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13 Essential Electrician Apps for Technicians in 2021

User IconMike Persinger
Clock IconNovember 1st, 2020
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Electricians must often make lightning-fast technical decisions in the field to keep customers safe at home . Fortunately, a number of electrician service apps take advantage of that tiny computer in your pocket—your mobile phone—to make the process a little easier. 

We’ve compiled a must-have list of the 13 best apps for electricians. Use these electrical apps to improve your company’s efficiency in the field and the office.

Business Electrical Apps

1. ServiceTitan Mobile

(iOS, Android – Free, Subscription Required)

We think this is the best place to start. (Shocking, right?) Trusted by more than 50,000 home service professionals, ServiceTitan provides an all-in-one system for electrical contractors to run their entire business. Offering dispatch, scheduling, call booking, marketing, and reporting features in one unified solution, ServiceTitan makes it easy to manage your team and effectively coordinate between the field and the office.

ServiceTitan’s mobile electrician service app builds on these strengths by streamlining in-field tasks. Before starting a job, your technicians have access to detailed customer profiles and job histories, as well as the most up-to-date information collected from the customer by your CSR. That way, technicians can approach any job with confidence—and make it a successful one at that!

Once the job is underway, the app makes it easy to:

  • Record vital information

  • Build estimates and invoices

  • Capture check or credit card payments via a tablet camera

  • Seamlessly backup data to the cloud (made available to office staff in real time)

These features add up to a more efficient workflow for your technicians and a superior customer experience.

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2. Route4Me Route Planner

(iOS , Android – Free, Subscription Required)

If you’ve ever experienced a day with multiple service calls on opposite ends of town, you know how important—and challenging—efficient route planning can be. Route4Me automates the entire process, making it easy to plan the best routes for your entire team every day.

Just load in each of your service stops, key in the number of team members, and hit the OPTIMIZE button. The app automatically finds the most efficient division of stops among team members and charts out the fastest route for each technician.

The best part? It all happens in just 10 seconds, even for large-fleet optimizations. Last-minute service requests? No problem! Rescheduled appointment? It’s easy with Route4Me.

3. QuickBooks

(iOS , Android – Free, Subscription Required)

When it comes to small business accounting software, QuickBooks is hard to beat. In particular, the QuickBooks mobile app ranks among the best apps for electricians, as it allows techs to invoice customers and capture expenses on-the-go.

The best feature of this accounting software allows users to directly integrate with ServiceTitan software—making it painless to stay on top of your finances. Instead of manually importing your accounting data, this app updates all transactions booked by your techs in the field, allowing for superior financial visibility for your office staff. It’s just a no-brainer.

4. Video Conferencing apps

As companies trend toward remote work and communication, apps such as FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, and other similar video conferencing services are becoming more relevant for electricians and other home service industries.

“We use FaceTime,” says Chris Walton, owner of CW Electrical Services in Pittsburgh. “We’re still trying to navigate the best way to get everyone in one room. With the office staff, it’s pretty easy. We also use GoToMeeting. With the electricians, it’s just meeting in a group chat or calling them individually."

Electrical Apps for Reference

5. Master Electrician Reference

(iOS - $9.99; Android - $9.99)

Many electricians consider the Master Electrician Reference (MER) to be the best electrician service app on the market. Widely used by engineers, mechanics, and electricians, MER is specifically designed for professionals who perform residential, commercial, and industrial work.

This electrician service app offers a wealth of information, presented with comprehensive and clearly designed formulas, tables, charts, and pictures. Its handy search functionality makes it easy to find the facts you need without thumbing through pages of irrelevant information. It even includes a scientific calculator, allowing you to directly apply on-page formulas instead of working out sums manually.

6. Electrical Engineering Dictionary

(iOS - Free; Android - Free)

While MER works great for general reference purposes, the Electrical Engineering Dictionary is one of the best free apps for electricians when it comes to electrical terminology, calculations, and more. 

With more than 3,000 terms divided into 18 distinct categories, this electrician service app covers concepts ranging from units and measurements to standardized protocols to specialized devices and materials.

A unique component of this electrical app is its quiz feature, which tests your familiarity with industry-related technical terms. Essentially, the app gives you a definition or a sentence with a blank in it, then presents four multiple-choice options. For every correct answer, the app gives you a point.

