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Roofing Estimate Template: Free PDF Download


In this post, we share a free roofing estimate template. We’ll provide a link below to download the template and use it for your roofing business. 

Then, before we wrap up, we’ll share how ServiceTitan’s roofing contractor software can solve challenges and transform the workflows that surround roofing estimating. 

For example, with ServiceTitan, you can:

  • Ensure CSRs provide great customer experiences over the phone while also capturing necessary customer information and job details.

  • Navigate daily schedule and dispatch changes due to changing weather conditions. 

  • Equip sales reps and techs with detailed customer histories and sales tools via our technician mobile app.

  • Grow and manage membership programs or preventative maintenance agreements to boost repeat business.

  • Streamline customer invoicing and get paid faster.

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How to Download and Use Our Roofing Contractor Estimate Template

Click here to download our free job estimate template which can be used for residential or commercial roofing work — from roof repairs to new roof installations.

Once you’ve saved the PDF to your computer, you’ll be able to customize it and print it out or save it as a new PDF file for each client.

The first page of our fillable roofing quote template features a professionally designed layout with the necessary fields for you, your techs, or your office staff to fill in:

  • Contact information: Roofing company name, address, phone number, email.

  • Job site information: Customer’s information, including name, address, phone number.

  • Job estimate description: Line items and quantities for the roofing service (roofing material costs, type of roof, square feet of the roofing project, labor costs, warranty information, total roofing cost estimate, estimate number, etc.).

The second page of the roofing estimate form provides fields to document payment terms and credit card payment information:

This printable cost estimate template can be a step up from more generic handwritten quotes. But, drafting an estimate — whether in a Google Doc, Excel sheet, or PDF like we’ve shared here — is just one of many activities involved in winning, executing, and getting paid for a roofing project.

So, in the rest of this post, we’ll discuss how ServiceTitan’s platform can empower roofing contractors and their teams with the tools they need to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and increase profitability in their business.

Note: You may also be interested in our other roofing templates, such as our free roofing invoice template.

The Key Ways That ServiceTitan Helps Roofing Contractors Run (and Grow) Their Businesses

1. Streamline Call Booking and Scheduling for CSRs While Providing Remarkable Customer Experiences

ServiceTitan’s Call Booking workflow begins by showing CSRs the name, phone number, and address of the person calling in — allowing back-office teams to greet customers by name and provide impressive, personalized experiences. 

If the caller is an existing customer, CSRs can view and access their complete service history (past estimates, work orders, invoices, membership information) from the very same screen, providing valuable efficiency gains and enabling CSRs to provide the utmost customer satisfaction while on the phone.

To book a job, CSRs are guided through a series of drop-down menus and text boxes that populate fields including:

  • Job type 

  • Job priority 

  • Job summary 

  • Marketing campaign information

  • Additional details, such as security gate codes, notification of pets on premises, etc.

This workflow ensures they capture all of the necessary information to kickstart a job and fully inform salesmen, project managers, and technicians before they visit a customer’s home or business. 

2. Easily Navigate Dispatching Changes Due to Changing Schedules or Weather Conditions

Roofing is often weather dependent, which means there are lots of daily changes involved in dispatching for roofing businesses. ServiceTitan’s dispatching features help navigate these changes smoothly, avoiding miscommunications and unnecessary delays.

The dispatch board is straightforward and easy to navigate. Tab options include:

  • Alerts

  • Unassigned jobs

  • Scheduled jobs

  • Unconfirmed jobs

  • Dispatched jobs

  • And jobs that are Working, Paused, Done, Canceled, or On Hold.

Dispatchers can clearly see which roofing jobs are assigned to a service technician and which aren’t. They can quickly assign jobs to techs or make schedule adjustments on the fly with our simple drag-and-drop functionality.  

There is no need to move job details into a new appointment one-by-one for rescheduled jobs. Office staff can simply drag and drop the entire job, with or without the previously assigned technician, into a new timeframe in a single move. The duration of a job can also be extended or reduced when a job takes more or less time than originally expected.

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As technicians go about their day, dispatchers are kept up-to-date through the activity feed (also visible right within the dispatch board screen). This feed provides updates on when techs are en route to a job, when they arrive, and when they’ve completed jobs and are moving to the next one. It also provides real-time GPS tracking to see where techs are as they drive between appointments. 

In addition, dispatchers can message techs within the dispatch board, providing streamlined communication with techs in the field. They can also send out group messages to the entire service team, when needed.

Finally, included with our dispatching feature set is the ability to send out automatic customer notifications for a range of job-status updates. These include:

  • Appointment reminders and job confirmation requests.

  • Changes to appointment times.

  • Notifications that their tech is due to arrive soon.

  • And more…

Whenever a customer confirms their appointment, or a job is canceled, or anything else changes in a job, the customer can be notified. Dispatchers also receive an alert in their activity feed. This feed is visible at the bottom of their dispatch board and helps dispatchers get an overview of where the day’s jobs stand and which appointments need to be rescheduled, extended, or otherwise altered.

3. Empower Technicians with a User-Friendly Mobile App

ServiceTitan’s mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, offers an intuitive user experience that techs love, beginning with the home screen dashboard where techs can quickly and easily see the jobs they have scheduled for that day:

Each job card can be tapped to pull up a dedicated page with further details about that job, as shown here:

Techs can also access the essential tools they need throughout the lifecycle of a job. Via the left sidebar, they can view and utilize:

  • Customer History: Techs can see previous estimates, recurring services, existing equipment, previous invoices, photos, and videos from previous jobs, and more.

