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Plumbing Inspection Checklist Template: Foster Accountability Across Technicians


Plumbing inspection checklists serve a number of important functions for plumbing companies. Specifically, they provide the ability to:

  • Maintain quality control across technicians

  • Bring peace of mind to customers that their home is being thoroughly maintained

  • Show customers the condition of their home in an easy-to-understand format

  • Show customers any areas that need attention or repair

In this post, we share a 65-point plumbing inspection checklist for residential plumbing inspections and preventative maintenance.

Our checklist is divided into six sections for thoroughly inspecting the following areas of a home:

  1. Bathroom Inspection

  2. Kitchen Inspection

  3. Laundry Inspection

  4. Water Heater Inspection

  5. Outside Inspection

  6. Other: Inspecting Water Softeners, Purification Systems, etc.

Below, we’ll provide a link to download the checklist for free and begin using it in your plumbing business.  Keep in mind that while this checklist provides some great benefits, PDF templates have their limitations. For example:

  • It’s difficult to be absolutely sure they’re used for each and every job.

  • PDFs don’t integrate with the other apps and software tools you use to run your business, so you need to manually record inspection results into your CRM or whatever system you use to keep track of customer data.

  • The details of any issues discovered during inspections can’t be easily shared between field and office staff, causing delays for kicking off any next actions that need to be taken (e.g. checking warranty or inventory information, drafting estimates, ordering parts, etc.).

In addition to sharing the free inspection checklist below, we’ll also walk through how our plumbing contractor software, ServiceTitan, solves these challenges and more.

Do you want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s plumbing software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.

Download Our 65-Point Residential Plumbing Inspection Checklist Template 

Feel free to customize it by editing the PDF to include your company name, address, and logo. 

The inspection form is divided into the sections we mentioned above (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc.). Each section lists all of the items that need to be inspected in that area of the home, and prompts technicians to score that item on an ‘A’ through ‘E’ scale:

  • A - Pass, functioning well

  • B - Signs of wear, may need to be replaced next visit (e.g. signs of corrosion on plumbing fixtures)

  • C - Area of concern, may fail before next visit (e.g. visible drips, clogs, or blockages)

  • D - Needs immediate attention, high probability of failure 

  • E - Part is broken, must be replaced (e.g. broken water line, sewer line, etc.)

Now, let’s take a closer look at each section.

Bathroom Inspection

Residential Plumbing Inspection Checklist Template | KitchenThe bathroom section prompts technicians to inspect the following:

  • Sink emergency shutoff

  • Sink faucet operation

  • Sink faucet aerator cleaned?

  • Drain water piping / drainage line

  • Tub faucet operation

  • Bathtub drain

  • Shower operation

  • Shower drain

  • Whirlpool/spa operation

  • WC tank

  • WC emergency shutoff

  • WC mounting

  • WC seat/lid

  • WC fill valve assembly

  • Bidet

Kitchen Inspection

The kitchen section prompts technicians to inspect the following:

  • Faucet

  • Water connections

  • Sink basket

  • Emergency shutoff

  • Disposal

  • Waste piping

  • Dishwasher

  • Ice maker supply line filter

  • Water alarm operation

Laundry Inspection

The laundry section prompts technicians to inspect the following:

  • Sink

  • Faucet drain emergency shutoff

  • Faucet

  • Washing machine hoses - Hot water

  • Washing machine hoses - Cold water

  • Emergency shut off - Hot water

  • Emergency shut off - Cold water

  • Braided steel burst-proof hoses

  • Water alarm operation

Water Heater Inspection

The water heater section prompts technicians to inspect the following:

  • Safety mixing valve

  • Safety pressure-relief valve (pressure test)

  • Emergency water shutoff

  • Water supply connections

  • Drain pan

  • Drain valve

  • Gas connection

  • Flue connection

  • Gas supply shutoff valve

  • Temperature

  • Combustibles in vicinity

  • WAGA or EQ restraint

  • Expansion tank

  • Flush sediment

  • Sacrificial anode rod

  • Dip tube

Outside Inspection

The outdoor section prompts plumbers to inspect the following:

  • Water service meter with everything off

  • Water pressure (PSIG)

  • Water main cutoff

  • Outside hose bib 1 (connections, spigots, etc.)

  • Outside hose bib 2

  • Outside hose bib 3

  • Outside hose bib 4

  • Main clean-out

Other: Inspecting Water Softeners, Purification Systems, etc.

The final section prompts technicians to inspect the following (when applicable):

  • Water softener neutralizer

  • Water softener bypass explained

  • Water purification system

  • Check for backflow

  • Hot water recirculation system

Lastly, there is a section on the checklist form for technicians to record comments related to their findings and recommendations:

Once the final inspections are done and the form is complete, technicians can share this document with homeowners to explain their findings and suggest next steps for maintaining their plumbing systems. 

In a perfect world, you’d have at least two copies of this form—one to leave with the customer, and one to bring back to the office for the customer’s records, creating a work order, etc. 

However, with ServiceTitan, this isn’t necessary. The digital form on your technician’s tablet would be sharable both with the customer and office with a few taps on their tablet. 

