Driving a Company Culture

Finding quality employees, then keeping them for the long haul can increase the stability and productivity of any company. With the labor shortages in the trades, that’s even more important. To nurture your workforce, build a company culture that empowers and rewards everyone.


Why Culture?

Culture can be one of the major factors that attracts employees to your company. Employees are happier at work when they like what they do, like their coworkers, and like who they work for. When the culture is right, employee retention improves. 

When the company culture is warm and inviting, employees will feel safe and free to perform at the best of their abilities. 

Developing and nurturing a culture that helps employees feel valued and gives them a sense of belonging, in the long run, saves companies the time and money it takes to recruit and train a new employee. 

“When you get the company culture right, great customer service and a great brand will happen on its own,” says Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. “Culture is the most important their managers (should) look for when hiring.” 

But before a business owner can hire employees who fit the company culture, they must think about what that culture represents—and whether they need to make changes. 

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