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7 Essential Steps for Annually Setting Field Service Technician Goals

User IconTom Lange
Clock IconJune 24th, 2020
Glasses Icon6 Min Read
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Table of Contents
  1. Give Your Techs Field Service KPI Examples

  2. Set Maintenance Technician Performance Goals

  3. Technician Goal Examples: Grow Revenue with More Sales

  4. Provide Better Customer Service with Efficiency

  5. Develop Work Ethic Objectives for Maintenance Technicians 

  6. Equip Techs With the Right Tools

  7. Utilize Technology to Improve Tech Performance

Each year, company owners deliver a service technician performance review to assess each employee’s skills, contributions and value to the company. It’s a good time to discuss ways to improve job performance by setting smart goals for maintenance technicians.

Successful business owners tend to employ technicians who can fix or install anything, but who also care about maximizing the company’s profit and their personal income. While finding a service tech who excels at both can be difficult, it’s always possible to train your techs to reach higher.

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To help your company set smart goals for maintenance technicians, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 Best Technician Training Tips from service industry experts.

1. Give Your Techs Field Service KPI Examples

Key performance indicators differ from shop to shop. Your business may place an  emphasis on maintenance contract signups, while a competitor lives or dies by the number of overall jobs completed. The KPI you set for employees should account for your overall organizational goals.

For example, if your business sets an overarching goal of reducing service time by 2 percent, one of your KPIs would include technician efficiency. If another goal centers on the number of jobs solved in one visit versus recalls to fix the same problem, technicians with high callback rates need to work on technical skills or get additional training on specific tasks.

2. Set Maintenance Technician Performance Goals

The ability of your field service technicians to complete technical tasks accurately and efficiently directly impacts your company’s reputation. Maintenance technician performance goals need to include several job-based technical objectives, each determined by a tech’s job description and their training.

For example, a technical objective for a garage door technician might include the ability to replace the laser eye and test it for functionality. For an HVAC technician, you might include the safe handling of Freon and other chemical refrigerants to comply with local environmental regulations. 

Make sure the goals you set are SMART—specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based.

Whatever the trade, setting specific maintenance technician performance goals helps your employees learn and grow, ultimately boosting their paychecks, and your company’s bottom line. 

3. Technician Goal Examples: Grow Revenue with More Sales

Effective service technicians provide detailed and accurate answers to customers’ questions about home repairs, future upgrades and new products on the market. Technician goal examples might include setting specific milestones when making sales presentations to customers, such as increasing average tickets sold by 10 percent.

Most service techs know how to fix a mechanical problem, but struggle when trying to sell the customer additional services. If you train your technicians to provide detailed quotes and estimates with clearly defined good-better-best options, they’ll come across as more knowledgeable and trustworthy to your customers—which means more revenue for your business.

Instead of making customers wait for your sales team to contact them later, train your techs to sell your company’s home services before they ever leave the job site, with an easy-to-use, all-in-one field management software solution.

With a field service mobile app such as ServiceTitan, technicians can easily provide detailed quotes to customers with accurate pricing when a service call leads to the discovery of other needed repairs or the customer expresses interest in installing a new product. Technicians can build a quote and send it to the customer in minutes, straight from their mobile device.

Include revenue growth as one of your techs’ smart goals to build confidence and increase their earning potential, and add value to your company by gaining the trust of more customers.

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4. Provide Better Customer Service with Efficiency

A technician capable of solving even the trickiest of electrical or plumbing problems can’t serve your company well if they’re rude, leave a mess in the customer's home or refuse to explain the problem in a way the customer can understand.

Effective technicians pair their technical skills with the ability to handle customer complaints, provide professional, accurate and polite advice, and establish a strong reputation with customers. 

Review how your techs spend their workdays and look for ways to improve efficiency. Do they spend too much time, or too little, on an average job? Do they take the most efficient route to a customer’s home? Do they show up on time and notify you when the job is done? Do they offer to pick up other jobs, when needed?

Technicians who go the extra mile for your customers are typically your company’s top performers, and that should be clearly represented in their service technician performance review.

5. Develop Work Ethic Objectives for Maintenance Technicians

Service workers might excel at the technical aspect of the job, but if they’re unorganized, show up late or don’t work well with others, they can hurt your business. Work ethic objectives measure your techs’ soft skills and show you how well an employee meets company standards.

Develop work ethic objectives for each of your field service techs, so they know how to meet your expectations. 

Some technician goal examples might include: compliance with following directions, flexibility to work in a variety of conditions and environments, tact when dealing with irate customers, initiative to get the job done, and a desire to improve their skill set.

6. Equip Techs With the Right Tools

Make sure all of your techs answer customer service calls with everything they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. When conducting a service technician performance review, inspect their tools and truck inventory to make sure they’re operating at full capacity.

Workers with only one or two years on the job will likely own fewer tools than a more seasoned tech, so consider the kinds of specialized work they perform in the field to ensure they’re properly equipped.

7. Utilize Technology to Improve Tech Performance

Help your techs meet those customer service, sales and technical goals by equipping them with the most up-to-date technology available. 

A mobile app that puts a comprehensive, cloud-based field management software system that optimizes the customer experience at their fingertips bolsters your techs’ ability to conduct sales, generate estimates, process payments, and perform other services to ensure a loyal customer base.

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