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Service experience

The usual service experience can change in times such as these. Our data shows that the number of demand calls generally doesn’t decrease. The average ticket could potentially decrease and the average tasks per call that get approved could decrease as well. Finally, lead turnovers for new AC or plumbing systems can drop as well. This usually happens during any recession. Chapter 5 offers the tools to combat this.


Offer financing for service and repair work, too

Most contractors offer financing only on new equipment installations. At our Pantheon conference last year, Darius Lyvers, COO of FH Furr, a plumbing and air conditioning company with hundreds of technicians on the road in Washington DC, talked about how a large part of his massive growth came from training his technicians to offer financing even on service and repair work. Two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 in a savings account, meaning many homeowners may not be able to afford basic repairs at this time. ServiceTitan allows for easy, integrated financing right in the mobile app so that homeowners can get approved for repairs as low as a few hundred dollars. In turn, this can increase your close rates and average tickets, even on service work.

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