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Free Plumbing Flyer Templates (And How to Optimize Your Direct Marketing for Max ROI)


Whether you plan to use plumbing flyers for events, sales kits, in-home leave-behinds, or any other number of marketing activities, high-quality plumbing flyers can be useful tools for generating brand awareness with potential customers and increasing plumbing sales

In this post, we share two plumbing flyer design templates that every plumbing business should have in their toolkit:

  1. A general purpose plumbing sales flyer for increasing sales

  2. An in-home leave-behind flyer to generate repeat business

We’ll provide links below for you to download the templates for free, and customize each with your company logo design, website URL, and phone number.

Keep in mind, though, plumbing services flyers are just one facet of an effective plumbing marketing strategy. Plumbing companies that are increasing market share and growing their businesses are marketing through a variety of other channels as well — email, direct mail, paid online ads, review sites, and social media posts, among others.

So, in addition to sharing our free templates below, we’re also going to discuss how ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro transforms the ability for plumbing businesses to execute and get the most ROI out of their marketing.

Below, we cover:

To see why our plumbing contractor software is trusted by 100,000+ service professionals, schedule a call to get a free, live, one-on-one walk-through of our user-friendly software and see how it can help you grow revenue, work smarter, and keep your business processes on track.

2 Plumbing Service Flyer Templates for You to Download, Customize, and Use to Promote Your Business

Plumbing Business Flyer Template: A General Purpose Flyer for Increasing Sales

First, we’ve created a plumbing sales flyer that you can customize and use in a variety of different contexts: community events, neighborhood coffee shop cork boards, technician sales kits, etc. 

Click here to download our Plumbing Business Flyer template. 

Once downloaded, you can edit the PDF to add your company logo, website, and phone number in the appropriate areas. In just a few minutes, you can have your flyer ready for printing (no Photoshop, debating about letterhead and fonts, or hiring graphic designers required).

Plumber Services Flyer: An In-Home Leave-Behind to Generate Repeat Business

Many plumbing businesses like to have their field technicians leave a flyer behind with the homeowner as a reminder to call them when plumbing issues arise. In-home leave-behinds can keep your business top of mind while also increasing the likelihood that customers remember your name and recommend your service to friends, family, and neighbors.

Click here to download this template (and follow the same process as above to customize it with your logo, website URL, and phone number).

Now, while these templates can help you create your own plumbing flyers, below we’re going to walk through the ways in which ServiceTitan can help you market to customers through other key channels such as email, direct mail, paid ads, and reputation.

How Marketing Pro Helps Plumbing Businesses Drive More ROI From Their Marketing Efforts

ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that’s purpose-built for HVAC, plumbing, and electrician businesses. Through internal surveys, we’ve found that, on average, Marketing Pro helps our users achieve the following:

  • 27% increase in membership renewal rates

  • 14% increase in YoY revenue 

  • 14% lift in average repeat job rate

  • 45% higher YoY growth rates for call volume

In this section, we’ll walk through the four key features of ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro: email, direct mail, reputation, and ads.

Note: In order to use Marketing Pro, you must be a current user of ServiceTitan’s Plumbing contractor software.

Plumbing Email Marketing: Reach Existing Customers and Generate More Opportunities with Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for reaching the right customers at the right time. However, there are a number of key challenges that prevent many plumbing companies from using this channel, which leaves a lot of money on the table.

Specifically, successful email marketing requires: 

  • Having someone on staff learn how to use a platform such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact

  • Finding design inspiration, creating email templates, and copywriting

  • Working with designers to create professional quality graphics and visuals (or outsourcing all of this to agencies or freelancers)

This is often time-consuming and/or expensive. 

The #1 newsletter for the trades.

To solve these issues, Marketing Pro offers a library of done-for-you email templates, hand-crafted by our trade-specific in-house copywriters and designers. These include templates to use in cases such as:

  • Seasonal greetings and promotions

  • Following up on unsold estimates

  • Reaching people who have aging water heaters

  • Notifying people about expiring memberships or service agreements

Not only does ServiceTitan empower plumbing businesses to create and send their own email campaigns (and do so with ease), but it allows them to do so in a highly targeted way for use in cases that have been shown to drive more revenue. 

Learn more about Marketing Pro email.

Plumbing Direct Mail: Send Postcards to Highly Targeted Audiences and Track Campaign ROI

Direct mail is another key channel that plumbing businesses can leverage as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. When used effectively, direct mail can help create brand awareness, drive new customer acquisition, and increase retention with existing customers.

