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8 Expert Tips For Creating the Best Plumbing Websites

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Clock IconJune 3rd, 2020
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When customers need a plumber, they usually need one quick—and the best websites for plumbers offer what potential customers need, right at their fingertips. Does your plumbing website include the best features to generate new online leads?

We talked with experts in plumbing and essential home services to find dynamic examples of the best plumbing websites and how key features can translate into revenue for your company.

The best plumbing website design includes features such as:

  • Appealing, mobile-friendly format

  • Clear calls to action

  • Prominent positive reviews

  • Spotlights for unique services

  • Personalization

  • Links to social platforms

  • Expert videos and blogs

Here’s how to make sure your plumbing website design is up to the task:

1. Create plumbing websites in appealing, mobile-friendly format

  • First impressions count. Make yours a good one.

  • Make key information prominent.

  • Maximize SEO for keywords and location.

Your plumber website is often the first impression of your company. What do potential customers see?

Since 64 percent of online searches for plumbing services take place on a mobile device, a mobile-friendly plumbing website design is an absolute must.

Allow customers to find what they need within seconds of arriving at your plumber website. Expert plumbing websites feature an accessible menu with a prominently displayed phone number and geographical service area.

To make sure your plumbing website appears at the top of a potential customer’s Google search, master local SEO (search engine optimization) by using top-ranked keywords in content on your plumbing website. You want local customers to find you, so be sure to include your city or neighborhood as a keyword phrase, such as, “Denver water leak.”

Local results for “plumber near me” are displayed in Google when customers search on their mobile devices for a plumbing company, and you can improve your business local ranking through Google My Business. 

While potential customers might hear of your plumbing company through word-of-mouth or other ways, they’re most likely going to search online when they need a plumber fast.

2. Drive traffic to plumbing sites with clear calls to action

  • Make CTAs clear, offer multiple ways for customers to reach you.

  • Take advantage of technology for chat and text.

  • Take steps to keep customers’ data safe.

The best plumbing websites display highly visible phone numbers and service areas, typically in the top, right-hand corner. Top plumbing websites offer 24/7 live answering and easy-to-spot call to action (CTA) buttons such as “Call Now” or “Schedule Now.”

For ease and convenience, it’s important to offer a variety of contact methods so customers can choose how they want to communicate. The best plumbing websites offer chat or text features through automated platforms so customers can receive immediate response and get questions answered quickly.

ProSkill Services in the North Valley area near Phoenix uses Podium Webchat software to transfer a customer’s online chat directly to text messaging, so the customer can continue communication without staying on the website, says co-founder Travis Ringe.

“Offering multiple lines of communication enables customers to reach out or respond when it’s convenient for them,” says Ringe, who also uses ServiceTitan’s field management software. “Our goal is to remove as many roadblocks as possible in our customers’ journey, and one of the smoothest roads to booking a job is to be available on the customers’ preferred communication platform.”

It’s also imperative for plumbing websites to offer secure sites, since customers may choose to enter their name and phone number and need to know their personal information is kept secure.

Learn more about ServiceTitan’s marketing strategies to boost your plumbing company’s revenue. 

3. Prominently share positive reviews on your plumbing website

  • Positive reviews start with great customer service.

  • Make 5-star reviews easy to find on your website.

  • It’s OK to ask for reviews, but make it easy for customers.

Positive reviews boost your company’s reputation and build customers’ trust. Since positive reviews make 91 percent of consumers more likely to use a business, according to a local consumer review survey, make garnering 5-star reviews a priority for your plumbing website.

To get great reviews, your plumbing company first must offer great service. Customers are more likely to take time out of their day to write a review if they are blown away by a company’s efficiency, professionalism and extra effort to do the job right.

“Reviews are critical to success in today’s marketplace, as a great rating and many raving reviews can be looked at as a warm referral from a friend,” says Ringe, who hosted a ServiceTitan webinar on the subject.

Tools such as ServiceTitan’s customer experience software are another way to guarantee efficient plumbing service. Customers are instantly notified when a technician is on their way, and they know exactly who is coming to their door.

After your plumbing company delivers great service, it’s OK to ask the customer to write a review. In fact, 85 percent of consumers are willing to leave reviews, and 66 percent have written an online review for a local business, according to the local consumer review survey.

ServiceTitan’s smart technology automatically sends reminders to customers by text or email, and a personalized message can include links to your preferred review sites.

When potential customers read those 5-star reviews on your plumbing website, it gives them confidence they are making the right decision in choosing your company.

Find out more about what ServiceTitan software can do for your plumbing company. 

4. Focus your plumbing website on unique services

  • Clearly display the plumbing services that set you apart. 

  • Upfront pricing and other timesavers draw customers.

