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Plumbing Quote Template: Free PDF Designed by Industry Pros


In this post, we offer a free PDF plumbing quote template for creating professional-looking residential or commercial service and repair estimates. Below, we’ll provide a link to download the template and begin using it in your plumbing business.

However, keep in mind that there are key challenges in the plumbing estimating process that a PDF template alone cannot solve. For example:

  • Pricing for profitability: Many plumbing companies struggle to get techs and office staff to price jobs correctly for profitability which has significant implications on their bottom line. 

  • Increasing average ticket prices: Handwritten quotes lack the visual component for products and services, making it difficult to upsell and increase average tickets. (Not to mention, they’re often messy and unprofessional looking to potential clients.) 

  • Storing and tracking quotes: Handwritten quotes and miscellaneous PDF files are easy to lose and difficult to share and access among field and office staff. They also make it very difficult to track which quotes are open and which have been closed, leading to too many unsold estimates and missed revenue opportunities.

  • Time wasted on repetitive data entry: PDF printed-out quotes require staff to enter the same quote information into different apps (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.) or write the same info on different paper documents throughout the rest of the job lifecycle — e.g. work orders, customer history, invoices, etc. This wastes a lot of time and creates too much room for errors in manual data entry. 

To solve these and other issues, many plumbing contractors are turning to plumbing estimating software to streamline their estimating processes and grow their revenue. So, in addition to sharing the free quote template below, we’ll also walk through how our product, ServiceTitan, solves all of these challenges and more. 

Our plumbing software helps increase your profits with timely, accurate estimates and a streamlined estimating process. Want to see ServiceTitan in action? Schedule a call for a free product tour.

How to Download and Use Our Free Plumbing Quotation Template

Click here to download our quote template. You can then open it, customize it, and print it out or save it as a new file for each client.

The first page of our template features a professionally designed layout with the necessary fields for you, your techs, or your office staff to fill in:

  • Contact information: Company name, address, phone number, email.

  • Job site information: Customer’s information, including name, address, phone number.

  • Job estimate description: Line items and quantities for the plumbing repair or replacement (parts needed, unit prices and material costs, labor costs and hourly rates, plumbing work to be performed, warranty information, total amount of the cost estimate, etc.).

The second page provides fields to document credit card payment information:

This template can be a step up from more generic handwritten quotes. But, as we mentioned above, it won’t solve the key challenges of the estimating process:

  • Pricing for profitability

  • Increasing average ticket prices

  • Storing and tracking quotes

  • Time wasted on repetitive data entry

So, in the next section, we’ll walk through features of our plumbing quote software that help solve these issues for plumbing businesses.

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How ServiceTitan Plumbing Quote Software Works

Integrated Pricebook Functionality That Ensures Quotes Are Priced for Profitability

Maintaining up-to-date pricing in your pricebook, and ensuring that technicians in the field are basing all quotes off that pricing, is absolutely essential for maintaining profitability in a plumbing business. But traditional pricebook management — whether done manually in a price list spreadsheet, through a third party pricing app, or in true old-school print form — has many challenges: 

  • It’s labor-intensive and time-consuming

  • It’s only done periodically

  • There’s lag time between price updates and when those updates are reflected on new estimates, quotes, and proposals

This is a key part of what leads many plumbing businesses to underprice their services and lose money on jobs. 

With ServiceTitan, users no longer need to worry about these issues because we’ve completely streamlined pricebook management for plumbing businesses. Specifically, our built-in pricebook features allow for:

  • Individual Pricebook Item Editing: The ability to edit any pricebook item or plumbing service as needed, any time, with just a few clicks.

  • Bulk Editing: The ability to make edits and markups to groups of services, packages, equipment, and/or materials. With a few clicks, changes can even be applied across an entire pricebook. 

  • Dynamic Pricing Automations: The ability to set up rules to auto-update pricing according to customized parameters, such as when certain overhead costs change (e.g. labor rates, materials, etc.).

  • Pricebook Connect: With Pricebook Connect, you’ll have direct, cloud-based access to materials and equipment from top industry-supplier catalogs, with automated updates of item descriptions, product images, and pricing as manufacturers make changes.

Combined, this suite of features makes pricebook management seamless, reducing the time your team needs to spend on manual updates, and ensuring that your prices reflect evolving costs — all while protecting the profitability of your business.

Furthermore, as soon as any updates in your pricebook are made, they’re reflected in real-time on any new quotes that are created in ServiceTitan, whether from the office or the field.

Increase Average Ticket Prices with Easy-to-Build Plumbing Quotes and Proposals

For residential repair and replacement quotes that are typically created on site, ServiceTitan’s mobile functionality offers access to estimate templates that make it easy to build and present compelling plumbing proposals via a tablet in the field. 

Providing a range of service options for homeowners is a proven way of increasing average ticket prices because when presented, many customers opt for the mid-priced option, which leads to increased sales.

Through our integrated pricebook, homeowners can also see the equipment they may be purchasing, as well as items such as potential savings and discounts, all of which aid in closing more sales.

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Alternatively, for commercial plumbing quotes that are often created at the office, office staff can also easily build time and materials or flat-rate estimates from our desktop app, and email quotes to the appropriate stakeholder (business owner, property manager, etc.). 

And crucially, instead of waiting for technicians to get back to the office with the relevant information to build a commercial quote, technicians can upload everything to the cloud right from the job site (e.g. including images, videos, notes, recommendations, completed maintenance checklists, and more). This speeds up the time to get quotes sent to customers significantly, while ensuring all important information about the job is captured, safely stored, and made available to anyone on your team who needs access to it. 

Easily Store, Track, and Automate Follow-Ups on Open Plumbing Quotes

In addition to quotes being automatically stored in our cloud-based software, accessible both from the office and the field, we also have features that allow you to more easily track and consistently follow up on unsold estimates to take advantage of every sales opportunity.

When an estimate is created on a job but isn’t sold, an opportunity is automatically created and alerts can be set up to remind staff to follow up with customers. 

Opportunities can be in the following statuses:

  • Open: Opportunities that haven't been won or dismissed. Click on open opportunities to see the next scheduled follow-up date. Open opportunities can be:

    • Not Attempted: No contact has been made since the opportunity was originally created or presented to the customer. This is the default state once an opportunity is created.

    • Unreachable: The last time someone tried to follow up on this opportunity, the customer could not be reached.

    • Contacted: The customer was contacted on the last follow-up date, but no estimate has been sold to them yet.

  • Won: An estimate was sold to the customer with a subtotal equal to or greater than the sold threshold.

  • Dismissed: The customer decided not to move forward with the work and the opportunity was dismissed. Also, an opportunity with a sold estimate subtotal under the sold threshold is considered dismissed.

These features offer business owners peace of mind that every open opportunity is followed up, while eliminating the need to track open estimates in spreadsheets, which is a time-consuming and error-prone headache. For the vast majority of our users, the result is more closed deals and increased revenue.

Get Organized, Streamline Workflows, and Grow Your Business

ServiceTitan is a powerful tool for estimating plumbing jobs, but our platform goes far beyond what we’ve covered in this post. In addition to helping your team share information about estimates, it also helps streamline your company’s ability to manage:

Importantly, ServiceTitan connects all of these core business processes and workflows together in one place, and streamlines the flow of information throughout the job lifecycle.

Want to see how ServiceTitan can help your estimating process run more smoothly? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our software can help your and your employees share information and communicate more effectively.

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