Announcing Manual & Automated Job Confirmations

Stephanie FigyNovember 15th, 2019
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Our latest ServiceTitan features not only save your team time in the office but will prevent you from dispatching trucks to no-show jobs.

ServiceTitan is excited to announce the launch of two powerful new features intended to supercharge efficiency both in the office and out in the field: Manual and Automated Job Confirmations. These features are aimed specifically at pain points your business experiences when identifying which upcoming jobs need confirmation—and losing precious time on the road when your tech is dispatched to unconfirmed jobs where the customer has forgotten to show up.

Hear what customers are already saying about Manual Job Confirmations!

“Before Manual Job Confirmation, our CSRs were tagging jobs in order to give the dispatcher a visual cue that it had been done… [the new feature] made it so much easier because all we have to do is a one-step process and then it visually changes on the Dispatch Board for the dispatchers to know. No setbacks, all improvements."

-Jose Rodriguez, Customer Care Center Manager at Best Home Services

“Before Manual Job Confirmation, we would make a pinned note in the job. [The feature] really helps us get an idea of who we haven’t spoken with to possibly reschedule them to accommodate the day’s overflow. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”

-Rebecca Tenorio, CSR at The Happy Outlet (Electrical Services)

How These Features Work

There are two different features for job confirmations in ServiceTitan: Manual and Automated.

Manual Job Confirmations

When you have Job Confirmation enabled in ServiceTitan, it means that on every Job page, there will be a toggle button in the top right corner. This is the button, dispatchers and CSRs can click to mark a job as confirmed after being in touch with the associated customer.

Once a job is confirmed, a prominent blue notification will appear under the Job Confirmation button, marking that job as confirmed. Confirmed jobs will also appear a new shade of blue and have a checkmark icon on the Dispatch Board for quick reference.

Even more helpful is that your dispatcher can now filter jobs by their confirmed status right from the ServiceTitan Dispatch Board. That way, they can easily access a list of all unconfirmed jobs and see which customers they need to get in touch with to confirm upcoming appointments.

Automated Job Confirmations

With Automated Job Confirmations, you can now set ServiceTitan to automatically send a job confirmation text to customers before an upcoming appointment. You set the time interval before each text is sent and what the message says.

Then, all customers have to do is text "C" in reply to the job confirmation text and, in the ServiceTitan Dispatch Board, the associated job becomes confirmed on the Dispatch Board, job page, and the job audit trail. The customer will also then automatically receive a response text (which you can also customize) confirming that you've received their answer.

That's it! No longer do your CSRs and dispatchers have to jump on the phone or sift through different jobs to mark them confirmed. With ServiceTitan, your customers confirm their own upcoming appointments straight from their smartphones.

Ready to activate Manual or Automated Job Confirmations in your ServiceTitan system? You can find out rom your Success Manager!

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