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33 Best Irrigation Tools for Contractors

April 18th, 2024
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When it comes to understanding the intricacies of distributing the right amount of water to the right places at the right time to grow a perfectly lush landscape, customers can count on a top irrigation company to dig deep — and bring the right irrigation tools to do the job. 

With most sprinkler irrigation systems buried underground, contractors who specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential and commercial irrigation systems and lawn care must also know how to design an efficient system and perform excavation work before installing one.

Irrigation tools and equipment range from basic tools (such as a shovel, hacksaw, wire cutter, wrenches, and simple adjustment tools) to more professional irrigation tools (such as sensors for soil moisture, lawn irrigation tools, and trencher machines) to make the work easier.

Below, we take a look at the 33 best irrigation tools for irrigation contractors to service sprinkler systems for the modern homeowner, commercial properties, churches, schools, and even golf courses.

Best Irrigation Tools

For professional irrigation contractors, we also explain how our irrigation business software tool, ServiceTitan, helps streamline and grow their irrigation businesses. You can skip straight to this section here

Digging Tools

If you work as an irrigation contractor, digging in the dirt all day becomes part of the job. Use these sprinkler digging tools to make the job a little easier.

1. Mattock

A great tool for digging trenches for sprinkler systems, and removing rocks. Some consider it a cross between a pick and a shovel. 

2. Trenching Shovel or Spade

A sprinkler digging tool used for digging narrow trenches in soft soil or removing loose dirt from a machine-dug trench. It usually comes with a long handle and a 3- to 4-inch wide shovel.

3. Tamper Bar or Digging Bar

A heavy steel bar about 5 feet long, used to dig or compact soil, as well as loosen rocks. 

4. Trencher Machine

Rider trenchers work best — find the most powerful one available. Unless your company digs trenches on a regular basis, look for trencher machines at your local irrigation equipment rental store or find used irrigation equipment for sale.

  • Plan to spend: $2000+

  • Buying Options: Home Depot (DK2), or local equipment rental stores

5. Round-Point Blade Shovel

Used to dig large holes needed for valves, multiple pipes, and more.

6. Square-Point Blade Shovel

Handy for back-filling trenches and scraping mud from sidewalks.


Irrigation contractors use a variety of wrenches to loosen pipe fittings, turn valves on and off, and reach into confined spaces when necessary. 

7. Water Meter Wrenches

These wrenches turn on and off the main water supply valve for a house or building. Usually about 36 inches long with a tee handle and grip, this wrench reaches into shallow meter/valve boxes that are less than 30 inches deep.

8. Hunter Wrench

The Hunter adjustment irrigation wrench consists of a 3/32 allen key, two convenient finger loops for gripping, and an opposite side arc adjustment key. It’s used to make arc and radius adjustments on sprinkler heads.

  • Plan to spend: $5–$10

  • Buying Options: Amazon (Gulfmew), Amazon (Hunter), Home Depot (Orbit

9. T-Handle Tool or Tap Wrench

A T-handle is more compact than a double-end adjustable wrench and comes in handy when working in confined spaces or where you need extra reach, for example, to access faucets in confined spaces.

10. Pipe Wrench

Use pipe wrenches to assemble any stainless steel or brass pipe. Be careful to only tighten PVC fittings by hand or they could crack. 

  • Plan to spend: $10–$30

  • Buying Options: Amazon (Duratech), Amazon (Rigid), Home Depot (Husky

11. Irrigation Head Wrench

Also called a “pop-up” wrench, this sprinkler head tool works on some sprinkler irrigation systems to allow contractors to inspect the sprinkler’s internal mechanism without digging up the entire sprinkler head. Use the top of the wrench to pry up the top of the lawn sprinkler, then unscrew the internal mechanism using the extended hex portion of the wrench.

Cutting Tools

When installing or repairing pipes and tubing, some cutting may be necessary to achieve the tightest fit. Keep these cutting tools sharp and ready as part of your irrigation equipment.

12. PVC Pipe Cutter 

Used for cutting PVC pipe and poly pipes, this tool works much faster and easier than a saw, and results in a square cut with few burrs. 

  • Plan to spend: $10–$30

  • Buying Options: Amazon (Bates), Amazon (Rigid), Home Depot (Husky

13. Hacksaw

A traditional blade used to cut metal and PVC pipe in tight places.

14. Wirecutter Stripper

Used for cutting and stripping insulation off the control wires when installing irrigation system equipment.

15. Emitter Irrigation Multi Tool

Emitter (or dripper) tool used for punching pilot holes and pellets, inserting and removing an emitter, and cutting tubing.

  • Plan to spend: $20–$40

  • Buying Options: Amazon (Orbit), Home Depot (Rain Bird

Sensor Irrigation Installation Tools

When installing lawn irrigation equipment, train your irrigation techs to educate homeowners about water-conservation devices to help them save money and protect the environment. If installing farm irrigation equipment, show farmers how to save time and grow a good crop with soil moisture sensors.

