Marketing Practices

A broad-based marketing strategy that stretches from Google to direct mail brings new customers in the door and maintains relationships with existing clients. Being able to automate and track that marketing drives the highest return on your marketing investment.


How to Generate More Positive Reviews

Two things generate more positive reviews than anything else you can do. 

  • Consistently delivering value above and beyond expectation, and

  • Making it easy for the customer to leave you a review.  

ServiceTitan Reputation Management allows you to automate the process by automatically sending every customer a link through email or text, asking them to tell you how you did.  

Here are a few things to consider when growing your review base:

  1. Don’t respond only to negative reviews.  It's good to reach out to some of the positive reviews, to show the customers reading reviews that your company is engaged and cares.

  2. Track employees who receive positive reviews, and reward them.  The review can be tracked to the employee, regardless of whether or not the customer mentions them by name, by using ServiceTitan Reputation Management.  Gift cards for employees with the most reviews generate excitement about delivering excellent customer service.

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