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Top 15 Plumbing YouTube Channels for Industry Professionals

User IconRick Martinez
Clock IconOctober 20th, 2020
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Table of Contents
  1. Plumber Personalities

  2. Plumbing Toolmakers

  3. Plumber Learning & Marketing 

As a commercial and residential plumbing contractor, whether you’re an owner, manager or a solo everyday professional, you know how difficult it can be to stay on top of things, keep abreast of trends, and learn new tips and tricks from fellow pros.

You want to grow your plumbing business, market it well, and be aware of all the trends affecting the plumbing industry. But, with so many do-it-yourselfers out there, it can be difficult to find plumber videos focused on commercial and residential installations and needs. 

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We’ve assembled a handy list of the Top 15 channels for YouTube plumbing videos for professionals, whether for training purposes, repairs, how-tos, product reviews, or whatever plumbing issue you face.  

This is definitely plumber YouTube, and a bit more. After all, plumbing professionals need plumbing videos tutorials, insights, ideas, and some love, too.

We plunge into each YouTube plumbing channel below.

Plumber Personalities

1. Steven Lavimoniere

Steven Lavimoniere has amassed more than 73 million views for videos largely focused on his everyday plumbing jobs and installations.

Whether you need a plumbing tutorial or plumbing repair videos, Lavimoniere might be your guy. With 35 years of experience as a plumber, he’s operated Steve Lavimoniere Plumbing, Heating & Air in North Dartmouth, Mass., for more than 24 years. 

  • 130K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per day

  • Online since December 2011

2. The Expert Plumber

Roger Wakefield is a LEED AP-certified master plumber who shares “secrets, tips, and tricks about plumbing, how to become a plumber, or how to build a residential service plumbing company with little or no money.” 

As the owner-operator of eco-friendly Texas Green Plumbing in Richardson, Texas, Wakefield was named The Expert Plumber in a competition by bathroom and kitchen fixture maker American Standard Co. in 2017.

Wakefield uploads new Expert Plumber videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, live streaming on Mondays. He offers nearly four decades of experience with plumbing, pipe fitting, and welding. Also a plumbing coach and consultant, customers can find free and paid courses on becoming a plumber.

  • 153K subscribers

  • Frequency: 3 videos per week

  • Online since October 2014

3. Allen Hart

Allen Hart is a British plumber with nearly 30,000 subscribers and 10.4 million views. Hart’s channel offers 10 playlists, with topics including plumbing videos tutorials, plumbing training videos, plumber tips, pressfitting, and gas training videos and guides.

Hart operates plumbing and gas engineering firm CCH Leeds in Leeds, England.

  • 29.9K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a week

  • Online since February 2011

4. P B Plumber

Peter Booth is a third-generation plumber and gas engineer from Loughborough, England. He’s also the talent behind the plumbing videos at P B Plumber.

P B Plumber’s most popular video showcases Booth’s plumber-focused, tricked-out van for GV Booth Plumbing & Heating, a 41-year-old family-owned firm operated by Booth and his dad, George Vincent Booth. Posted nearly 2½ years ago, the van video has racked up nearly 228,000 views.

  • 22.1K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per month

  • Online since April 2011

5. KnarlyCarl

A licensed master plumber from northwest Ohio, KnarlyCarl’s sweet spot is showing the plumbing tools of the trade and beyond.

KnarlyCarl’s YouTube channel has amassed more than 507,669 views since March 2016.  His most popular plumbing video by far is drilling under a deck for a water line, with more than 224,000 views. He says: “Here's what I came up with literally on the fly at Tractor Supply to bore a hole under a porch.” 

The plumber behind the YouTube persona is Bradley Near, the owner-operator of Bluffton, Ohio-based KC Plumbing and Rooter, LLC.

  • 12.2K subscribers

  • Frequency: About 6 videos per year

  • Online since March 2016

6. Plumbing With Tim

Claiming to be “real world plumbing at its finest,” Plumbing With Tim features plumbing how-to videos, along with plumbing tutorials and product reviews.

He posts about three videos a week. On Saturdays, he does an on-location show. On Tuesdays, he does “Tailgate Tuesdays,” with product reviews, educational tutorials, and dos and don’ts in plumbing. On “Thirsty Thursdays,” he offers a question-and-answer session.

The man behind Plumbing With Tim is Tim Johnson, a journeyman plumber of 20-plus years located in Melbourne, Fla. He is employed by Tucker’s Cut Rate Plumbing.

  • 5.25K subscribers

  • Frequency: 3 videos per week

  • Online since June 2014

7. The Million Dollar Plumber

Richard Behney, who coins himself as The Million Dollar Plumber, claims to be the No. 1 coach for plumbing business entrepreneurs.

With nearly three decades of plumbing experience, the Indianapolis entrepreneur grew two service companies from “kitchen-table start-ups to profitable industry-leading brands.” He later sold both, and in 2018 started The Million Dollar Plumber.

The Million Dollar Plumber’s YouTube channel focuses on building a profitable and sustainable plumbing business. Consider it YouTube plumbing for the business class or front office. The channel has garnered more than 179,500 views since 2018.

