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Automated SMS for Recurring Services Follow-Ups

Melani Deyto
March 16th, 2022
2 Min Read

Scheduling tune-ups tied to memberships is a must if you want to keep your techs busy during slow seasons, but it’s also key to building continued value with the homeowner. Following up and getting appointments scheduled is no easy task.

Your CSRs manually go down their Followup Tab in ServiceTitan, leaving voicemails that never get a callback. Or maybe you’re a step ahead and using Marketing Pro to send automated emails and postcards. While this certainly helps, we all know that most people are glued to one thing: their phones.

That’s why ServiceTitan is excited to announce SMS for Recurring Services Follow-Ups. You can now automate sending text message reminders about recurring service events to your members.

Increase efficiencies for your office and lower costs

By sending automated text message reminders to schedule appointments, your CSRs will spend less time and effort calling out, leaving voicemails, and playing phone tag. More homeowners will see the reminder on their phones and respond and schedule service right away. Plus, you no longer have to rely on a third party SMS provider to send recurring service reminders.

Deliver an outstanding customer experience

With more visits booked, your customers will  know they are receiving the full value of their memberships. Say goodbye to calls from upset customers who lost a maintenance visit due to not getting service scheduled.

With SMS for Recurring Services Follow-ups, you can:

  • Build your own or use pre-canned Recurring Services Audience Lists

  • Create personalized text messages with merge tags and links to your web scheduler or customer portal

  • Send yourself a  test text message verify campaign is working correctly

  • Select time of day to send automated texts

  • Respond to text replies and calls from Booking Screen

  • Automatically attribute calls and chats tied to tracking number

  • View reporting at Campaign and Category level

Get Started

To learn more, visit the Knowledge Base. If you are not yet a ServiceTitan customer, request a demo today.

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