16. Irrigation Leak-Detection Equipment

Some irrigation equipment manufacturers, such as LeakTronics, sell leak-detection kits for professionals. A series of valves inside the device generates a pulsing action when the water flows through the sprinkler system. The pulse delivers vibrations to the contractor’s ear, which he uses to map out the system’s plumbing lines and listen for any evidence of leaks.

  • Plan to spend: From $2000

  • Buying Option: Home Depot (iSpring

17. Irrigation Scheduling Tools

Used to quickly check your soil-water balance and weather data to decide how much and when to irrigate or set watering timers. 

18. Water-Flow Meters

Often used as crop irrigation equipment, this tool accurately measures and manages water usage for irrigation. Monitoring flow rate also helps farmers avoid costly leaks. 

  • Plan to spend: $20–$60

  • Buying Options: Amazon (DAE), Home Depot (Worth Garden

19. Root Soaker Irrigation Tool

Used to deliver water directly to the root zone of trees, shrubs, and plants. Simply attach a garden hose to the upper end of the steel shaft, and the tool’s pointed end drills its own hole into the soil.

20. Soil Moisture Sensors 

Used to measure the volumetric water content in soil, so farmers know exactly which crops need watering and when.

Drip Irrigation Tools

Drip irrigation systems allow water to drip slowly to the roots of plants and minimizes evaporation. Drip irrigation installation tools need to be durable enough to handle a network of valves, pipes, drip tubing, connectors, pressure regulators, and emitters. 

21. Drip Irrigation Insertion Tool 

Used to insert quarter-inch barbs and button drip emitters into quarter-inch poly or vinyl micro tubing.

  • Plan to spend: $10–$20

  • Buying Options: Amazon (DIG), Home Depot (Rain Bird

22. Dripline Irrigation Punch tools

Used for making a precise hole in mainline tubing to install emitters or transfer barbs in drip systems. Think of a drip irrigation hole-punch tool as similar to one used to punch holes in paper.

  • Plan to spend: $10–$20

  • Buying Options: Amazon (Rain Bird), Home Depot (DIG

Other Tools for Your Irrigation Tool Box

23. Riser Extractor

When a piece of threaded pipe breaks off where it screws into a fitting, there may not be enough pipe to grab with a wrench or pair of irrigation pliers. A pipe extractor with a toothed probe bites into the pipe, allowing you to twist it out.

  • Plan to spend: $10–$20

  • Buying Options: Amazon (Lasco), Home Depot (Orbit

24. Irrigation Valve Tool

Used to turn on and shut off manual sprinkler spray head valves to control water pressure from the sprayers.

25. Pull-Up Tool

Used for installing or replacing nozzles on spray heads in pop-up sprinklers by letting you pull the stem upward to stop it from retracting. You can also buy a screwdriver and pull-up tool built into one tool, sometimes known as a rotor tool (for example, this one from Rain Bird).

These are the best physical irrigation and sprinkler system tools, but if you have a professional irrigation business, you may benefit from using an irrigation business software tool like ServiceTitan.

Business Software Tools for Irrigation Contractors: ServiceTitan

If you’re running an irrigation service business, using irrigation business software will help you streamline your operations and grow your business

From scheduling and dispatching to communicating with customers, ServiceTitan’s irrigation business software tracks technician productivity, customizes reporting, allows customers to book online, and records every call. It also integrates with QuickBooks, calculates timesheets and payroll, and provides simple digital estimating and invoicing.

Here are the main tools ServiceTitan provides for irrigation businesses:

26. Mobile App & Tablet 

ServiceTitan’s Mobile App makes it easy for your customers to order, buy, and pay for your company’s landscaping or irrigation services with a simple tap-click-or-swipe on a mobile tablet. 

This helps techs complete jobs faster, accept more payment types, present clear and consistent estimates, and easily upsell customers to additional services with clear and consistent pricing. It also gives customers a much better customer service experience, increasing the chances of them becoming repeat customers and referring your company to others. 

With ServiceTitan’s Mobile app, techs can build tiered estimates out in the field with vibrant photos, manufacturer videos, and detailed product information, so customers can browse and buy at their own pace — just like shopping online. 

Key features include:

Customer Data Access

ServiceTitan Mobile gives techs access to all the information collected by your CSRs, such as customer names, addresses, contact information, outstanding estimates, job histories, property details, prior invoices, call recordings, notes, and more.


With ServiceTitan Mobile, you can upload your own forms and pricebooks, and manage pricing and product updates easily across the entire ServiceTitan cloud-based system. 

You can either import your existing pricebook or use ServiceTitan’s Pricebook Pro tool, a fully integrated pricebook that works seamlessly with ServiceTitan across both mobile and your office. This means your techs always have up-to-date product and pricing information at their fingertips and don’t need to leaf through dusty catalogs or refer back to the office.

