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Free HVAC Forms: Estimates, Work Orders, Invoices & More

June 21st, 2023
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Over the last few years, our team of trade industry experts at ServiceTitan has been building a suite of free templates and service forms for HVAC businesses

Below, we’ll share some of the most popular forms, including:

With that said, it’s worth noting that HVAC businesses looking for these sorts of templates need to consider one major drawback of relying on PDF forms for managing all of these essential business processes: None of these forms are integrated to work with one another. 

When you enter information into an estimate form, for example, you need to re-input much of that same information into subsequent business forms throughout the course of the job: work orders, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

This process of repeatedly entering the same information into different Google Docs, Microsoft Word files, PDFs, or HVAC apps has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • Repetitive manual data entry on behalf of your field and office staff (and the errors that come along with that)

  • Wasted time that could be spent on revenue-generating activities: booking jobs with new clients, providing better customer service, marketing, etc.

  • Difficulty organizing documents and keeping them all up to date

  • Difficulty accessing documents remotely by staff throughout the company

These challenges, among others, are why many HVAC companies are choosing to invest in field service management software

Our HVAC contractor software, ServiceTitan, integrates all of these different documents and business functions seamlessly, making them easy to create, update, and access by anyone in the company via any type of device. It provides tools for the entire job lifecycle from winning the work, to executing jobs, to getting paid. 

So, before getting to our free forms below, we’re going to walk through how our software integrates all of these business forms and processes into one system.

Want to see ServiceTitan in action? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our software can help you streamline and grow your HVAC business. 

How ServiceTitan Integrates HVAC Service Forms and Business Workflows Into One Platform

Call Booking: A Guided Workflow to Capture Initial Call Details

When calls come in, ServiceTitan’s intuitive Call Booking workflow guides CSRs through the process of collecting all necessary customer information, and auto-fills this information into an initial work order.

If the caller is already a customer, CSRs can easily access their complete job history, property data, and any associated warranty or membership information. There’s no need to go digging through paper files or searching through CRM software to find the information they need — the information is provided to them in real-time. This improves booking efficiency while enabling CSRs to provide remarkable customer experiences

CSRs are prompted to complete drop-down menus and text boxes that populate the job overview fields, including:

  • Job type 

  • Job priority 

  • Job summary 

  • Additional details, such as security gate codes, notification of pets on premises, etc.

This workflow ensures that CSRs capture all of the key information so that dispatchers and HVAC techs can be as prepared as possible for each job.

For maximum efficiency, ServiceTitan automatically transfers customer data and job information into the subsequent documents needed to complete the job, such as estimates and invoices. 

Scheduling and Dispatching: Get the Right Techs to the Right Jobs

Once the specific job type and priority have been selected, ServiceTitan displays scheduling options directly from the call booking screen. When the customer agrees to an available date and time slot, the CSR can select an available technician within an arrival window time and book the job.

There’s no need to put customers on hold to check white board schedules, or call technicians or dispatchers to ask questions and confirm availabilities. This information is right at CSRs’ fingertips.

Once a job is booked and scheduled, it’s automatically viewable through the dispatch board, where dispatchers can access all of the same information and functionality discussed above. 

ServiceTitan’s HVAC dispatch software allows dispatchers to perform most of their tasks without having to leave the board. This includes being able to easily see which jobs are unassigned, unconfirmed, dispatched, working, paused, and more. 

Combined, our scheduling and dispatching features allow HVAC service companies to plan and execute HVAC jobs with far greater agility and confidence than traditional methods.

In addition to job booking, scheduling, and dispatching, our desktop features also provide office staff with access to tools for service agreement management, marketing, and more.

Technician Mobile App: Equip Techs with the Tools They Need to Succeed In the Field

ServiceTitan’s mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, offers an intuitive user experience that techs love.

Right from their phone or tablet, technicians have access to key job and customer details, complete customer histories (past estimates, invoices, existing equipment, maintenance agreement details, etc.), customizable forms, and more. 

Notably, our app has offline capabilities, so all of these features and workflows are available even when techs are outside of zones with cell service or internet connectivity (a key feature that not all of our competitors offer).

Forms In the Field: Ensure the Proper Forms Are Always Filled Out (and SOPs Are Followed on Every Job)

Many HVAC businesses struggle to ensure that staff follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and best practices in the office and field. And yet, the ability to implement SOPs and best practices — such as following a maintenance checklist when servicing an air conditioning unit — is essential for being successful.

ServiceTitan’s custom form features, which can be created as a native form or uploaded as a smart PDF,  provide HVAC businesses with tools that make SOP implementation much easier in the following ways:

  1. Trigger specific forms for certain jobs. For field technicians (via our mobile app) and office staff alike, ServiceTitan can make a form show up based on the job type. For example, making preventative maintenance checklists that show up on all maintenance jobs, and repair forms show up on all repair jobs. 

