Marketing Practices

A broad-based marketing strategy that stretches from Google to direct mail brings new customers in the door and maintains relationships with existing clients. Being able to automate and track that marketing drives the highest return on your marketing investment.


Email Marketing

Considered one of the most effective marketing channels today, targeted email marketing can earn your company, on average, $40 for every $1 spent. 

The best electrical email marketing campaign gets your company’s name in front of the most customers with the most relevant message at the right time, says Megan Bedford of Mugyver Consulting.

Why don’t more companies do automated email marketing? Because they think they can’t manage it themselves or find a cost-effective provider to do it for them, she says. Mass emails with generic messages don’t typically resonate with customers and lower conversion rates. 

Tools such as ServiceTitan Marketing Pro allow you to segment your email audience by zip code, age of equipment, date of last service, new homeowner, and more. Using data already collected in ServiceTitan, you can target previous customers with a “We Miss You!” email campaign, follow up on unsold electrical estimates, or offer a discount to new homeowners.

Derek Baer, Director of Operations at Gold Shield Services in Illinois, loves the simplicity of ServiceTitan’s user interface.

“I'm a very simple person,” Baer says. “Simplistic usability makes for less errors and less time.

“With ServiceTitan, when a call comes in it's literally on a dashboard. I can know whether the customer has called before, (and) where the marketing came from. It's all in one spot and not across multiple layers. I don't have to look for it.”

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