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10 Original Electrician Flyer Designs [w/ Free Templates]


As an electrical contractor, you know how important it is to get your name out there. 

Digital marketing encompasses a large spectrum of strategies to increase brand awareness, create and nurture business relationships, and eventually turn electrical leads into loyal customers.

However, there's another, less popular tool that can help you reach more potential customers: flyer marketing. 

Flyer marketing is a single-page printed asset used by businesses to promote their products and services.

Below, you'll find more about how flyer marketing works for electricians. Also, check out our free, downloadable electrician flyer templates to start promoting your business to new customers. 

What are the Benefits of Flyers for an Electrician?

Flyer marketing is a practical way to reach potential customers. Flyers are cost-effective, easy to distribute, and can be used to target specific areas or demographics. 

As a local electrician, you can reap plenty of benefits from using electrical services company flyers, such as:

  • Affordability: Flyer marketing is relatively cheap compared to other forms of marketing. 

  • Easy and quick printing: Compared to digital marketing strategies, like social media marketing or email marketing, which may take up to several months to plan, flyers can be easily prepared and printed in a day or two.

  • Reach new and wider audiences: Flyer marketing can promote your electrical services business to people who might not have noticed you before. For example, people who don't use the internet to search for electrical services will be much more reachable with flyers.

  • Great tool for local businesses: As most electrical companies operate locally or serve specific areas, distributing flyers in local areas helps them spread brand awareness.

It’s undeniable that flyer marketing is a convenient way to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. But to gain prospects’ interest and turn them into customers, you need to focus on designing professional-looking electrical company promotional flyers. Here’s how.

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What do Electrician Flyers Typically Include?

There's more to flyers than just printing and delivering them in specific areas. 

If your ultimate goal is to grow your customer base through flyer marketing, you have to invest time and effort in it.

Here are some key elements for creating professional flyers:

  • Business logo and brand-related colors in the letterhead: Best-in-class companies invest serious money in creating their visual brand image (colors, fonts, etc.) and use it in every piece of content they deliver. They do it to differentiate themselves from the competition and help people recognize their brands. 

  • A catchy title: In a world bombarded with advertising messages and promotions, catching your prospects' attention starts with the title. If your title immediately says what your flyer is about, you're already halfway into your prospect's mind. To stand out, you can even include electrical advertising slogans that define your brand.

  • Details about your services: Do you offer electrical repairs? Put it on the flyer. Are your services available for both commercial and residential clients? Put it on the flyer. The better you can outline your offerings, the more chances you have to attract potential customers.

  • Which areas you serve: Most electrical contractors operate in specific areas, so make sure to include which areas you serve on the flyer.

  • Contact information: Like business cards, flyers have to contain information that lets customers know how to contact your business.  

  • Specific perks: If your electrical contracting business offers certain benefits like free estimates, special offers, discounts, or customer financing, this is your chance to tell your audience about it.

  • Call to action: The final element of a well-designed electrical flyer is the call to action (CTA). Whether you're prompting people to contact your team for more details or urging them to act within a limited timeframe, make sure to put a compelling CTA on your flyer. 

Now that you're familiar with the science of designing electrician service flyers, your next step is to jump into design apps like Photoshop or InDesign and start creating your flyers. However, you might not have the time and graphic design skills to do that. 

For those of you looking for fast ways to create and print high-quality electrician business flyers, here are 10 customizable and downloadable electrical service flyer templates. 

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Template #1: Residential Electrical Services Flyer

This flyer template presents residential electrical offerings. 

Residential electrical services refer to the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems in residential buildings. For example, residential electrical services may include the repair of wiring, plugs, switches, or other electrical parts in domestic residences.

We’ve created this flyer template for electricians who specialize in residential services and are looking for ways to increase their customer base.

Get your residential template!

Template #2: Commercial Electrical Services Flyer

This flyer template is suitable for businesses and technicians offering any electrical work carried out in commercial properties, like shopping centers, hotels, or hospitals. 

The role of a commercial electrician is to provide electrical installation, repair, or maintenance services to organizations in a wide range of industries.

Get your commercial template and start editing your company logo, electrician website, and phone number. In just a few minutes, you’ll have your electrician flyer ready to print!

Template #3: Industrial Electrical Services Flyer

We designed this flyer template for businesses and technicians offering installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems in commercial and industrial settings such as factories, power plants, or warehouses. 

Industrial electricians are responsible for ensuring that all electrical components in these areas are functioning properly and safely.

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Template #4: Construction Electrician Services Flyer

Construction electricians are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems during the construction of new buildings or renovations of existing ones.

Their duties typically include wiring entire buildings, installing lighting fixtures and intercom systems, laying electrical cables and conduits, and connecting appliances to power sources.

This flyer template is suitable for technicians and businesses specializing in electrical construction work.

Get your construction template!

Template #5: Outdoor and Pool Lighting Services Flyer

Outdoor and pool lighting services refer to the installation, repair, or maintenance of outdoor and pool lighting installations. This includes installing lights in gardens, pathways, driveways, swimming pools, and other areas that require illumination.

Electricians and businesses who offer outdoor and pool lighting services can use this flyer template to promote their services.

