Use scheduled custom reports

You can also track the metrics mentioned above by utilizing scheduled custom reports. You can create automated reports that send you your schedule for the date, daily booking rates for your office staff, or technician performance. This keeps things top of mind for the business owner and makes sure that things are getting done even when you can’t meet with your employees in person. Here’s a guide to setting up custom reports and another guide to scheduling them.

Upcoming Jobs report: If you haven’t done so already, the first report you should schedule is the Upcoming Jobs report. Given the increased load all telecommunications providers are seeing on their infrastructure, in case there is a global internet outage, you want to make sure you have access to your scheduled jobs so you can run them without disruption. To schedule this report, navigate to Reports > All Reports > Upcoming Jobs Report.

Here are a few other reports to consider running: 

  • Call Center Performance Summary

  • Revenue by Job Type or Revenue by Account

  • Technician Performance Board

  • Sales by Business Unit or Sales by Technician

For reporting guidance specific to COVID-19, check out our COVID-19 Impact Custom Reports documentation.

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