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Septic Maintenance Agreement Template: Free PDF Download


In this post, we share a free septic maintenance agreement template that you can use to document recurring service contracts with your septic customers. We'll explain what it includes and provide a link to download it below. 

In addition, we’ll walk through some of the ways that ServiceTitan’s septic business software can help streamline maintenance agreements and surrounding workflows, including: 

Do you want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s septic software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and maximize your profits? Schedule a call for a free product tour.

How to Download and Use Our Free Septic System Maintenance Contract

Click here to download our free preventative maintenance agreement template. 

This template can be used to collect and document the information you’ll need to set up a maintenance plan and ensure proper operation of a customer’s septic system (to be used after an initial inspection, or at any time during a customer engagement).

The template includes sections for:

  • Service Agreement Details: Defining the date of the signed agreement, maintenance provider, and customer that will receive services.

  • Maintenance Services: Defining the service location in which the periodic system monitoring and maintenance of the treatment unit will take place.

  • Maintenance Frequency: Defining how often maintenance service will be provided.

  • Payment Details: Defining the fee for each maintenance visit, what’s not covered, and payment due upon completion of services.

  • Term: Defining the start date and service period.

  • Termination: Defining terms for how the agreement may be terminated.

  • Liability: Defining when the service provider is or is not liable for damages or malfunctions to the septic sewage system.

  • Miscellaneous: Additional disclaimers pertaining to the agreement.

  • Acceptance and Signatures: A statement of acknowledgment that both parties have read and understand the agreement, and lines to sign the contract. 

To use the template, you can:

  1. Print copies for your technicians to use in the field, or

  2. Have office staff create unique digital copies of the template for each client, fill out the PDFs digitally, and save these as records in your system

This template will provide you with a document to consistently capture all of the necessary details of septic maintenance agreements. However, this method alone does not provide your staff with an efficient way to track and manage these maintenance agreements. Nor can the information in the agreements be automatically reflected in the other tools you’re using to run your septic business: CRM software, work order apps, scheduling and dispatching apps, invoicing apps, etc. 

Managing maintenance agreements through templates alone involves significant workflow inefficiencies. So, let’s look at how septic software like ServiceTitan can help solve these issues and streamline your processes and surrounding workflows. 

The Key Ways That ServiceTitan Helps Septic Companies Run and Grow Their Businesses

1. Set Up Recurring Services to Streamline Maintenance Agreements

With ServiceTitan’s service agreements, septic companies have a central location to set up maintenance agreements and document recurring service details for their clients. 

In a single place, companies can select and record all of the crucial details of a septic service contract, including:

  • Membership type 

  • Duration of the agreement

  • Membership locations (single or multiple)

  • Billing frequency and pricing 

  • Recurring service types and frequency

  • Revenue recognition (point of sale or deferred)

The benefits are many:

  • These details are easy to access and edit.

  • They can be viewed by office staff (via our desktop app) and technicians in the field (via our mobile app).

  • They’re centralized in one place (no need to go digging through paper files or scanning through spreadsheets) — a quick search of a customer file will pull up all of the details you need.

  • Crucially, they’re integrated with the other tools within ServiceTitan that you use to schedule appointments, execute jobs, manage billing and accounting, etc.

Now, let’s look at how our memberships feature connects to the other workflows involved in membership management, beginning with scheduling.

Efficiently Schedule Recurring Maintenance Service Visits

Once recurring service events are established during the membership setup process, they are automatically added to your schedule based on the dates and frequency that were defined. This saves office staff significant time from having to manually track and add these jobs to the schedule, while reducing the chances of missing maintenance visits.

Office staff can view upcoming recurring service events for the date range of their choosing, and initiate individual service calls by contacting the customer to coordinate a time and book the job. At that point, the job will be assigned to a technician and automatically viewable on their schedule and through the dispatch board.

You can also create follow-up notifications for cases where you’re unable to contact a property owner, they aren’t ready to book a job, or they no longer want the service. These offer septic businesses peace of mind and help to ensure that office staff follows up in these instances. 

Automate Billing and Get Paid Faster

In addition, ServiceTitan offers many features that help you get paid faster with less effort on behalf of your team.

First, once you’ve defined the billing settings in the service agreement set-up, ServiceTitan will automatically deliver invoices to customers at the appropriate times (based on the preferences you set — which include duration, frequency, pricing, a corresponding invoice template, and other flexible details such as discounts or additional services, etc.).

This is obviously a huge timesaver, relieving your staff of the need to track every maintenance agreement client, set reminders, create new invoices for each billing period, and ensure they get sent at the appropriate times. All of this is simply done for you. 

