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HVAC Equipment List Template: Free Google Sheets Download


In this post, we share a free HVAC equipment list template (created in Google Sheets) for documenting HVAC system details on a per-item or unit basis. Below, we’ll provide a link to make a copy of the template and begin using it in your HVAC business.  

With that said, there are certain limitations to using a spreadsheet template for HVAC equipment lists. For example:

  • Ease of use in the field: Filling out spreadsheets via a phone or tablet can be a clunky, slow, and error-prone process for HVAC technicians when they’re documenting equipment details in the field.

  • Workflow inefficiencies: If you’re using a spreadsheet to track customer equipment details, chances are that data will not be integrated with the other apps and software you use to run your business. This often requires manually transferring equipment details into other tools such as your CRM, estimating app, work order app, inventory app, etc.

  • Organization and accessibility: Keeping track of miscellaneous files and efficiently accessing the data inside of them can be a challenge when using spreadsheet equipment lists. 

So, in addition to sharing the free equipment list spreadsheet below, we’ll also walk through how our HVAC contractor software solves these challenges and more, including:

  • Managing equipment lists via our intuitive mobile app

  • Hosting and accessing all customer data in a single platform

  • Connecting equipment lists to other key tools such as inventory management, pricebook, estimates, and invoices

Want to see how ServiceTitan’s HVAC software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.

How to Download and Use Our HVAC Equipment List Template

Click here to download our free HVAC equipment list template.

Once you’ve created your own copy, you can store the sheet as a master template and make a copy each time you want to use it to document equipment details for individual customers or properties.

The spreadsheet includes fields for entering the customer name, address, and job date. Then, for each equipment item (air conditioning unit, heating system, etc.), it provides the following fields:

  • Equipment type

  • Manufacturer

  • Model number

  • Serial number

  • Capacity

  • Efficiency rating

  • Date of manufacture

  • Accessories and controls

  • Warranty information

  • Last maintenance date

  • Service performed

  • Service technician name

  • Notes and recommendations

Keep in mind that your technicians will need to have a way to access and fill out this spreadsheet in the field. Otherwise they’ll need to record this information another way and manually transfer the equipment details into the spreadsheet later.

In addition, gathering information for certain fields may require cross-referencing with other tools such as your CRM, pricebook, or inventory system. 

These are the types of workflow challenges that HVAC businesses can solve with comprehensive software that stores all of this data in one place. So, let’s take a look at how equipment list management works in ServiceTitan, and how our product seamlessly integrates equipment lists into HVAC business workflows.

How ServiceTitan Integrates Equipment Lists Into HVAC Business Workflows

There are many advantages to managing equipment lists in a platform like ServiceTitan, including:

  1. User-friendly mobile app for field technicians: There is no need to use spreadsheets in the field, or use pen and paper and transfer equipment information to a spreadsheet or CRM later. Technicians can view and update existing equipment through our intuitive mobile app, where they also have access to detailed customer histories, inventory, pricebook, and more. 

  2. Increased efficiency with one integrated platform: Instead of your data being siloed in miscellaneous files, spreadsheets, and apps — all of your customer data (including equipment lists) is stored together in one place, easily accessible via our mobile app in the field, or our desktop app in the office, all of which update in real-time.

  3. Seamless connection with surrounding workflows: Instead of equipment lists being separate from the other apps used in executing HVAC work, they’re connected. For example, ServiceTitan equipment lists integrate with your pricebook, inventory management system, and estimates and invoices. All of these features are connected to work together in one place. 

What follows is a closer look at how HVAC equipment list management and key surrounding workflows work in ServiceTitan. 

Manage Equipment Lists with Ease via Our Intuitive Mobile App

The ServiceTitan mobile app equips HVAC technicians with all of the essential tools they need when they’re in the field, including access to key job and customer details, complete customer histories (past estimates, invoices, existing equipment, etc.), customizable forms, and more. 

