What Is Dispatch Software and How Does It Work?

adminAugust 9th, 2019

Home service businesses handle a lot of communications on a daily basis—and how your shop handles those calls can make or break your customers’ experience. In the US, 82% of customers said they stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service. Long hold times, delays in service, and late technicians all constitute poor customer care practices.

Of consumers surveyed in 2013, 86% said they would pay more for a better customer experience. But here’s the thing: Customer service isn’t solely dependent on your CSR and technicians… it’s also up to your dispatcher. That’s why deciding on the right dispatch software is so critical to ensuring five-star customer service throughout every stage of the job cycle.

What Is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch software refers to digital solutions that handles assigning techs to booked jobs, tracking of trucks out on the road, tracking of equipment locations, determination of sufficient supplies and inventory, and (in some cases) scheduling of future appointments.

The software empowers dispatchers to easily complete tasks that were tedious or cumbersome on pen and paper and make better, quicker decisions for maintaining efficiency. They can see where the next appointment, who’s assigned, and if they’re going to make it on time. In ideal cases, dispatchers can also match technicians to particular jobs for maximum earnings—a high-level strategy known as “dispatching for profit.”

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What Dispatch Software Does

Dispatch software captures a great deal of data about multiple aspects of your business. Once a call is booked, the software assigns all homeowner data to the job. Dispatchers can what type of job it is and, if it’s a repeat customer, which technician serviced them previously. Essentially, it allows dispatchers not just see the location of the new job, but also dive into various other details that could affect which tech to assign and when to schedule them.

The software also pinpoints where technicians are out in the field in real-time. Premium versions of dispatch software will also allow dispatchers to send and receive SMS text messages to homeowners to update them on the status of a job—or alert them to delays or reasons to reschedule.

Additionally, if your technicians are using a mobile app that syncs with your dispatch software to manage their job cycles…

  • Your dispatchers can send messages to techs to update them on job details, upcoming breaks, delays, and more.

  • Your dispatchers can see where in the job cycle a tech currently is and better anticipate their upcoming availability and possible delays.

  • Your dispatchers always know where your techs are and easily monitor estimated arrival times—so they can always keep customers in the loop.

Benefits of Dispatch Software

Dispatch software assigns the jobs to the technicians in the most efficient manner possible. This reduces the amount of time that it takes to get a tech on the way to the customer. The software also matches open time slots to routine maintenance and repair requests—reducing holes in a tech's schedule and increasing their number of completed jobs.

There’s also various software features dispatchers can leverage that make traditionally difficult, complex, or time-consuming tasks a snap:

  • Easy drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Intuitive click-and-drag job duration adjustment

  • Color-coded job categories for better visualization

  • Handy right-click flyout menu to access critical information

  • And more!

These powerful conveniences not only mean that your dispatchers’ duties become streamlined, but it also enables them to better strategize and make high-level decisions that can result in more compact, profitable schedules, fewer costly mistakes, and the kind of responsive, on-the-fly decisions that keep customers in-the-loop, serviced, and satisfied.

ServiceTitan is the cloud-based, industry-leading software solution for home service professionals. Not only has our all-in-one platform helped thousands of HVAC, plumbing, garage door, and electrical shops improve customer service and supercharge operational efficiency—but it has also helped businesses increase their revenue by an average of 25% after just one year, as well.

To learn more about what our field service business software can do for you, contact ServiceTitan today to schedule a demo.

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