Get your outdoor and pool lighting template!

Template #6: Electrical Repair Services Flyer

This flyer template is suitable for businesses and technicians offering electrical repair services. Electrical repair services refer to the troubleshooting, diagnosing, and fixing of any electrical problems in buildings or households.

Electricians specializing in repair services may be called upon to diagnose and repair wiring issues, replace faulty switches, install new plugs, or perform other electrical repairs.

Get your electrical repair template!

Template #7: Free Electrician Estimates Flyer

Job estimates can sometimes go wrong in the unpredictable electrical industry.

Having a well-defined system for calculating and creating job estimates saves electricians time and money. To help you with this, we've developed a comprehensive electrical estimate form that you can download and use for free.

This free electrician estimates flyer template will help you get your name out there and reach more potential customers.

Get your free estimates flyer template!

To enhance the accuracy of the electrical estimating process, electrical contractors leverage ServiceTitan's Electrical Estimating Software.

With our electrical estimating software, electricians can deliver clear estimates on the spot, accounting for the costs of time, materials, and profit margins.

ServiceTitan's estimating platform provides core business features, like inventory management, an accurate and automated pricebook, equipment and materials management, and more.

Template #8: Electrical Installation Services Flyer

Electrical installation services refer to installing new electrical systems or components in buildings or households. Electricians specializing in these services may be asked to install wiring, circuit breakers, fuse boxes, outlets, switches, light fixtures, and other electrical elements.

This flyer template showcases offerings of electrical installation services and is suitable for electricians who provide them.

Get your electrical installation template!

Template #9: Electrician Review Flyer 

Getting good reviews is essential for any business, including electrical service providers. 

The key to getting positive reviews lies in providing an outstanding customer experience. 

With ServiceTitan's Customer Experience Software, electrical businesses can meet and even exceed customer expectations. 

Rebecca Tenorio, Dispatcher and Client HAPPYness Representative for The Happy Outlet, talks about how ServiceTitan’s software improved communication and streamlined customer touchpoints. 

“It makes it so convenient for scheduling afternoon appointments for our clients who need to leave work to meet us at their house,” Tenorio says. “They appreciate being able to text and communicate with us.”

ServiceTitan offers features to help users stay in contact with customers, provide updates, and ensure comfort on their project day.

Contractors can provide customers with automated text message reminders to inform them of upcoming consultations or electrical work, with customizable scheduling options such as the day before, 12 hours before, an hour before, etc.

Moreover, the software allows customers to track their tech's arrival in real time, so they don't have to worry about waiting around. 

You can ask for feedback from your customer using this electrician review template.

Get this review template!

Template #10: General Electrical Contractor Flyer

Electrical contractors offer a wide range of services, from installing new electrical systems or components to repairing existing ones.

This flyer template is suitable for businesses that offer all-round electrical services, such as repairs, maintenance, installation, and upgrades. It can also be used to promote emergency services or 24/7 availability.

By displaying the range of services offered by your business on this flyer template, you can show potential customers that you are a reliable and experienced contractor who's ready to tackle any job.

Get your general contractor template!

These templates help you easily create your own electrician flyers to increase brand awareness, reach more potential customers, and, ultimately, grow your revenue. 

However, we at ServiceTitan know about the importance of marketing to customers on multiple platforms and channels to maximize marketing efforts. 

That’s why we’re going to walk you through ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro Software, which supports electrician businesses in every step of their marketing campaigns.

Megan Bedford from Mugyver Consulting talks about ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro: "I love Marketing Pro – the automated campaigns are great. They just keep bringing in business and I don't even have to think about them."

Features like automated direct mail campaigns allow users to build targeted postcard campaigns in minutes, not weeks. Marketing Pro also lets electrical contractors build hyper-targeted audiences, automate their email campaigns, and generate more business opportunities. 

You can easily create targeted marketing campaigns in ServiceTitan to track incoming leads, monitor CSR performance, run marketing reports, and view marketing data in real time.

Marketing Pro also allows electrical contractors to use built-in analytics to assess email and revenue performance and other important metrics.

Another handy Marketing Pro feature for electrical contractors is Reputation Management, which allows users to take control of their business reputation. 

The most successful electrical contractors we work with reveal that they use Reputation Management to send, manage, and track review requests consistently. 

With the Reputation feature, you can connect your social media accounts and easily start managing locations, listings, and alerts.

Easily activate and deactivate your alerts for review requests.

Marketing Pro is confidently used by thousands of electricians who get increased business value by reaching customers on multiple marketing channels. 

Now Over to You

Flyer marketing is a powerful tool for reaching wider audiences and increasing brand awareness. 

However, not all flyers are created equal. To make the most out of their flyer marketing strategy, electrical contractors need the right approach.

With the insights provided above, you're more than equipped to get your name out there.

Successful electrical contractors also leverage the power of advanced electrical software like ServiceTitan to grow their businesses

ServiceTitan is an all-in-one electrical business platform designed specifically to help service companies streamline their everyday operations, increase revenue, and reach growth. ServiceTitan's commercial electrical customers report revenue increases of 40% after using our commercial electrical software.