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Free Plumbing Proposal Template: Create Attractive Proposals with Ease


Today’s most successful plumbing contractors have a well-defined system for calculating and creating job proposals. They ensure every bid is accurate, every detail is documented, and every lead is followed up on — so they get more jobs — resulting in a greater profit.

Having a professionally designed plumbing proposal template is a good start. Below, we’ve developed a free proposal PDF for you to download.

Techs can use this bid proposal form when they’re out on jobs to ensure they consistently collect the necessary information, and present professional looking proposals to customers.

But a bid proposal template is really only the first step toward a better process. Although a template does offer a consistent format and structure, it doesn’t resolve the process-related challenges involved with estimating and proposal creation.

For example:

  • Handwriting on a paper template (or filling out a PDF) is a time consuming process that keeps techs from moving on to the next job.

  • Manually calculating bids based on your pricebook (whether in the office or field) often leads to costly errors that cut into profits.

  • More work is required to turn proposals into work orders and eventually invoices.

  • Proposals can’t seamlessly be shared between field and office staff which can lead to miscommunication and lack of follow up on open bids.

All these inefficiencies add up over time to have significant adverse affects on your bottom line. 

That’s why more and more plumbing companies are choosing plumbing business software like ServiceTitan to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their estimating process.

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In this post, we’ll cover:

  • How to download and use our free plumbing proposal template.

  • How ServiceTitan optimizes the plumbing bidding process for both field and office staff.

  • An in-depth walkthrough of the steps to build and present proposals in ServiceTitan.

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How to Download and Use Our Plumbing Proposal Template

The first page of our printable template features a professionally designed layout with the necessary fields for you, your techs, or your office staff to fill in:

  • Your contact information (including your company name, address, and phone number).

  • Job site information including the name, address, and phone number of your client.

  • An installation proposal detailing the scope of work.

The second page provides fields to create a Good Better Best proposal and offer a variety of service options to customers:

And the third page provides fields for terms and conditions and credit card payment information:

To use our sample proposal template, download the file and save it to your computer. Then you can open it, add your logo and other information, and save the file as a new, customized template. 

Every time you need to create a new plumbing business proposal, open the template file, save it as a new file, enter the information, and print it for mail delivery or attach the PDF in an email. 

Alternatively, you can print out paper copies for your techs to keep in the truck and fill out by hand. In either case, be sure to save your own copy of each proposal!

Keep in mind that this process is far more cumbersome than using a software solution like ServiceTitan. ServiceTitan instantly saves all the information and syncs it across everyone’s laptop or mobile device throughout your plumbing business

While using Google Docs, Microsoft Word templates, or Excel can work for a time, simply adding more files to your workflow won’t help solve the process problems that result in inefficiencies like the ones we detailed above. 

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How ServiceTitan Optimizes the Plumbing Bidding and Proposal Process

ServiceTitan’s proposal software makes it easy for your team to prepare proposals, and it also helps customers feel empowered to make the best choice. 

Note: ServiceTitan is equipped for creating residential, commercial, and construction bids. Whichever services you offer, whether it’s service and repair or construction projects, our software is designed to support you. The following process works equally well to create construction proposal templates or residential contractor proposal templates. 

Here’s an overview of setting up proposals, step by step.

Step 1. Develop Your Pricebook

If you aren’t using comprehensive software, odds are you’re using a static pricebook that your staff accesses via an actual paper book or a computer file. When a manufacturer changes pricing, or when you decide to offer a new product, you have to manually go in and make those changes on every paper or computer file that your team might access when they’re putting together a bid. 

A dynamic pricebook, on the other hand, can be updated by one person and the changes are immediately visible on everyone’s phone, tablet, and laptop throughout the company.

A dynamic pricebook saves your business time, effort, and expense by eliminating the confusion that arises when someone puts outdated pricing or an obsolete product into a proposal. 

Imagine, for instance, that a tech explains the benefits of a high-quality water heater to a client, looks up the pricing in a paper book, and adds that price to the bid — only to find out later that the manufacturer has discontinued that model. Not only are you responsible for explaining the mix-up to a disappointed customer, but you’ll also need to cut into your profits to make it right.

You can avoid this with ServiceTitan’s pricebook integration. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers allow you to always have the latest updates at your fingertips. 

The pricebook interface allows you to easily control and customize your offerings, and new or updated products and pricing are highlighted so you can add products to your pricebook with the click of a button.

Step 2: Create Plumbing Bid Templates

Creating bid templates saves time and effort because you or a staff member can set up a template once and your techs and sales reps will be able to quickly pull it up and customize it on the fly.

To save staff time and help your clients understand their options, you can enter product and service descriptions, including photos. 

When information is updated by the manufacturer — for instance, when a faucet manufacturer changes a part number or price on a particular fixture — the new information is instantly incorporated into bids that your team presents to customers. 

This saves time and helps ensure accuracy, because your team will no longer need to check for updates every time they create a bid.

After you’ve compiled information into an estimate template, you can save it in the system. Then all that you and your team need to do is call it up, select the pertinent options, finalize the estimate, and present it to the customer.

All the proposal details are automatically saved and connected to the customer’s file in ServiceTitan. 

The proposal is always accessible, and there’s no need for paper folders that can accidentally get misplaced or thrown out. 

Step 3: Create ‘Good Better Best’ Options

Offering a range of choices, from the least expensive option to the most expensive, is often called the “good better best” approach. 

It’s a proven sales strategy that generates more sales and higher average tickets. 

Presenting these options provides an opportunity for your salespeople or plumbers to educate the client on different products and services. 

After all, there’s a reason why complex plumbing services cost more than a temporary fix, and a homeowner or property owner who understands the options is empowered to choose what’s right for them. 

After you’ve set up the templates for “good better best” options for products and services, your office staff can easily build proposals from a desktop: 

And with our mobile app, your techs can build proposals just as easily when they’re out in the field:

In either case, your techs or office staff will only need about five minutes to populate the bid.

Presenting Plumbing Proposals to Prospective Clients

When the proposal is ready, your techs can present it to your client in several ways: 

  • Email

  • Printed document

  • In person with the mobile app 

The software is linked to your live pricebook, so the most current prices are automatically calculated and added to the proposal form. This takes a lot of pressure off your team by ensuring that prices are accurate and that totals are calculated correctly. 

As we’ve discussed, that’s crucial for your bottom line. It’s also important for making sure your customers get the products and services that they expect at the price they agreed to pay. 

As customers consider their options, they can view the photos and explanations you’ve entered into the proposal. They can review information about parts, terms, and financing options, and they’ll also be able to e-sign to authorize the work and schedule their job. 

Streamlining Plumbing Proposals Leads to Faster Growth

If you’re ready to close more deals, streamline workflows, and generate higher tickets, keep in mind that a simple template file only goes so far. 

Whether you’re enterprise-level or a small business looking to grow, ServiceTitan’s software integrates all aspects of your business in real time, including bidding, scheduling, dispatching, ordering, and billing. 

This approach boosts productivity and helps your staff communicate more effectively — with clients and with each other — ultimately driving more sales and higher profits.

Ready to increase profits with better bids? Schedule a call with us for a one-on-one walk-through of ServiceTitan’s features.

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