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Free Plumbing Price List Template: Go Digital with Our Flat-Rate Google Sheet Template


Most forward-thinking companies in the plumbing business have shifted to using flat-rate pricing. Customers generally prefer flat-rate pricing structures to old-fashioned “time and materials” pricing, and it’s easier for your staff to prepare estimates and proposals when they’re working with predetermined prices. 

A flat-rate plumbing price list template allows you to create a master price list that your office staff and field techs can reference when creating estimates and invoices. It provides structure and formatting to create a tidy, well-designed list that can be printed out or shared digitally among your staff. 

We’ve created a free plumbing price list template in Google Sheets, and below we’ll explain how to download and use it in your business. 

There are some advantages to using a Google Sheet pricing template. For example, when updates are made, the most accurate pricing can be accessed immediately via the cloud. 

However, there are also disadvantages to relying on a template alone. Namely, a basic template doesn’t solve the biggest challenges involved in the bidding process:

  • Constant changes in industry standards and commodities prices require frequent edits.

  • Manually updating your pricebook and distributing the updated information is time-consuming.

  • Manual pricebooks also require manual data transfer for estimate and invoice creation.

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Keep reading to find out how to use our template as a short-term solution. We’ll also expand on the challenges posed by such templates, and explain how ServiceTitan’s plumbing software integrates your price list with other aspects of your business — providing a comprehensive solution that streamlines cost estimates, invoicing, and other business functions. 

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How to Use Our Flat-Rate Plumbing Price List Template

Our Google Sheet template for professional plumbers consists of two pages:

1) Flat Rate Pricing Calculator

The first page is a spreadsheet calculator that you can use to determine the flat-rate pricing of your services. It allows you to calculate job costs by adding up the cost of materials, labor costs and hourly rates, and your desired margin and markups for plumbing work. It also lets you apply discounts. 

The calculator will help you determine three levels of flat-rate prices for each line item: 

  • Standard Price

  • Membership Price

  • After Hours Price

2) Plumbing Flat Rate Schedule 

The second page organizes and displays the results of the calculations you performed on the first page: you can enter pricing for all the plumbing services offered by your business. This sheet is organized by categories of plumbing jobs, and it can be printed or accessed digitally by techs and office staff. 

As your team is creating estimates and invoices, they can find the standard price, agreement price, or after-hours price for each plumbing repair or other service. Then they can enter that price into the appropriate estimate, proposal, or invoice.

To use this price list template for your plumbing business, click here to open up the master template and click the "Make a Copy" button. 

You’ll then be ready to customize the file and use the calculator and price list to create your pricebook. 

The new file will save automatically because it’s hosted in the cloud. 

Whenever you or an authorized staff person makes updates to your plumbing pricing, those changes are instantly available to your techs and office staff via their phones, tablets, or laptops. 

Keep in mind that the pricing information from this template will still need to be manually entered into estimates and invoice templates. A Google Sheet doesn’t offer any integration that makes plumbing business management easier, more accurate, or more efficient. 

We’ll walk through some of those challenges in the next section, and then we’ll show you how ServiceTitan’s estimating software helps create a seamless experience for estimate and invoice creation.

The Challenges of Manually Maintaining a Plumbing Pricebook 

Even if you have a solid template for your pricebook, you can still run into problems. Here are the most common challenges.

1. Frequent Changes in Industry Standards and Commodities Prices

When supply chain issues or fluctuating prices of commodities arise, suppliers frequently change their prices. The price of a faucet, for example, could increase substantially from one month to the next. 

As a business owner, you need to stay on top of these changes. If your material costs increase without a corresponding increase in the pricing you offer your customers, you might actually end up losing money on jobs. At the very least, your bottom line can take a serious hit. 

For instance, say your cost to source a piece of equipment, like a water heater, goes up. If you don’t update your pricebook to reflect the price increase, your techs and office staff will deliver estimates for that plumbing project that will result in lower profit margins.

2. Manual Edits are Time Consuming

If you use a printed pricebook, or even if you maintain your pricebook in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, keeping it up to date is a lot of work. 

You have to constantly check supplier catalogs to monitor changes in pricing, images, and descriptions. When those changes occur (and they occur all the time), you need to update items one by one — and maybe even print out new versions of the price book for your staff. This happens on a continuous basis, leaving less time for you and your staff to work on revenue-generating activities.

3. Difficulties with Bulk Editing

Unless you have sophisticated spreadsheets and know how to use formulas, there’s no efficient way to make bulk edits to your pricebook. For example, if you want to apply a percent increase across your entire pricebook, you’d have to edit your doc line by line.

4. Static Pricebooks Require Manual Estimate and Invoice Creation

If you use a printed pricebook, or even Excel or an online spreadsheet, there’s no integration to make estimate and invoice creation easier. Techs or office staff need to look up prices in the pricebook and make manual calculations when drafting estimates and invoices. 

This also takes time away from getting to the next job, making more sales, or providing better customer service — and that inefficiency results in less revenue and lower profits. 

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How ServiceTitan’s Pricebook Integration Guarantees Efficient and Accurate Estimate and Invoice Delivery

Fortunately, there’s an easier and more efficient way to manage your pricebook. ServiceTitan’s plumbing software integrates your pricebook with all other aspects of your business to streamline data sharing and help ensure accurate quotes and invoices. 

Here’s how it works.

Create and Manage Your Plumbing Pricebook

With ServiceTitan’s software for plumbing companies, any changes that you make to your pricebook will automatically propagate across all devices. The software also has bulk editing capability: you can make a single entry (like implementing a new markup or surcharge, for instance) and the change will take effect across all products and services your firm offers and the changes will be immediately visible. 

For even easier updated pricing, our Pricebook Pro upgrade integrates with industry catalogs. 

That means that when one of your suppliers changes their pricing, the change is automatically reflected in your pricebook. Pricebook Pro users can also access Pricebook Connect, which allows you to:

  • See if new content is available to add to your pricebook.

  • Find new items to offer your customers.

  • Add new products and services to your account.

Note: ServiceTitan is launching Auto-Updates and Dynamic Pricing features soon that will further automate pricebook management.

Use Your Pricebook to Generate Estimates and Proposals

Authorized techs and office staff can access your pricing info via laptop, tablet, or phone. Then they can quickly pull in commonly bundled products and services to accurately and efficiently prepare proposals. 

The software also allows your team to create “Good-Better-Best” proposals, and it can offer your clients secure financing options via our financial partners.

After your team has gone to the trouble to prepare and present an estimate or proposal, you don’t want to let it go unnoticed. ServiceTitan software lets you and your team see whether a potential client has opened the email containing the estimate or proposal. The software also prompts your staff to follow up on open estimates or proposals to help close more deals. 

Use ServiceTitan’s Dynamic Pricebook to Create Invoices

When a customer accepts an estimate or proposal via ServiceTitan’s software, the information automatically flows into the invoice for that plumbing job. You can choose to send invoices via email, along with a prompt for your customers to leave an online review for your plumbing business. And similar to follow-up prompts on open bids, the software also helps ensure you get paid by notifying your office staff when they need to check in with customers about open invoices.

Conclusion: Save Time and Increase Profits with Integrated Plumbing Price Lists

A static pricebook template is better than nothing at all, but a fully integrated pricebook ensures that your entire team has the latest, most accurate pricing for all the products and services that your plumbing business offers, along with all the tools they need to communicate effectively with customers and each other. That means they can quickly prepare estimates that impress customers and help your business stay profitable.

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