Job Automation

You can set up ServiceTitan Mobile to automatically trigger certain forms to appear as the job progresses. This means your techs know which steps to take at every stage — from diagnosis and repair to invoicing and asking for a review — and all techs follow the same protocols consistently. You also have a handy record of exactly what work was carried out.

Mobile Payments

Using ServiceTitan Mobile means you get paid faster. Techs can capture checks and credit cards via the mobile tablet camera, or add a credit-card swiper. If customers prefer to pay with cash, techs can accept that, too, and automatically document payment in the field.

This is convenient for customers and also looks professional.

Other ServiceTitan Tools for Irrigation Contractors

27. Business Valuation Calculator

Want to know the value of your landscaping business or irrigation service company? Our free ServiceTitan Business Valuation Calculator can help you weed out key metrics for tracking growth and profitability, or show how much your local landscaping and irrigation businesses may be worth (if you decide to sell it).   

28. Flow Rate Calculator

Quickly calculate or convert units of measurement for volumetric flow rate using ServiceTitan’s Flow Rate Calculator

This free tool helps landscaping irrigation specialists determine the speed of water flowing through a pipe and how much space it occupies inside that pipe based on diameter and velocity — without complicated equations and manually converting metrics. 

29. Pipe Volume Calculator

Figure out how much water a piping section can handle and tally the weight of the water in those pipes with the free ServiceTitan Pipe Volume Calculator

Irrigation specialists and landscapers can easily convert pipe volume and mass using six measurement units to save time, reduce waste, improve accuracy, and confirm appropriate pipe (and coupler) size for any irrigation system installation or repair job.

30. Invoice Generator

Give your landscaping or irrigation techs working in the field the ability to create and send customized invoices from a mobile device with ServiceTitan’s free Invoice Generator Tool

Eliminate paperwork, streamline invoicing, and give customers a convenient digital invoice by email or text they can pay on the spot or online later.

31. Labor Rate Calculator

Use our free interactive Labor Rate Calculator to see how much each worker truly costs your landscaping and irrigation company. 

Plug in key metrics, such as overhead costs and ideal net profit, to tabulate the billable hourly labor rate required to cover your cost of doing business and maximize overall profitability.

32. ROI Calculator

Ensure your landscaping or irrigation business can capitalize on all of the features of ServiceTitan’s field management platform and yield a positive return on investment with our complimentary ServiceTitan ROI Calculator

Discover your service company’s profit potential with higher average tickets and an increase in daily calls, booked appointments, estimates, and jobs sold.

33. Service Business Grader

Gauge the performance of your landscaping and irrigation service company with ServiceTitan’s Service Business Grader Tool

In less than a minute, discover how your team stacks up by evaluating average ticket sales, daily calls, booked jobs, and other key metrics.

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What Do ServiceTitan’s Irrigation Customers Think?

Naiad Irrigation Systems

Jeff Soc, General Manager of Naiad Irrigation Systems in Calgary, Alberta, which implemented ServiceTitan in 2019, is impressed with the results, particularly how the software empowered technicians.

“A lot of software seemed to be really heavy in the office side of things and (ServiceTitan focuses) a lot on that,” Soch said. “But at the end of the day, we wanted something where the guys in the field were able to do their jobs much more efficiently in addition to having the office being able to run a little more smoothly as well.

"That was kind of the really big factor for us was just seeing all the information that we can put kind of in the palm of the technician's hands was just amazing: being able to take photos, take videos, upload documents. It was just mind blowing just how much we could put in the technician's hands.”

Read more here to learn how Naiad Irrigation Systems used ServiceTitan to grow business.

Blue Jay Irrigation

Trevor Lively is a proud third-generation president of Blue Jay Irrigation in London, Ontario. There have been several benefits to his business following the switch to ServiceTitan, including the ability of techs to access more information and quote for jobs in the field from ServiceTitan’s mobile tool. 

“The technicians can see information in the field, which makes it easier for communication,” he said. “We can get more verbal confirmations in the field, which in the past was very clunky. A lot of it was writing in notes and then having to get the note to a salesman, to send the estimate. Just very inefficient.”

He said that his accounts receivable is now more easily managed, and this is helped by accepting payments in the field. With his old software, “the AR side of it on commercial was really bad — 30, 60, 90 days,” he said. “(It’s) much more manageable in ServiceTitan.”

He also says that it’s easier to assess performance in different locations for several different factors – including but not limited to how each technician is performing, sales, leads, estimates and total dollars sold for each location. ServiceTitan pulls a report super easy for us,” Lively said. “Before it was a lot more manual. It drives our profitability as a company.”

Read how Blue Jay Irrigation in London, Ontario, used ServiceTitan to expand its business here.

To learn more about how ServiceTitan can help you streamline and grow your irrigation business, sign up for a free demo here

ServiceTitan Irrigation Software

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive irrigation business software solution built specifically to help service companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and achieve growth. Our award-winning, cloud-based platform is trusted by more than 100,000+ contractors across the country.

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