So, now that we’ve covered our free template, let’s take a look at how ServiceTitan’s plumbing software can solve the challenges and limitations of PDF checklist templates. 

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How ServiceTitan Streamlines the Plumbing Inspection Process

When you think about it, the plumbing inspection process begins well before a plumber ever reaches the customer’s residence. It begins when a new or existing customer either calls in, or a service agreement appointment comes due for scheduling. 

In both cases, ServiceTitan offers call booking and maintenance agreement management workflows that make these processes absolutely seamless. 

For example, our plumbing booking workflow:

  • Provides CSRs with the name and customer history (for past and current customers) instantly upon them calling in.

  • Guides CSRs through an intuitive set of form fields and drop-down menus to ensure all essential details are captured on the first call.

  • Allows CSRs to efficiently schedule appointments from the same screen.

  • Offers advanced capacity planning that automates the implementation of a strategy—allowing business owners to ensure they're balancing the right amount of certain job types to maximize profitability.

  • Automatically adds scheduled jobs and job details to our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use dispatch board.

In addition, our service agreement software provides the ability to:

  • Easily document, track, and access service agreements.

  • Automate scheduling and billing for recurring service jobs according to agreed-upon time frames (e.g. quarterly, biannually, annually, etc.).

  • Create follow-up notifications for cases where you’re unable to contact a customer, they aren’t ready to book a job, or they no longer want the service.

Combined, these workflows provide unparalleled efficiency for office staff, help to facilitate exceptional customer experiences, and bring peace of mind to plumbing business owners that their operations are running tight and smooth.

Now, in addition to these features that aid in the lead-up to plumbing inspections, we offer a suite of features that ensure inspections are performed at a high level of consistency and quality by your technicians in the field. 

These are what we’ll focus on in the rest of this post.

Equip Plumbing Techs with Everything They Need to Perform Top-Quality Residential Plumbing Inspections

Once plumbing technicians are on site to perform an inspection, they have essential tools at their disposal via our mobile app (available on Android and iOS devices), including:

Access to Detailed Job Histories at Their Fingertips

First, they they have access to the customer’s complete job history, including:

There’s no need for them to constantly contact the office to figure out essential details, and forgetting key paperwork at the office is a thing of the past. This helps to avoid job delays, provides a better customer experience, and means that your company gets paid faster.

Foster Accountability & Consistency with Custom Inspection Checklist Forms

In addition, technicians can access or be prompted to fill out plumbing maintenance checklists via our custom forms feature. These checklists can be created and customized via the office or the field. 

To help foster accountability and ensure key steps aren’t missed during regular maintenance, business owners can require technicians to complete these forms to close out a job. This simply can’t be done with PDF or paper checklist templates.

All forms can be easily customized. And they also provide crucial documentation of work to explain to customers when an issue or breakdown needs to be addressed.

When checklists are filled out, the information they contain can be accessed by office staff via our desktop app in real time (or referenced at any later date, such as the next appointment for that customer). The inspection report can also easily be shared with the customer.

Access Warranty Details and Order Replacement Parts From the Field

If technicians encounter parts or fixtures that aren’t in working order (e.g., a leaky faucet or showerhead), they can instantly access warranty information on that equipment in cases where it was installed by their company. This allows them to quickly initiate next steps for addressing the issue. 

When parts or fixtures are under warranty, plumbers can also create and send orders for replacement parts right from their tablet, which can then be followed up and executed by office or warehouse staff (who can leverage our inventory tracking workflow to see that entire process through).

Ability to Quickly Create and Send Estimates From the Field

When plumbers discover issues during an inspection, they can create an estimate on the spot for resolving the issue.

Our mobile estimates feature allows technicians to select equipment and materials from ServiceTitan’s built-in pricebook functionality and build a Good Better Best proposal on site with minimal time and effort. That proposal can be presented to homeowners via their tablet to speed up the time it takes to fix issues, serve customers, and get paid.  

In addition, our follow-up features can be leveraged via the field and office to track and follow up on open estimates that are sent to customers, allowing you to close more deals, and maximize profits.

Get Paid Faster by Offering Payment On Site

Finally, ServiceTitan offers a number of features that help you get paid faster with less effort on behalf of your team. 

Field technicians can collect payment however customers want to pay, whether through cash, check, or credit card. They can also scan checks right from the mobile application, reducing your need to visit the bank to deposit checks.

For more expensive plumbing system repairs or replacements, techs can offer customers financing through one of our financing partners, allowing customers to be approved on the spot, which removes friction from the sales process.

Customers also have the option to pay through a self-serve customer portal where they can view their job histories, invoices, and pay their bills. And lastly, for customers who have recurring service agreements, billing can be fully automated so that your staff doesn’t even need to think about it.

Get a ServiceTitan Demo to See How We Can Help You Optimize and Grow Your Plumbing Business

While plumbing inspection checklists are essential to have, a static checklist template is just one of many tools and apps needed to successfully manage and execute the lifecycle of a plumbing inspection job. 

This is why we’ve developed an entire suite of tools, including digital checklist functionality, that help to streamline residential plumbing inspection processes.

ServiceTitan’s plumbing software helps you manage all aspects of your plumbing business, saving your team the time and effort involved in paper-based procedures. Schedule a call now for a free product tour.