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Other safety measures

Employee safety is the number one priority for contractors, because all owners care deeply about their teams. Beyond being the right thing to do, if employees don’t feel safe and avoid coming to work, it also impacts the ability to operate and bring in revenue.


Keep your truck sanitized

There are a variety of methods contractors in the ServiceTitan community are using to keep their trucks clean. For example, Josh Campbell from Rescue Air is using the antimicrobial fogger, typically used for duct cleaning, to sanitize company trucks in the morning. Check out his instructional video:

Additionally, several contractors have mentioned they’re using UV lights to sanitize their trucks. They are hooking them up to standard 120 volt circuits and putting them inside the trucks, shutting the doors and turning the lights on. Use of UV lights for sanitization is a common practice in the healthcare field. Medical providers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center have used UV germicidal irradiation as a method of extending the life of face masks. 

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