Customers also have access to a self-serve customer portal. This allows them to login and view their maintenance agreement details any time, as well as view detailed job histories, schedule appointments, view invoices, and pay their bills — without the need to call in, make requests, speak to your team, etc. — all of which further reduce the demands on your staff, and free them  to focus on other important tasks.

2. Cut Down On Drive Time and Fuel Costs with Smart Dispatching

With pump trucks hauling a lot of weight and operating in spread-out, rural areas, sending technicians to jobs on an optimal route can save money on fuel costs. 

ServiceTitan dispatching can help with this, as well as help you navigate daily changes due to weather or other circumstances. 

The dispatch board is straightforward and easy to navigate. Tab options include:

  • Alerts

  • Unassigned jobs

  • Scheduled jobs

  • Unconfirmed jobs

  • Dispatched jobs

  • Jobs that are Working, Paused, Done, Canceled, or On Hold

Dispatchers can clearly see which septic jobs are assigned to a service technician and which aren’t. They can quickly assign jobs to techs or make schedule adjustments on the fly with our simple drag-and-drop functionality.  

There is no need to move job details into a new appointment one-by-one for rescheduled jobs. Office staff can simply drag and drop the entire job, with or without the previously assigned technician, into a new timeframe in a single move. The duration of a job can also be extended or reduced when a job takes more or less time than originally expected.

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As technicians go about their day, dispatchers are kept up-to-date through the activity feed (also visible right within the dispatch board screen). This feed provides updates on when techs are en route to a job, when they arrive, and when they’ve completed jobs and are moving to the next one. It also provides real-time GPS tracking to see where techs are as they drive between appointments. 

In addition, dispatchers can message techs within the dispatch board, providing streamlined communication with techs in the field. They can also send out group messages to the entire service team, when needed.

Finally, included with our dispatching feature set is the ability to send out automatic customer notifications for a range of job-status updates. These include:

  • Appointment reminders and job confirmation requests.

  • Changes to appointment times.

  • Notifications that their tech is due to arrive soon.

  • And more…

Whenever a customer confirms their appointment, or a job is canceled, or anything else changes in a job, the customer can be notified. Dispatchers also receive an alert in their activity feed. This feed is visible at the bottom of their dispatch board and helps dispatchers get an overview of where the day’s jobs stand and which appointments need to be rescheduled, extended, or otherwise altered.

3. Empower Technicians with a User-Friendly Mobile App

ServiceTitan’s mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, offers an intuitive user experience that techs love, beginning with the home screen dashboard where techs can quickly and easily see the jobs they have scheduled for that day:

Each job card can be tapped to pull up a dedicated page with further details about that job, as shown here:

Techs can also access the essential tools they need throughout the lifecycle of a job. Via the left sidebar, they can view and utilize:

  • Customer History: Techs can see previous estimates, recurring services, existing equipment, previous invoices, photos, and videos from previous jobs, and more.

  • Job Forms: Techs can access job form templates that require customer signatures such as warranty agreements, as well as forms that foster accountability and better customer service (such as installation and inspection checklists, or pre-appointment customer experience checklists).

  • Estimates: With seamless pricebook integration, techs can build accurate estimates and multi-option proposals on the fly, right from their mobile device. Or they can select and customize pre-built estimate and proposal templates built by the back-office team. 

  • Invoices: Techs can easily generate invoices and send them to customers in a variety of ways, including PDF format.

  • Closeout: Once they complete a job, techs can accept payments on the spot from customers via check or credit card.

4. Close More Big Ticket Sales with Mobile Estimates and Real-Time Consumer Financing

When field technicians discover issues with septic equipment while on maintenance jobs, they can create an estimate on the spot for resolving the issue. 

Our mobile estimates feature allows technicians to select equipment and materials from ServiceTitan’s integrated pricebook, and easily build an estimate on the spot. That estimate can be presented via the tablet, or it can be emailed for review and approval.

Furthermore, in a matter of minutes — to help close more big-ticket jobs such as drain field pipes or septic tank replacements — techs can offer financing options to homeowners, and they can get approved for funding on the spot by one of our financing partners

Get a ServiceTitan Demo to See How We Can Help You Optimize and Grow Your Septic Business

Using a best-in-class septic software like ServiceTitan empowers contractors with the tools they need to improve efficiency and grow their revenue.

In addition to the features we’ve discussed throughout this post, our software offers additional features to facilitate other core business functions as well, including:

If you’re interested in streamlining your septic business operations to improve efficiency and maximize your profits, schedule a call for a free product tour. We’ll walk you through the features we’ve discussed throughout this post so you can see how they work for yourself.