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HVAC Service Report Template: Inform Customers About Their HVAC Systems


HVAC contractors use HVAC service report templates to detail all services performed on a customer’s HVAC system upon completion of a work order. As the information-gathering step before sending the service invoice, the HVAC service report also itemizes materials used on the job, all related labor costs, plus any warranty information for the customer’s air conditioner, gas furnace, or heat pump.

When customers call your HVAC company for service—whether it’s an emergency no-heat HVAC repair, a refrigerant problem with their air conditioning unit, or a malfunctioning thermostat—they expect to not only receive high-quality service, but also a full, detailed report about the current status of their HVAC equipment.

Just like an accurate work order sets the stage for a superior customer experience and informs the HVAC technician about the job at hand, an HVAC service report shows the completed work performed by the field service tech and materials used, as well as pertinent details about the longevity of the heating or cooling system and possible solutions for replacement, if necessary.

To help your HVAC business streamline its workflow, we’ve designed an HVAC service report template that’s free to download. Our free template automatically integrates with your work orders, invoicing, and other core business functions to keep everyone connected and operating efficiently from the same HVAC service playbook.

In this article, we’ll explain what type of information goes into an HVAC service report template, how HVAC techs use these form templates out in the field, and how you can capture real-time data from HVAC service reports using ServiceTitan HVAC Software automation to generate new revenue for your business.

What is an HVAC service report template?

An HVAC service report template, typically completed by the HVAC technician (or their manager) on the job site, documents the following:

  • Company’s contact information

  • Homeowner’s contact and payment information

  • Services performed

  • Materials used

  • Environmental information

  • Labor costs

  • Warranty information

Similar to an inspection checklist template, an HVAC service report template helps guide techs as they go through each step of the service call to not only diagnose the problem, but also give customers a thorough report about their HVAC systems. It also documents possible sales opportunities to replace aging HVAC equipment.

Using paper forms slows productivity

Tired of wasting time and money on paper forms? They definitely slow down the productivity of your field service technicians, who must pick up the forms, fill them out correctly, return them to the office, and help your office staff decipher what they wrote. And that doesn’t even account for the time it takes your office staff to input the information into your company database, then file and store the Google docs or Microsoft Excel sheets for easy retrieval.

With our free, downloadable HVAC service report template, your techs can access the form from any mobile device, complete it during or immediately following a service call, and share it with your office staff in preparation for sending an HVAC invoice. In addition, techs can pull up price lists for parts, service notes from previous inspection reports, and the customer’s complete service history.

With no damaged, misplaced, or lost paper forms to worry about, technicians improve their productivity and capture consistent, accurate service report information every time. This frees up your CSR team to focus on more important tasks, such as following up on unsold estimates or engaging customers to sign up for service agreements.

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Current solutions for HVAC service reports

As we mentioned above, some HVAC companies choose to use paper service report forms in the field, despite the inefficiencies that result from doing so. Some contractors even skip this step entirely, going straight from the work order to invoice, and only sharing service work details with the customer verbally. This can lead to poor customer service and miscommunications.

Today’s customers demand more information about their HVAC maintenance needs, and it’s up to your technicians on the job site to conduct a thorough inspection of their HVAC system, ask questions, and clearly articulate solutions that meet their needs. Sharing detailed descriptions with high-quality photos and videos helps the technician educate the customer, which creates better understanding and trust, and ultimately helps techs close larger jobs. 

Nobody’s perfect, and even experienced HVAC techs can miss a step, forget to document the right information, or fail to adequately inform customers. Just like following an HVAC maintenance checklist, a service report template ensures your techs follow the proper procedures, document the most important details, and educate customers fully for the best possible experience.

HVAC service report templates improve customer service

To provide the best customer service, HVAC companies need to educate customers about their systems and provide solutions that help them save time, money, and reduce hassles. Rather than addressing only a single issue when responding to a service call, techs must conduct a comprehensive HVAC inspection to understand the full scope of needed repairs.

After reviewing your service report template, customers will appreciate your thoroughness, better trust your company to perform the work, and be more open to considering additional opportunities to improve their HVAC systems. The customer may not want additional services today, but knowing the details of what’s needed (such as preventive maintenance to keep the system running optimally) increases the chance of future business and helps to fill your pipeline.

How ServiceTitan helps HVAC companies drive growth

While using a downloadable, customizable service report template can help you keep customers better informed, you can maximize efficiency and boost profit by deploying the full functionality of ServiceTitan’s HVAC Software to seamlessly integrate every aspect of your business with the following features:

  • Mobile app for seamless communication in the field or office.

  • Customer portal for easy online booking.

  • Digital sales presentations with multiple pricing options.

  • On-site estimating, payment processing, and job costing.

  • Service agreements, contracts, and inventory management.

  • Marketing automation for email and direct mail campaigns.

  • QuickBooks integration, including QuickBooks Online, and other accounting software.

  • Accurate reporting for real-time insights.

Mobile app

ServiceTitan’s award-winning mobile app for iOS and Android equips techs in the field with key information your CSRs collected during the intake process. Techs can also review a customer’s initial call or listen to recordings of phone calls between customers and CSRs to fully understand the scope of work.

Techs arrive fully prepared, with a complete understanding of their customer’s needs and preferences, on-the-ground conditions, and outstanding requests. Your HVAC techs can also view complete service history, existing equipment and systems, club or service memberships, worksite images, notes, previous invoices, and more, to accurately address customer needs.

On-site estimating, payment processing, and job costing

One of the first questions customers ask about HVAC repairs is, “How much is this going to cost?” And if they’re forced to wait on your cost estimate, customers may get frustrated and look for another HVAC company instead.

With ServiceTitan Mobile, techs can provide customers with on-site estimates and job quotes, explain warranty information, and allow them to approve the work right on the job site. HVAC techs can quickly build accurate estimates with updated job costing information from your HVAC pricebook, as well as view photos, manufacturer videos, and the latest product information to help build a range of estimates for your customers.


ServiceTitan’s field reporting software, including the technician scorecard, allows you to build customized reports and dashboards to drill into technician key performance indicators (KPIs), including conversion rate, average ticket size, customer satisfaction, memberships sold, generated leads, billable hours, billable efficiency, tasks per call, and other key metrics. 

Level up your HVAC business with digital forms

If your HVAC field service technicians fail to keep customers informed at every stage of the repair process, your company may need a better way to communicate the results of what they discover after inspecting and diagnosing a customer’s HVAC system.

Utilizing an HVAC service report template and other custom digital forms can get you headed in the right direction, but implementing the full power of ServiceTitan HVAC Software helps streamline your entire business operation, which ultimately boosts your bottom line.

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