You can also choose between various types of quizzes—such as “Brain Buster” and “Do or Die”—and adjust the total number of questions in each quiz. It’s a great way to brush up on your knowledge in the field.

7. Ugly’s Electrical References

(iOS - $12.99; Android - $12.99)

This electrician service app features at least 12 calculators, video tutorials, and more. It offers HD images and interactive tables, allowing users to zoom in for better detail.

Other popular features include an Ohm’s Law Calculator, NEMA wiring configurations, and conversions for area, length, temperature, time, volume, and weight. You can reference Ugly’s Electrical References eBook through the app as well.

Calculator Electrical Apps

8. ElectroDroid PRO

(iOS - $3.99; Android - Free)

Electricians often need to make many complex calculations on the go. In the past, they consulted multiple different reference manuals, then manually punched formulas into a scientific calculator. This time-consuming and cumbersome process greatly increased the risk of human error.

Today, electricians operate much more efficiently by using electrician apps for Android or iOS, such as ElectroDroid PRO. As the most established and comprehensive electrical calculator app on the market, ElectroDroid ranks among the best apps for electricians because it includes a powerful suite of tools and calculators for all types of electronic applications.

The main features include:

  • Resistor ratios

  • Voltage dividers

  • Decibel converter

  • Frequency converter

  • Capacitor charge calculator

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9. DeWalt Mobile Pro™

(iOS - Free; Android - Free)

ElectroDroid might be the king of electrical calculator apps, but most electricians also need a general construction calculator for computing square footage, measurement conversions, and foot-inch math.

DeWalt Mobile Pro™ fills that gap nicely. It offers a free version with all of its basic functionality, plus in-app purchases for package deals ranging from 99 cents for a “Finish Materials Pack” to $24.99 for the “Master Pack.” It gets high marks for comprehensiveness, and for giving electricians the option to choose exactly which calculations you want to pay for.

In addition to the pure calculator function, the electrician service app also includes integrated reference materials to explain key terms, as well as visual examples of the specific measurements you need to take. This helps reduce the risk of making mistakes, as you fill in the various fields.

10. eTools Lite

(iOS - Free)

App Store reviewers tout eTools Lite for its easy-to-use format and vast array of available references, including chip resistor code, capacitor value, voltage divider, frequency converter, and other features.

In addition, eTools Lite is a good one-stop shop for electricians who are looking for an electrician service app that assists with calculations as well as other reference materials. The app’s user-friendly format and versatility make it a solid choice among free apps for electricians. 

Utility Apps

11. EveryCircuit

(iOS - Free; Android - Free)

EveryCircuit’s tagline says it all: “Circuits are better animated.” Not only does this electrician service app make it effortless to prototype, test and debug circuits, it also allows you to visualize how each component of the circuit works—dynamically illustrated with interactive graphs.

For example, if you switch to the AC mode, the app displays the sinusoidal voltage and current phase over time, giving you an instinctive “sense” for when someone turns on a given lightbulb, relative to the activation of other components in the circuit.

At any time, you can also adjust various circuit parameters while the simulation runs and see the effect on the circuit in real time. This, combined with the responsive touchscreen interface, almost makes it feel like you’re building a circuit by hand.

12. Decibel X

(iOS - Free; Android - Free)

Decibel X, one of the free apps for electricians, turns your mobile device into a professional-grade sound pressure level (SPL) meter. It offers a standard measurement range of 30 to 130 dBA, and records the SPL in a real-time, scale level chart, which you can easily save and export in CSV or PNG format or upload via iCloud Sync on an iOS device.

13. Electromagnetic Detector EMF / Ultimate EMF Detector

(iOS, Android - Free)

These free apps for electricians are designed to detect EMF radiation in the field. While not at the same level of accuracy and versatility as a professional EMF meter, these electrical apps can be a convenient tool for quick surveys. They’re quite reliable at detecting EMF spikes as you walk around a house.

It’s important to understand the two apps work in different ways. The iOS app uses your smartphone’s radio frequency communication capabilities to determine when your phone is picking up other radio frequencies separate from its own, and then displays the appropriate reading.

By contrast, the Android app uses the same magnetic sensor on your phone to align its digital compass to display readings of magnetic fields around it.

Note: Older Android models without a magnetic sensor do not show any readings.

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