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Welcome to ServiceTitan’s Commercial Playbook—an aggregation of best practices from across the industry, written purposely for your Commercial business. In this playbook, you’ll learn all the key tips and tricks (what we call “best practices”) needed to take your business to the next level.

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Work Orders

When work has been approved and ordered, the work for the job can be started.  In ServiceTitan, this is simply referred to as a Job (for us Work Order = Job).  

Work can be approved in several different ways.  The technician may be on site and get approval from a responsible party. In this case, the technician will be asked in the app if they are going to do the work now or later.

If they click on the button that says they are going to do the work now, the items proposed by the technician will be added to the invoice/job the technician is working on.  They can begin work and then when they are finished, they can get a signature from the responsible party stating that the desired work has been completed.

If the technician needs to get parts (or for some other reason requires a delay of several days), then they would click on the button that says that they will do the work later.  This will create a new appointment to be scheduled from the office for a later date.  

The Job/Work Order that they are working on, usually a diagnostic job, is still valid.  In this case, we consider it best practice to bill for the time on the current job, which is usually diagnostic time. That way the diagnostic work can be billed while the part that the technician needs comes in. At that point, the work that was approved will be done and billed upon completion.

A technician can also create estimates for approval online.  These online estimates can be set up using the Knowledge Base article below:

If an online estimate is used, a notification can be set up to alert the office staff that an online estimate is signed and a work order needs to be issued.  Find out how to set up these alerts via the  article about online estimates in the Knowledge Base. 

Once the office gets the notification, they can dispatch the technician to the job to complete the work ordered, enhancing the customer experience by sending a technician as soon as humanly possible. 

Finally, estimates can be created and sold from the office. When that happens, the approval can be received via email or online estimate.  An article on writing estimates from that office can be found below.

With the exception of the technician doing the work while they are on site for the initial service call, when a work order or job is put on the technician, for a given day, it will show up on their mobile device. They can click into the job and complete the work.  

In the Commercial arena, it is quite common to receive signed proposals in many ways, but ServiceTitan is able to funnel that work to the technician in a way that is easy for them to track and complete.

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