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Free Electrical Contractor Forms: Estimates, Invoices & More

December 12th, 2023
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Over the last few years, our team of trade industry experts at ServiceTitan has been building a suite of free templates and business forms for electrical contractors

Below, we’ll share some of the most popular forms, including:

These tools can be helpful, but keep in mind that traditional workflows for using printed-out forms come with a variety of challenges. For example:

  • Technicians not having printed copies in their trucks when they need them

  • Messy handwriting that looks illegible and unprofessional to customers

  • An inability to easily email forms to homeowners and commercial customers 

  • Difficulty keeping paperwork organized and preventing important forms from getting lost 

  • The need for technicians to bring paperwork back to the office at the end of the day to be scanned and properly stored

While it’s possible to improve upon these processes with apps to complete fillable PDFs, these workflows still present some organizational challenges. For example, you need to ensure these files are stored in the right folders, so they can easily be found by office staff. 

So, in addition to sharing the form templates below, we’ll also walk through how our electrical contractor software solves these key challenges of electrical forms management. 

Specifically, we’ll share how ServiceTitan enables electrical businesses to:

  1. Auto-populate forms with key customer data and job details

  2. Easily access, present, and sign electrical forms from the field

  3. Leverage automations to streamline recurring service agreements

  4. Manage forms within your cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system

Want to see ServiceTitan in action? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our software can help you streamline and grow your electrical business. 

How ServiceTitan Streamlines Electrical Forms Management

ServiceTitan offers two key feature sets for facilitating electrical form management:

  • Smart Forms: Any type of contract, legal document, form, or checklist that an electrical business uses (including service contracts) can be created in ServiceTitan as a native form or uploaded as a smart PDF. Forms can then be easily accessed and filled out from the office or the field (via our technician mobile app). 

  • Maintenance Agreements: Our maintenance agreements functionality offers the ability to easily set up recurring electrical maintenance contracts (i.e. electrical service agreements) that also automate key workflows such as job scheduling, invoicing, and credit card payments. 

In this section, we’ll cover four key benefits that these features offer over traditional form management. 

1. Auto-Populate Forms with Key Customer Data and Job Details

One of the biggest advantages of using a platform such as ServiceTitan is that each step of a job and all corresponding documents are integrated to inform each other and work together. If an electrical equipment installation is performed, for example, smart PDFs can be used to auto-populate certain fields of the electrical installation certificate (EIC) based on information that has already been captured during the job.

Codes such as “CN” for customer or company name, and “JD” for job date, and “JN” for job name (among dozens of other fields) can be automatically populated into a contract or smart PDF form.

The result of this is increased efficiency because technicians need to do less to create the certificate form — and a reduction of potential errors because they’re not repeatedly writing down the same customer’s job information over and over throughout the course of the job (e.g. business name and contact information, schedule of inspections, completion dates, etc.). 

2. Easily Access, Present, and Sign Electrical Forms Digitally From the Field

Designing a system to fill out PDFs on a phone or tablet generally requires a tech-savvy individual to connect multiple different apps to work together. This can be a bit complicated, which is why many businesses that aren’t using electrician software use paper contracts. 

ServiceTitan’s mobile app (compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices) provides a seamless solution for this by allowing technicians to access, complete, and have customers sign forms right from their mobile device while on-site. 

From their dashboard, they can access all available forms via the forms tab, including forms for:

  • Warranties

  • Change orders

  • Purchase orders

  • Risk assessment

  • Electrical installation condition reports

  • Domestic electrical installation certificates

  • Electrical testing certificates and test results

  • Electrical safety certificates

  • Forms to ensure techs follow wiring regulations in accordance with correct occupancy classifications

  • And more

Then, they can simply select the appropriate form and begin filling it out. As we explained above, certain fields may be automatically populated, so they’ll focus on filling out just the necessary fields.

Once the form is ready, they can also collect the customer’s signature on the spot, allowing them to sign with their finger on the mobile device. The form can then be easily emailed to the customer for their records.

This functionality provides a great user experience for technicians while providing customers with a modern, impressive customer service experience

3. Leverage Automations to Streamline Recurring Electrical Service Agreements

In addition to the features discussed above, ServiceTitan offers a robust set of features for managing recurring service agreements. Specifically, our service agreement feature set allows you to:

  • Easily document, track, and access electrical service agreement details: For recurring services, users can set up electrical service agreement types, contract details (such as location, duration of the subcontractor agreement, effective date, frequency of periodic inspections, and due dates), and billing and payment schedules. 

  • Automate scheduling of service agreement jobs: Once recurring service events are established, they are automatically added to your schedule based on defined dates and frequency. This saves office staff significant time from having to manually track and add these service calls to the schedule, while reducing the chances of missing maintenance visits.

  • Automate billing and get paid faster: Once you’ve defined the billing settings in the membership setup, ServiceTitan will automatically deliver invoices to customers at the appropriate times (based on the preferences you set — which include duration, frequency, pricing, a corresponding invoice template, and other flexible details such as discounts, customer-specific pricing, etc.).

Compared with managing all of these processes manually or using different apps to accomplish these workflows, our service agreement features take a huge amount of weight and time off the plate of your office staff, while ensuring you provide timely services and get paid on time for your work.

4. Manage Forms Within Your Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Management System

Finally, another crucial benefit of managing electrical forms within ServiceTitan is that all of your form management can take place within the same platform where you’re running the rest of your business.

In addition to providing tools for call booking, scheduling, and dispatching (among many others), ServiceTitan functions as a customer relationship management system (CRM) — with job and customer history pages where documents such as estimates, work orders, contracts, and invoices are all created and automatically stored within one system. 

This eliminates the need for electrical service providers to:

  • Pay for multiple different apps

  • Figure out how to connect them (getting data to flow from one app to another across mobile and desktop devices)

  • Worry about lost paperwork

  • Bring paper documents back to the office at the end of the day

  • Organize folders in services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to keep track of customer histories and documents

With ServiceTitan, the entire job lifecycle — including every corresponding action and document — is logged in one place, and can be referenced at any time in the field or at the office. 

This can be absolutely transformational for businesses that have traditionally run their businesses using paper, or piecing together these systems with many different apps that don’t work seamlessly together. 

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Want a Personalized Walk-Through of Our Electrical Form Management Features?

With advanced electrical software like ServiceTitan, electrical contracting businesses can streamline form management in addition to the other key workflows they use to run their business. 

If you’d like to find out more about how ServiceTitan’s all-in-one contractor software can help you streamline operations and grow your electrical, HVAC, or plumbing business, book a free, personalized demo.

Free PDF Forms for Electrical Businesses

Electrical Work Order Form

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Electrical Proposal Form

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Electrical Invoice Form

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Electrical Maintenance Contract Form

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Further Resources and Continuing Education for Electrical Businesses

For additional resources and expert advice on running your electrical business, visit the ServiceTitan Toolbox. We cover topics ranging from how to get an electrical contractor license or master electrician license in all 50 states, to tips on how to drive more profit in your business. 

Want to see ServiceTitan in action? Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our software can help you streamline and grow your electrical business. 

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