  • Emphasizing convenience impresses time-starved consumers.

Spotlight what makes your company unique and sets it apart from others.

Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air serving the Denver area now offers a video chat estimate service called “Video Plumber,” a term the company trademarked.

“It came out of a need in the real estate world,” says co-owner and president Susan Frew, explaining how the service allows Sunshine to help its real estate customers obtain plumbing estimates, which are often used as a negotiation tool. “It saves drivers a lot of time. It’s efficient.” 

It’s also a helpful service for younger clients who may be first-time homeowners with no baseline knowledge of plumbing costs. If the cost falls outside their budget, then they know how much to save.

It’s also a timesaver, Frew says, for busy professionals. “No one wants to wait for someone to come over and do an estimate.”

Other timesavers include simple, transparent and upfront pricing through online pricing tools, such as what ProSkill Services uses on its plumbing website template.

While homes and businesses need plumbing repairs and upgrades, think about how you can offer those services in unique and convenient ways, and advertise them on your plumbing website.

5. Use plumbing websites to promote awards and community commitment

  • Emphasize recognition that shows you provide quality service.

  • Highlight professional certifications, BBB ratings, industry awards.

  • Spotlight support for local organizations, to cement yourself in community.

Showcasing company awards, especially those for top ratings, lets customers know your plumbing company is serious about offering consistent, quality service.

Highlight what sets your company apart by clearly displaying professional certifications, Better Business Bureau ratings, and industry awards from Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor on your plumbing website.

From a marketing standpoint, awards separate your company from others and make you look bigger than you really are—what Frew of Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air terms the “pufferfish effect.”

Since essential home services are an integral part of every community, it’s an added bonus when customers see your company cares and supports local organizations.

Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air engages in community-centered marketing and gives a portion of funds from each job to a local food bank and resource center. Similarly, other top plumbing websites link to several local organizations making a difference in their communities.

6. Build trust by personalizing your plumber website

  • Professional photos of your service team make your website feel more personal.

  • Videos can give a behind-the-scenes look at how your company operates.

  • Specific offers such as online coupons or financing add value.

Great plumbing websites feature a personal angle, so customers can get to know you and feel like they can trust the company. Some companies succeed at this by simply posting a funny video or using the best plumbing logos to capture an online audience.

Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air in the Los Angeles area displays a team photo, as well as the owner’s personal family photo, so customers can see at a glance who they’re calling.

Thornton & Grooms, an A/C, heating and plumbing company serving the metro Detroit area, personalizes its plumbing website through a YouTube video narrated by owner and operations manager David Knight.

Use your plumbing website to advertise online coupons, special offers and financing—including price-matching offers from other companies—to generate new leads for your business.

7. Post to social platforms to engage your customer base

  • Posting regularly on social media carries your message to more consumers.

  • Link directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube from your site.

  • Engage your audience on social platforms when they reach out.

Since the average person  spends more than two hours every day on social networks, it’s key to provide information and allow communication across targeted platforms.

The best plumbing website displays links to the company’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter and Instagram accounts, so you can easily advertise special offers to customers on social media.

A national research center reports Facebook and YouTube are the most widely used social media platforms among adults. Consumers ranked images and videos as the top content they want to see, according to a recent Sprout Social index. 

One of the quickest ways to set your company apart on social networks is to engage with your customers and respond when they reach out.

Absolute Air, Heat and Water of Mapleton, Utah, regularly interacts with more than 4,000 Facebook followers. “Sometimes, it’s just a matter of engaging people on social media to encourage trust in your company,” says Absolute’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Hortin.

There’s an added benefit, too, as 71 percent of consumers who experience a positive interaction with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to family and friends.

8. Become an expert resource on your plumbing website

  • Blogs, podcasts and videos showcase your company’s expertise.

  • A “frequently asked questions” feature can make your site more useful.

  • Being a resource makes for happy customers, more 5-star reviews.

If you provide expert advice on your plumber website, your company becomes a helpful online resource for customers. Consider adding how-to videos, blogs and podcasts to your plumbing website to better serve your audience.

To learn how to embed a YouTube video on your site, check out Plumbing Webmasters step-by-step instructions. 

It’s important to make sure your plumbing website provides as many methods as possible to get customers’ questions answered.

Roto Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service websites offer a “frequently asked questions” section, and if a question isn’t answered, website visitors can ask a master plumber a question.

It’s key to make your plumbing website a place customers can find information quickly and easily and be satisfied with the quality of service they receive. Happy customers equal 5-star reviews, which in turn generate new customers, and more revenue.

Regardless of the avenue you choose to drive traffic and provide a better user experience on your plumbing website, utilize ServiceTitan’s Marketing Scorecard to see what’s working for your company and track real-time ROI on all of your marketing campaigns.

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