However, traditional direct mail efforts come with challenges such as coordinating with local or online print vendors, graphic designers, and sellers of mailing lists to get campaigns sent out. 

Furthermore, the biggest challenge with traditional direct mail marketing is that contractors often have no way to track the effectiveness and ROI of these campaigns. 

ServiceTitan Marketing Pro solves all of these issues by offering:

  • Designed-for-You Postcard Templates: Our in-house designers continually update a library of postcard templates for seasonal greetings, memberships, equipment replacements, etc.). You can update and customize our templates in Canva, so there’s no need to hire graphic designers.

  • Audience Targeting: The ability to target highly specific audiences based on criteria such as customers with unsold estimates worth $500 or more, or customers with memberships set to expire within the next 30 days. 

  • Easy Print Coordination: Once your postcard template is ready, you can initiate printing and distribution right from within our platform, so there’s no need to coordinate with third-party print vendors. There’s also no need to meet minimums for print runs, so you can send as many or as few postcards as you’d like with any given order.

  • Campaign ROI Tracking: The ability to attach a unique phone number to each campaign so you can track the number of calls, jobs booked, and revenue that come in from any campaign. 

In addition to leveraging direct mail to reach existing customers and audiences, users can now use our Acquisition Audiences feature to send targeted campaigns to prospective customers (with all of the above benefits, such as: postcard templates, print coordination, and ROI campaign tracking). 

Learn more about Marketing Pro direct mail here and our new acquisition audiences direct mail here.

Plumbing Reputation Management: Increase Visibility and Trust with More 5-Star Reviews

Reputation management has become increasingly difficult as more and more channels have opened up for customers to discover your business and leave reviews. Managing your reputation online can quickly begin to feel like a full-time job trying to track and respond to reviews, request and generate more reviews from customers, and keep your business information consistent across platforms. 

Marketing Pro enables plumbing businesses to completely streamline reputation management by enabling them to:

  • Automate Review Requests: Set up automated messages to customers for requesting reviews after service.

  • Track and Respond to Reviews in One Place: Track reviews from one consolidated feed, receive alerts when new reviews come in, and respond to all reviews in a timely manner (without ever leaving ServiceTitan) to show customers you care. 

  • Keep Business Information Up-to-Date Across Platforms: View, update, and ensure your business information is kept consistent across all the platforms where your business is listed and people leave reviews.

  • Match Reviews to Techs, Customers & Jobs: Get robust insights into which customers, jobs, and technicians are driving positive or negative reviews for your business.

"Reputation blows our other provider out of the water. We got 74 reviews in the first week and a half. It’s awesome!" 

- Phil Gorjanc, General Manager, Gorjanc Comfort Services

Plumbing Google Ads: Uncover Wasted Ad Spend and Optimize Your Campaigns for Better ROI

Google Ads are a key paid advertising channel used by plumbing businesses (and for good reason). People generally use Google to search for plumbing services, so showing up at the top of search results can generate tons of business. 

However, it’s often difficult to understand the true ROI of your Google Ads campaigns. For example, it’s hard to tell: 

  • Which campaigns are working and which aren’t

  • Where ad spend is being wasted

  • Which calls come from which campaigns

  • How much revenue can be attributed to a given campaign

As a result of these challenges, it’s difficult to fully optimize your ads and get the most out of your ad spend.

With Marketing Pro, all of these issues are solved. It offers the ability to:

  • Get True Campaign ROI: Connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts to ServiceTitan and get true ROI by tying campaign performance to actual jobs and revenue.

  • Automate Campaign Attribution: Minimize human error and pull ad-performance reports in less time by automating campaign attribution using Dynamic Call Tracking.

  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend: Easily monitor and identify wasted marketing spend through full-funnel digital ads dashboards that provide true ads ROI.

Note: These are our current service offerings. In the future, we may expand to include other marketing materials such as door hangers, business cards, greeting cards, brochure design, coupons, etc. What we launch next will be determined by the greatest needs of our customers. 

Get More ROI Out of Your Plumbing Marketing Spend

While ServiceTitan’s core platform is built to help plumbing contractors streamline their day-to-day operations, the Marketing Pro features we’ve discussed throughout this post are designed to help plumbing businesses automate and optimize their marketing efforts while generating more revenue from their marketing spend. 

To learn more about ServiceTitan’s pricing and receive a personalized walk-through of our platform and its marketing features, schedule a call today.

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