to Grow Your Field Service Business

Joanne Bratton
December 3rd, 2020
6 Min Read

For a home services company, dispatching embodies the bedrock of business. Quality customer service depends on all-in-one dispatch software to make sure the right technician gets to the right job as efficiently as possible.

Recent studies show customer experience drives more than two-thirds of customer loyalty—even more than price. Conversely, a customer is 49 percent more likely to switch companies after a poor customer experience, and more likely to share the negative experience with others. Small businesses want to provide a great customer experience, from start to finish, avoid those issues.

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An accurate and dependable dispatch solution keeps your company operating smoothly, adds efficiency to job scheduling, and puts dispatchers, technicians and customers on the same page, all in real time.

Use dispatching system software to:

  • Optimize your team’s schedule

  • Connect your office to the field

  • Improve customer experience

  • Prepare for jobs in advance

  • Stay mobile and efficient

  • Track metrics and total revenue

What is dispatching software?

ServiceTitan truck dispatching software, a cloud-based solution for the trades, features dynamic methods to keep your team efficient and mobilized.

ServiceTitan lets you ditch pen and paper and focus on what your company does best—giving quality service to customers—all while providing the tools you need to make sure your company remains on track for growth.

When a customer calls your home service company, ServiceTitan field service software shows your team in real time whether they are a repeat customer. If so, the dispatcher automatically sees the homeowner’s address, past completed jobs, age of the home, and more.

From the first call, dispatchers can assign the job to a technician based on skill level or service location.

All available property data is integrated into ServiceTitan, providing automated information companies need to identify the best opportunities. And the software can automate customer experience features such as texts or emails to home and business owners when technicians are on their way. 

Here’s a breakdown of how dispatch software increases efficiency:

Optimize Your Team’s Schedule

Color-coded, drag-and-drop scheduling lets your dispatchers see at a glance which field technicians are scheduled for what job.

ServiceTitan’s dispatch software provides drag-and-drop flexibility, with scheduling changes made quickly without manually moving multiple pieces of information. That allows companies to streamline operations, making it easy to adjust when a customer reschedules or a different technician needs to be assigned to a job. Dispatchers can easily change duration, if a job takes more or less time than originally anticipated.

Dispatching system software also lets you prioritize your techs, so you can send them to the most profitable jobs. Dispatch software keeps technician schedules on the move, which means more completed jobs and more revenue.

Connect Your Office to the Field

Dispatch software means more oversight and flexibility while providing an avenue for instant communication. 

From the ServiceTitan dispatch board, those in the office can text technicians so everyone stays in the loop. This means if a customer is running late, technicians are notified immediately and time isn’t wasted. If there is a particular issue on the property, or a gate code that needs to be relayed, that can be noted too.

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Dispatch software also records all phone calls with clients, which is helpful in the event future problems arise, and a new route-optimization feature, coming soon, improves customer experience while simultaneously meeting your business needs. 

In addition, ServiceTitan is not just service dispatch software. The cloud-based mobile app is a wide-ranging management solution that brings automation, integration with Quickbooks accounting software, marketing solutions, invoicing for your trade business.

Improve Customer Experience

Customers appreciate up-to-date communication now more than ever. Dispatch software uses automation to send email or text appointment reminders when techs are on the way to the job site, improving customer satisfaction and customer experience. ServiceTitan also records customer calls and links to them on your dispatch board, job record, and job-audit trail.

Notify customers when a technician is en route, and send them the tech’s photo and profile so they know who is coming to their home. Real-time travel information via GPS tracking lets them know exactly when their technician will arrive.

It’s handy to notify customers when their technician is on their way, points out Josh Bigelow, founder of Great Dane Heating & Air Conditioning in the Detroit Metro area.

“We’re able to put a message on the bottom with a picture of the technician stating that your technician is equipped with personal protective equipment,” he says.

After the completion of a job, ServiceTitan's dispatching software sends out a survey or link to your company’s preferred review site, so customers can share their great experience with others.

Prepare for Jobs in Advance

When technicians arrive at jobs, proper tools and equipment should be at the ready. Driving back to the shop only means wasted time and fuel.

To ensure technicians are adequately prepared, dispatching system software generates up-to-date inventory lists so everyone remains on the same page about equipment location, supplies and shop inventory.

This allows technicians to fully prepare for each job and get jobs completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Stay Mobile and Efficient

Dispatch software helps dispatchers and technicians with route planning, minimizing potential traffic delays.

Empower dispatchers to make the best scheduling decisions based on job priority, technician skill, number of assigned jobs and location, supercharging dispatch operations.

Smart routing keeps techs moving—and if your company dispatches techs from home, you can assign work orders based around their local area.

Track Metrics and Total Revenue

ServiceTitan dispatch system software not only boosts the efficiency of day-to-day operations, but keeps integrated job information at your fingertips. You can see which technicians are selling and closing from the field, in real time.

“The power with ServiceTitan isn’t that we get a truck to the house 10 minutes faster,” says Andy Piercefield, president of Coolray Heating and Cooling LLC, serving the Atlanta Metro market. “The power is that we know what that house bought from us before, we’re able to access them easily, and we can cross-sell them other products.”

Software to allow efficient dispatch management gives service companies the tools you need to optimize their fleet, improve customer experience, and strategize for growth, right down to the last mile.   

ServiceTitan Software

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help service companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by thousands of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, garage door, and chimney sweep shops across the country—and has increased their revenue by an average of 25% in just their first year with us.

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