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Welcome to ServiceTitan’s Commercial Playbook—an aggregation of best practices from across the industry, written purposely for your Commercial business. In this playbook, you’ll learn all the key tips and tricks (what we call “best practices”) needed to take your business to the next level.


Commercial-Specific Features

ServiceTitan regularly adds features and functionality that affect all companies using the software. There are, however, key features designed specifically with contractors who service commercial properties in mind. 

These Commercial Specific Features are:

Customer-Specific Pricing  

Customer-specific pricing allows contractors to set up prices for customers who have negotiated a specific rate.  Most residential contractors don’t run into this, and the feature is not intended for them.  Commercial business owners, though, need to know that it's possible. Have this enabled during onboarding or  add it afterward by having your CSM turn on  “EnablePricingEngine.”

“Once you attach the rate sheet to a specific customer, it only allows those prices to be seen for that specific customer,” Gonzales said. “We don't have to have another person in accounting. We don't need to have another person in commercial to answer these questions for the technicians. It speeds everything up.”

Project Tracking Suite

Several features rolled into one allow commercial business owners to track the progress of Jobs, bill progress payments to their customers, track budget vs. actual costs and, finally, track opportunities on projects, such as upsells or change orders. 

The names of the individual features are:

  • Budget vs. Actual

  • Progress Billing

  • Opportunities on Projects

Here is a Knowledge Base article on how to use job costing in ServiceTitan.

Many companies, when they start out on ServiceTitan, simply set up the basics.  They make it so that they can receive a call, send a technician out to a job, complete the job, collect the payment, deposit it and record it in their accounting software.  This is the critical base to get started and grow from. 

Setting up Project Costing & Tracking can be the next step. 

To get the most out of ServiceTitan, and be able to use features such as project tracking, some things need to be implemented.  These things include time tracking and making sure that technicians are clocking in and out of the Jobs properly.  

This does not mean that they need to clock in to two places.  If the business is using timesheets in ServiceTitan, then it is fairly easy.  Proper time tracking in ServiceTitan and recording material costs to the Job are both required for ServiceTitan to track costs properly.  

Knowledge Base articles on time tracking and material tracking can be found below.

Multiple Invoice / Estimate Print Options

Commercial contractors on ServiceTitan have made it clear they need different options when printing invoices, because the commercial landlord or property manager or national account has required it, or for other reasons.

So, ServiceTitan created a feature that allows different invoice and print options.  

Talk to your CSM about the Estimate and Print options when setting up this feature.  Some can be easily modified with the procedures in this Knowledge Base article.

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