Behney also hosts “Potty Talk LIVE,” an online show featuring plumbing professionals on YouTube, Facebook, and as a podcast, with 289 episodes to date. Tim Johnson from Plumbing With Tim appeared on the show in May 2018.  

  • Subscribers: He does not share his subscriber count publicly

  • Frequency: Several times a week

  • Online since February 2018

8. Welding Tips and Tricks

If you’re into welding and need some plumbing training videos related to that skill, Welding Tips and Tricks is a must-visit destination.

Created by veteran welder and former Delta Air Lines welding instructor Jody Collier, his YouTube channel covers the gamut on welding. The Acworth, Georgia, resident has amassed more than 187 million views. His approach is simple: “Clear arc shots and plain talk to help you pass a text, fix stuff, build stuff, get a raise, (and) build a better life.”

  • 822K subscribers

  • Frequency: At least twice a month

  • Online since November 2007

The #1 newsletter for the trades.

9. FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

This YouTube plumbing channel is wide ranging, with myriad home improvement projects, tips, and product reviews covered in a straightforward way.

The host, Jacy Elsesser, was a real-estate investor and remodeled properties in the Chicago area for more than two decades and also owned hardware stores for 10 years.

Geared toward the homeowner, home gardener, and do-it-yourselfer, the channel goes in-depth on several topics. Among the 58 videos with nearly 14,700 views on its How to Do Plumbing playlist of plumbing videos include how to install a saddle valve-humidifier valve and sump pump with radon mitigation system.  

In addition, FIX IT offers a weekly home improvement podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

  • 72.1K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per day

  • Online since July 2007

10. Blue Collar Nerd

Richard Kohberger created his Blue Collar Nerd YouTube channel to help bridge the communication gap between an old-school industry and technology-minded newcomers to the trades. His videos help home service businesses leverage technology to maximize profits and automate their businesses.

Kohberger serves as operations manager at Comfort Control, Inc., a Buford, Ga., company started by his father in 1992. As a self-proclaimed obsessive user of ServiceTitan software, this YouTuber hopes to improve communication between software companies and the trades.

  • 1.15K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a month

  • Online since April 2019

Plumbing Toolmakers

11. BrassCraft Manufacturing

Professional plumbers have trusted BrassCraft Manufacturing’s tools for more than 70 years. The Novi, Mich.-based company just introduced its new drain cleaning tools in a video posted on its YouTube channel

BrassCraft’s YouTube videos have garnered nearly 7.3 million views for plumbing videos training. Brasscraft’s brands include PlumbShop and Cobra Tools

  • 9.09K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times each quarter

  • Online since December 2006

12. RIDGID Tools

See demonstrations of Ridge Tool Company’s RIDGID Tools used on the jobsite in extreme and real-life conditions.

The Elyria, Ohio-based company’s YouTube channel boasts more than 20.8 million views. The videos offer a plumber tutorial as well as plumbing training videos. 

Founded in 1923 as the inventor of the modern pipe and wrench in North Ridgeville, Ohio, Ridge Tool Company in 1966 became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. 

  • 30.2 subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a week

  • Online since November 2008

Plumber Learning & Marketing

Have you checked out the recent ServiceTitan blog post on top plumbing blogs

Well, some of those bloggers also plumb away with some pretty darn good plumber YouTube content.

13. Mechanical Hub

Mechanical Hub connects plumbing, HVAC and hydroponic contractors with reviews and demonstrations of new products and tools, industry news, and business advice.

Mechanical Hub, which also publishes resource information on Plumbing Perspective and Hydronics Hub, offers plumbing videos on YouTube with a playlist featuring “Beyond the Service,” “Taco After Dark” and “Tool Reviews.” Mechanical Hub also offers podcasts.

The “Beyond the Service” co-hosts are John and Devynn Thompson, the husband-wife co-owners of Family Plumbing & Rooter Inc. in Hesperia, California, and operators of PlumbGod Media. “Beyond the Service,” launched in November 2019, has a companion podcast.

“Taco After Dark,” which debuted March 30, 2020, is a weekly HVAC and plumbing training series presented by Cranston, RI, heating, cooling, plumbing and irrigation systems manufacturer Taco Comfort Solutions. By the way, Taco is pronounced “tay-coh.”

  • 5.46K subscribers

  • Frequency: 1 video per week

  • Online since June 2012

14. Nexstar Network

Nexstar Network is a widely recognized residential contractor association for plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical in the U.S. The group is focused on providing contractors, including those in the plumbing trades, with education, training, and resources.

Like with its blog, Nexstar’s YouTube channel features interviews, profiles, and industry news in addition to product demonstrations. 

  • 3.09K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a month

  • Online since April 2009

15. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home service companies, like commercial and residential plumbing and affiliated contractors, streamline operations, improve customer service, and grow their business.

Learn about ServiceTitan’s solutions, take part in webinars, and learn more about the software’s features in these YouTube plumbing videos.

  • 1.95K subscribers

  • Frequency: Several times a month

  • Online since April 2012

ServiceTitan Plumbing Software

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