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How Outsourcing the Permit Process Leads to Greater Efficiency

May 21, 2024

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Anecdotal evidence shows that far too many contractors skip the permitting process when preparing to do jobs, for a variety of reasons.

That can be a dangerous and costly choice, according to iPermit president Ian Jacoby.

Accidents can lead to liability issues. And getting caught not pulling permits can result in fines that double costs.

Head of a third-generation business that he bought from his father, Jacoby’s company outsources the permit process for contractors. iPermit can expedite permitting, aid in final inspections and do Home Energy Rating System (HERS) program testing.

California-based but with a mission to spread across the country, iPermit (which has partnered with ServiceTitan) has a lot of satisfied customers. 

“One of the big things we’ve got is over a thousand five-star reviews,” Jacoby says. “To get that amount of reviews, obviously, we provide good customer service.”

A recent survey commissioned by ServiceTitan showed that contractors who said their business was growing in spite of economic challenges were by and large outsourcing processes that can slow down business operations.

Including permitting. 

“Outsourcing the permit process is an amazing idea,” Jacoby says. “We say, ‘Let us save you time, money and hassle.’"

He notes that in the 45 years the company has been in business it’s pulled more than a million permits.

On a general business practice note, Jacoby notes that iPermit was recently acquired by ARCXIS and that it was an easy process because of advice he’d received from a mentor. 

The advice: “You should build your company to sell it, even if you're not planning to sell it.”

Apparently outsourced advice is just as helpful as outsourced permitting.

Ian Jacoby recently joined ServiceTitan’s Jackie Aubel on the “Toolbox for the Trades” podcast, which included Jacoby’s thoughts on:

  • [2:04: Purchasing a family business

  • [11:04]: The consequences of skipping the permit process

  • [13:40]: Advice for contractors who aren’t pulling permits

  • [18:33]: The advantages of outsourcing

  • [25:45) Working with mentors for valuable advice

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