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These Technician Bio Tips Help You Introduce Your Technician Before They Even Arrive

Mike Persinger
December 17th, 2020
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Creating professional biographies for your home and commercial services company technicians and delivering them to customers before the tech even arrives can ease concerns and provide a better customer experience. 

But what are the best practices for producing a great technician blurb?

Chris Hunter, ServiceTitan’s Director of Customer Relations, built technician bios for Hunter Super Techs, the HVAC and plumbing company he built in Ardmore, Okla. He’s also founder of the GoTime Success Group, which seeks to empower trade industry owners to build their businesses and their revenue. 

“These bios are super important,” Hunter says. “Customers do business with people they know, like, and trust. Sending out these bios helps you connect with the customer and sets you up for success before you even get to the home.”

His tips for how to write a short bio like those he built at Hunter Super Techs, which was acquired by Turnpoint Services in 2018, were delivered to customers via text message through ServiceTitan’s automated system. They provide excellent tech bio examples, introducing the tech with some information about them and a short YouTube video for use on social media and on the company website to improve SEO. 

That personal touch puts customers at ease and increases trust in the technician who is about to visit their home or business, especially in the age of Covid. As one five-star Google review noted, “I liked the fact that they sent me a picture of the technician that would be coming and a little background info on him as well.” 

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Should a team member’s professional bio be written in the third person, or the first person? What are the best practices for writing a professional bio? How can a trade org use a series of short paragraphs to keep readers' attention? What’s a good example of a professional bio? What’s best for a business owner or human resources to include in an employee biography?

Here are Hunter’s step-by-step tips and best practices for creating an employee bio template to standardize technician biographies for delivery to customers:

1. Write the technician biography in third person. A first sentence like “Chris Hunter is an award-winning technician” keeps the bio from seeming like the tech is bragging, and presents them as a human being. This debate is also common when deciding how to write a LinkedIn profile, and the same answer applies.

2. Gather the information to complete a professional bio template directly from the tech. Don't ask the technician to write their own bio. Instead, have the technician fill out a sample bio with personal details, then craft the staff member's biography for them. This should be done on orientation day for new techs. There are a number of professional bio examples, but his staff biography template includes:

  • Name:

  • Job title:  

  • Hometown:

  • Education or work experience:

  • Certifications:

  • Favorite aspect of my job:

  • Role model:

  • Interesting fact about me:

  • Best advice to customers:

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3. Add a YouTube video to your employee biographies. Showing the tech saying hello and sharing a couple of items about themself connects the technician to the customer on a personal level, and makes it more interesting. Help with the script for the video, too, but don’t make it look like they’re just reading the lines. 

4. House the YouTube video on your website. Then customers can get to your site via the tech bio and look around if they choose, before the technician arrives. 

“I lost count of how many positive reviews we got that referenced the tech bios,” Hunter says. “They meant enough to customers that they would take the time to write about them in the review.”

And the delivery of employee bios via ServiceTitan made that impact automatically. 

"This is just another tool in the tool belt that ServiceTitan provides contractors,” Hunter says. “Customer success is our No. 1 priority.”

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