  • Job Forms: Techs can access job form templates that require customer signatures such as warranty agreements, as well as forms that foster accountability and better customer service (such as service and installation checklists, or pre-appointment customer experience checklists).

  • Estimates: With seamless pricebook integration, techs can build attractive estimates and multi-option proposals on the fly, right from their mobile device. Or they can select and customize pre-built estimate and proposal templates built by the back-office team. (We’ll discuss this more below.) 

  • Invoices: Techs can easily generate invoices and send them to customers in a variety of ways, including PDF format.

  • Closeout: Once they complete a job, techs can accept payments on the spot from customers via check or credit card.

4. Store, Track, and Automate Follow-Ups on Open Estimates

Once an estimate is created and added into ServiceTitan, it is automatically stored in our cloud-based software, accessible both from the office and the field. From there, our follow-up features allow you to more easily track and consistently follow up on unsold estimates to take advantage of every sales opportunity.

When an estimate is created on a job but isn’t sold, an opportunity is automatically created and alerts can be set up to remind staff to follow up with customers. 

Opportunities can be in the following statuses:

  • Open: Opportunities that haven't been won or dismissed. Click on open opportunities to see the next scheduled follow-up date. Open opportunities can be:

    • Not Attempted: No contact has been made since the opportunity was originally created or presented to the customer. This is the default state once an opportunity is created.

    • Unreachable: The last time someone tried to follow up on this opportunity, the customer could not be reached.

    • Contacted: The customer was contacted on the last follow-up date, but no estimate has been sold to them yet.

  • Won: An estimate was sold to the customer with a subtotal equal to or greater than the sold threshold.

  • Dismissed: The customer decided not to move forward with the roofing contract and the opportunity was dismissed. Also, an opportunity with a sold estimate subtotal under the sold threshold is considered dismissed.

These features offer large- and small-business owners peace of mind that every open opportunity is followed up, while eliminating the need to track open estimates in spreadsheets (which is a time-consuming and error-prone headache). 

For the vast majority of our users, the result is more closed deals and increased revenue.

5. Create & Send Invoices, Collect Payments, and Offer Financing

As jobs are completed, ServiceTitan automatically populates invoices to reflect any services, materials, and/or equipment that were sold throughout the course of a job. 

PDF invoices can be easily generated and emailed with detailed descriptions of the work completed and outstanding customer balance, as well as the option to submit a credit card payment

Especially for commercial jobs, for which the payor is often not present, many of our users like to attach before-and-after images to invoices. This feature can help contractors limit push-back from customers and get paid in a timely fashion to maintain cash flow.     

We also make it easier for business owners, managers, and field service techs to overcome cost-related objections that might otherwise reduce revenue. In a matter of minutes — with just a few clicks — homeowners can get approved for funding by one of our financing partners

And with one of our seamless accounting software integrations, ServiceTitan users can confidently track money as it comes in the door.

6. Drive Repeat Business by Growing a Membership Program

Preventative maintenance programs have long been used in the trades to lock in repeat business, bolster cash flow during shoulder seasons, and grow a loyal customer base. And increasingly, roofing contractors are seeing membership programs as a significant opportunity.

As Robert Maier of Laing Roofing put it, “The goal for us is to own the life cycle of that roof, because roofs don't last forever… And if it's 10 years down the road that the client needs to replace their roof, then it only makes sense that the company that’s taken care of them for the last 10 years is going to be first in line to do that big-ticket item.” 

Laing Roofing has gotten many property managers to join its membership program, which features at least one yearly maintenance call and 24-hour priority visits in case of a leak. “Now they're not calling multiple roofers to try to get someone out. They're just calling us.”

ServiceTitan memberships — which has had years of development and use by our customers in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical — was one of the key features that drew them to ServiceTitan. 

ServiceTitan's membership feature gives roofing businesses the ability to effectively and efficiently document, manage, and track recurring services associated with maintenance agreements.

Membership tracking is seamlessly integrated with the software tools that our users rely on to do things like schedule jobs, build proposals, send invoices, and collect payment.

Once recurring service events are set up, they are automatically added to your schedule based on the defined dates and frequency. This saves office staff significant time from having to manually track and add these jobs to the schedule, while reducing the chances of missing maintenance visits.

Office staff can view upcoming recurring service events by date range, and initiate individual jobs by contacting the customer to coordinate a time and book the job. At that point, the job will be assigned to a technician, and be automatically viewable on their schedule and through the dispatch board.

You can also create follow-up notifications for cases where you’re unable to contact a customer, they aren’t ready to book a job, or they no longer want the service. These offer roofing contractors peace of mind and help to ensure that office staff doesn’t forget to follow up in these instances. 

Get a ServiceTitan Demo to See How We Can Help You Optimize and Grow Your Roofing Business 

Using a best-in-class roofing software like ServiceTitan empowers contractors with the tools they need to improve efficiency and grow their revenue.

In addition to the features we’ve discussed throughout this post, our software offers additional features to facilitate other core business functions as well, including:

Want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s roofing software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.