Introducing Rule-Based Financing: A Smarter Way to Offer Customer Financing and Supercharge Your Average Ticket

adminSeptember 19th, 2019

Simplify financing with custom rules and ensure technicians offer homeowners only the most desirable rates and terms

As a savvy business owner, you already know customers move forward on bigger sales if they can quickly and simply finance their projects. In our commitment to streamline your processes and maximize your revenue, ServiceTitan has engineered a new feature, Rule-Based Financing, to make our integration with GreenSky® even better.

What is Rule-Based Financing?

Rule-Based Financing allows your back office to create different financing rules based on business unit and set spending thresholds for each financing plan available in your GreenSky® account. Leveraging this feature gives your back office the power to control which plans technicians show homeowners based on the total cost of each estimate. Rule-based financing simplifies the financing process for your field technicians and helps ensure only the most desirable and appropriate financing plans are applied to estimates.

Increase revenue by selling more higher ticket estimates

Presenting undesirable financing rates and terms can cost your business a substantial loss in revenue and increases the chances your homeowner will choose the lowest ticket option–or even worse, walk away from the sale and seek a quote from another provider. So how can you present the best financing options and encourage a homeowner to purchase the most premium estimate?

ServiceTitan’s integrated financing already allows you to apply one GreenSky® financing plan to all estimates presented which automatically calculates monthly “as low as” payments for each. With Rule-Based Financing, your technicians can now apply a different financing plan to each estimate. With increased flexibility, monthly payments can be presented with very little comparative increases–and, more enticingly, the highest ticket estimate can have an APR applied which can make it the lowest monthly payment.

With more control to present favorable rates, terms, and monthly payments, you provide a better sales tool for your technicians. Use Rule-Based Financing to offer better financing terms on the more expensive packages and show them an offer they can’t refuse.

“Contractors who offer integrated customer financing have grown revenue by 21%”

Protect revenue by setting spend thresholds

When you use Rule-Based Financing you set custom rules around financing plans and create a safeguard to protect business revenue. Setting spend thresholds for each financing plan prevents your technicians from inputting ticket amounts below the minimum spend value–ensuring they are only offering the most appropriate financing plans for each job type and ticket amount. Doing so minimizes the use of poor financing options that can contribute to revenue loss.

Simplify financing for your techs

We know it’s not easy to train technicians on financing–in fact the “f” word can be scary for most of them, so much that 80% of technicians steer clear of offering financing altogether. Instead of hosting repetitive training sessions which are designed to help technicians memorize rules and scenarios, use Rule-Based Financing as a tool to guide them towards making better financing decisions as they actively build and present their estimates in the field.

Setting rules takes the guesswork out of financing and helps ensure all of your techs consistently choose favorable financing options, maximizing your revenue.

By offering Greensky® financing to customers, technicians at Roto-Rooter Stepowoy are selling more high-value installs, increasing their average ticket by 33% since implementing the feature.

Rule-Based Financing helps you:

  • Close more sales at a higher ticket value
  • Provide a better sales tool for your techs
  • Present multiple estimates with more enticing “as low as” monthly payments
  • Make “Best” the most desirable option in a “Good, Better, Best” estimate presentation
  • Set spend thresholds on a plan-by-plan basis
  • Precisely control financing terms offered in the field
  • Simplify financing and reduce training for your techs

Interested in learning more? Watch our webinar, Supercharge Your Revenue with Rule-Based Financing. We share an in-depth look at why leveraging ServiceTitan's Rule-Based Financing is a must and how it integrates into our current financing toolkit.


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