  2. Required actions. ServiceTitan can prompt a technician to fill out a form on site — before allowing them to close out a job and move onto the next one. Managers can also determine which questions on those forms are required. 

  3. Require a picture or signature. For instance, requiring pictures of a finished HVAC system installation ensures that everything was installed properly. Or requiring a signature, for example, from a customer on a disclaimer that acknowledges that the repair to their HVAC equipment was not the recommended repair — covering the contractor if the repair fails in under a year.

All forms can be easily customized. And they also provide crucial documentation of work to explain to customers when an issue or breakdown needs to be addressed.

When checklists or forms are filled out, the information they contain can be accessed by office staff via our desktop app in real-time (or referenced at any later date, such as the next appointment for that customer). Forms such as inspection reports can also easily be shared with the customer.

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Estimates and Proposals: Increase Average Ticket Prices with Multi-Option Proposals

Pricing services correctly and delivering accurate estimates is absolutely essential for the profitability of an HVAC business. However, if your pricebook is out of date or a technician makes a pricing mistake, there’s a chance you won’t charge enough for the work — resulting in a loss for the business.

Furthermore, technicians often don’t present the full range of options to customers that could increase average ticket prices.

ServiceTitan solves both of these problems, enabling technicians to create professional-quality proposals — built directly from our integrated pricebook functionality to ensure correct pricing — and then present them to customers via our mobile app

Techs can leverage customizable estimate templates for increased efficiency, or build estimates from scratch by simply selecting items from their pricebook. This allows them to quickly create line-item, flat-rate, or Good Better Best proposals (helping to increase average ticket prices) for customers. 

There is no need to worry about giving customers sloppy handwritten estimates that they can barely read. These attractive digital proposals are incredibly convenient to create and impressive to customers.

Additional estimating features include the ability to:

  • Add photos or videos to an estimate to provide visual evidence of damage that needs to be repaired or images of suggested materials or equipment presented in the estimate.

  • Include a written summary of the findings, work to be done, or other important information about the job.

  • Provide access to financing for big-ticket items right within the proposal, allowing customers to get approved on-the-spot.

  • Present the estimate to the customer on a mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, or other iOS device), with the ability for the client to immediately accept the proposal and authorize the work.

Invoicing and Payments: Automate Invoicing and Get Paid Faster

Once a job is complete, everything that’s needed to create an invoice and receive payment is already up-to-date and ready to deliver to the customer. 

Simply click on the “Generate Invoice” button, and ServiceTitan generates a professional-looking, accurate invoice or sales receipt that you can mail, fax, text, or email to your customer (including a link where they can pay online).

Additional HVAC invoicing features include:

  • Customizable invoice templates that allow you to add your company name and logo and choose the colors and fonts in line with your branding.

  • The ability to attach videos and photos to an invoice, such as before-and-after photos of the work done.

  • An optional field where you can add service suggestions, warranty information, membership promotions, etc. 

  • Automatically storing all invoices in the customer database so it’s easily accessible in the future if you need to access the customer’s service history.

Multiple options for accepting payment give customers flexibility and help ensure that you get paid quickly:

  • HVAC technicians can take a picture of a check and auto-deposit it immediately using the mobile app.

  • Credit card payments can be processed using a Bluetooth Card Reader with a tap/swipe of the card or via a link to a customer portal where customers can pay online.

  • Google Pay™ and Apple Pay® integration provide another flexible payment option.

If a customer applies for and is approved for financing through the estimate, payment is already taken care of.

Get a Personalized Tour of ServiceTitan’s All-in-One Platform

The features we’ve discussed throughout this section are just some of the areas where ServiceTitan empowers HVAC businesses to centralize and streamline form management and operations. 

To see why our software is trusted by 100,000+ service professionals, schedule a call to get a free, live, one-on-one walk-through of how our user-friendly field management platform can help you grow revenue, work smarter, and keep your business operations on track. 

Free PDF Forms for HVAC Businesses

HVAC Work Order Form

Click here to check out the article and download the free template. 

HVAC Proposal Form

Click here to check out the article and download the free template. 

HVAC Estimate Form

Click here to check out the article and download the free template. 

HVAC Service Order Invoice Form

Click here to check out the article and download the free template (suitable for equipment installation or as a service and repair invoice). 

HVAC Maintenance Agreement Form

Click here to check out the article and download the free template. 

HVAC Warranty Form

Click here to check out the article and download the free template. 

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Click here to check out the article and download the free tune-up checklist template. 

Want to see ServiceTitan in action? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our software can help you streamline and grow your HVAC business.

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