From the ‘History’ tab, they can view and update existing equipment at a property or add in new equipment. 

They can simply tap on a piece of equipment to see the equipment details, which can include: age, date installed, status, memberships, manufacturer, model number, serial number, capacity levels, dimensions, manufacturer warranty, service warranty, memo, tags, and history. They can also add a piece of equipment and enter these details into the appropriate fields. 

Once this information is entered into the system, it’s automatically saved and available for future reference by both field and office staff. 

As you can imagine, this user experience for technicians is far easier (and less error prone) than typing equipment details into a spreadsheet, or searching through spreadsheets to find the information they need. 

Foster Accountability & Consistency with Custom Inspection Checklist Forms

With ServiceTitan’s custom forms, business owners can require technicians to complete maintenance checklists to close out a job. This fosters accountability through automation, reducing stress on behalf of owners and managers, while ensuring standard operating procedures are consistently followed in the field. 

Users can add or subtract from HVAC maintenance checklists to perfectly match their needs and preferences. For example, any of the following could be added to checklists to ensure that HVAC technicians make thorough assessments:

  • Condensers

  • Heat pumps

  • Refrigerant levels / refrigerant charge

  • Refrigerant lines

  • Chiller

  • Compressor

  • Cooling tower

  • Air handling unit

  • Air filters

  • Condensate drains

  • Ductwork

  • Heat exchangers

  • Thermostat

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In addition, every form and checklist can be duplicated as many times as necessary to address all of the HVAC units present, right from the job site.

When checklists are filled out, the information they contain can be accessed by office staff via our desktop app in real-time (or referenced at any later date, such as the next appointment for that customer). The inspection report can also easily be shared with the customer.

Mobile Estimates and Proposals Designed to Drive More Revenue

When issues or sales opportunities are discovered during service or repair work, ServiceTitan empowers technicians to create accurate, professional estimates and proposals right from their tablet. 

Techs can use our integrated pricebook and inventory features to choose the best equipment and materials for the job and create an estimate on the fly. 

A series of estimates can easily be compiled into a Good Better Best proposal, augmented by color photos, equipment specs, and pricing. Alternatively, techs can email estimates for review and approval.

In addition to ensuring that no vital job details get lost in the shuffle of paperwork between job site and office, this feature allows contractors to save time on delivering estimates to customers whose needs are often urgent. 

ServiceTitan also provides for automated tracking and follow-up on outstanding estimates, enabling users to improve close rates and maximize their bottom line.

Efficiently Send Invoices and Get Paid Faster

By streamlining all of the most essential elements of an HVAC business, ServiceTitan makes billing easy. 

Drawing on the equipment, hourly rates, and other factors that go into an HVAC quote, ServiceTitan automatically populates work orders and invoices, so that there’s no discrepancy between the estimate and bill. 

HVAC contractors can choose to send invoices by email — with a link to allow clients to pay online — or have them e-signed on site with a mobile device. 

Collecting payments is similarly painless. Homeowners and commercial HVAC clients alike can settle up through our customer portal, which allows them to save credit card information. Contractors are still free to take cash or check, too. (As revenue flows in, our QuickBooks integration makes it easy to keep track of.)   

Finally, ServiceTitan can also help HVAC contractors overcome objections by providing easy access to customer financing. It takes just minutes on our mobile app for customers to apply and get approved, reducing cost obstacles that might otherwise reduce profitability.

Get a ServiceTitan Demo to See How We Can Help You Optimize and Grow Your HVAC Business 

While an Excel or Google Sheets equipment list template can get the job done when documenting equipment for customers, spreadsheets simply aren’t ideal solutions when it comes to managing equipment lists in the field. Furthermore, they don’t integrate with the other tools HVAC businesses use in their operations. 

This is why we’ve developed an entire suite of tools, many of which we haven’t dug into here, to connect and streamline HVAC business processes in a single platform. 

Want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s HVAC software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.