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Apprentice Plumber Job Description Template: Attract Top Candidates to Grow Your Business


Apprentice Plumber Job Description Template: Attract Top Candidates to Grow Your Business

If you're like many plumbing companies, finding top quality apprentice plumbers may seem like an impossible task. In today's competitive hiring environment, plumbing companies must fine-tune their apprentice plumber job description and recruitment process so they can identify, hire, and retain the best candidates.

Recent plumber job data shared with ServiceTitan by ZipRecruiter, a job board leader in the trades, shows posted plumbing apprenticeship jobs spiked 125% (293 to 662) from January 2021 to November 2021. This increase reveals the demand for training new talent in the plumbing field.

Your company's plumbing apprentice job description enables you to identify the best plumber apprenticeship candidates, so you can find the employees you need and grow your company. Implementing streamlined procedures ensures your plumbing apprentices excel as they receive on-the-job training, and provides a method to measure success. Read on to learn best practices to maximize your plumbing apprentice job description.

Table of Contents
  1. What is an apprentice plumber job description?

  2. Build procedures to boost performance

  3. Identify top traits

  4. Customize your plumbing apprentice job description

  5. Prioritize recruitment and hiring

  6. Optimize apprentice plumber training

  7. Streamline plumbing operations

  8. Measure apprentice plumber performance

What is an apprentice plumber job description?

An apprentice plumber is an entry-level position that allows employees to learn on the job while they complete the required number of training hours to earn a journeyman plumber's license. 

Your company's plumbing apprentice job description establishes employee expectations and enables your company to set and measure goals for the apprenticeship plumbing position.

That's how Vanessa Gonzales, ServiceTitan Senior Manager of Product Utilization, describes job descriptions.

“Job descriptions also allow many people performing the same job to be measured by the same goals and expectations, while allowing the team to know where they're falling short,” says Gonzales, who is also owner of Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

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Build procedures to boost performance

While it's important to hire the right apprentice plumbers, it's crucial to create procedures to enhance training and give them a blueprint for success.

ServiceTitan Plumbing Software gives your plumbing apprentices everything they need, right in the field. ServiceTitan Mobile makes it easier than ever for your plumbers and apprentices to provide top-notch customer service, because they possess complete customer information at their fingertips. Streamline your processes by uploading forms into the app so they automatically trigger during different parts of the job cycle, ensuring your plumbers cover every detail.

Estimates - Good Best Better Bid Options

When it comes to boosting your average job ticket, your plumbers can build branded, tiered cost estimates with just a few taps, complete with high-quality photos, videos, and descriptions. This way, the customer can visually compare good-better-best options and choose a higher-priced option made affordable with customer financing, maximizing your profit. When plumbers arrive at each job fully informed and prepared, it sets the stage for a superior customer experience, leading to more referrals and top online reviews.

Identify top traits

Plumbing apprentices learn the ins and outs of plumbing systems as they work alongside your plumbers unclogging drains and installing new plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing apprentices work in a variety of working conditions depending on the job site. Plumbing apprentice duties vary widely and require physical agility to work in tight spaces, and manual dexterity in using hand tools and power tools. Plumbers must possess knowledge of piping systems as they identify water supply lines and drainage systems, and repair and install systems in accordance with codes. Plumbing tasks also require math skills to accurately measure pipes or calculate flow rates in pipelines.

Top apprentices should possess good problem-solving and communication skills, pay attention to detail, and efficiently manage their time. When hiring plumbing apprentices, decide which traits and characteristics rank topmost and hire for those qualities.

Customize your plumbing apprentice job description

Plumbing companies seeking to create their own  job descriptions can use a consulting company, a business success group, or a plumber job description template. If your company uses a template, make sure you customize it for your company.

Job descriptions should give your company a well-executed playbook for the entire employee life cycle, says Ian Schotanus of The Big Picture Consulting, who calls himself “The HR Guy for the Trades.”

“If you take somebody else's job descriptions, especially if they come from out of state, there’s going to be different expectations,” Schotanus says. “Are you wanting to grow your business and structure your business, or do you want to try to make a carbon copy of that business?”

What are plumber apprenticeship requirements?

For apprentice plumber jobs, the plumber apprentice job description outlines the general hiring requirements, which typically includes a valid driver's license and a high school diploma or GED.

How long is a plumbing apprenticeship?

While the number of hours vary depending on state or city plumbing apprenticeship requirements, a typical plumber's apprenticeship program lasts four years. Those seeking to work in the plumbing field may also complete a plumbing trade school program to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of plumbing codes and building codes.

How much do apprentice plumbers make?

Ensure your company offers a competitive apprenticeship plumber salary to attract top candidates. Apprentice plumber salaries vary depending on the geographical region. Nationwide, the 50th percentile salary for an entry-level plumber with 0-2 years of experience is $46,400, according to Payfactors.com data shared with ServiceTitan.

Prioritize recruitment and hiring

Every employee plays an important role in your company, no matter the job title. Prioritize the recruitment and hiring process to remain on the lookout for quality employees.

Post comprehensive plumber apprenticeship job descriptions on trade job boards or national job boards such as ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, or social media to advertise  apprenticeship plumbers jobs. 

Word-of-mouth through service technicians and other employees remains one of the best ways for plumbing recruitment. Tommy Mello, owner ofA1 Garage Door Service and host of the Home Service Expert podcast, says business owners in the trades should make recruiting a core business function.

“Some people say, ‘always be closing.’ I say, ‘always be recruiting,’” says Mello, who gives employees $1,500 for a new hire referral. Other companies give team members bonuses for every anniversary of their referral’s hire date.

As your company performs plumber interviews, whether for residential or commercial work, focus on your company's foundational values so you can hire employees who will work well together as a team.

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Optimize apprentice plumber training

Apprentice plumber training gives your company the opportunity to train employees on your company’s individual processes and procedures. If you hire right, you can train your current employees to become great plumbing supervisors.

In-house training enables you to personalize your training based on your company values. Russell Furr, owner of Culpepper Home Services in Virginia, relies heavily on training techs to develop empathy for customer needs.

“One of the things I enjoyed the most in the field was just interacting with customers and learning what their needs were,” says Furr, in a recent ServiceTitan Toolbox for the Trades podcast. “That’s what I did—served their needs, not mine. And that’s what we always need to do.”

As your company hires and trains, strategize and think long-term about employee roles to remain flexible and dynamic as your company grows.

Streamline plumbing operations

Improve your company's efficiency by using ServiceTitan scheduling software to maximize the schedules of your plumbing apprentices and techs. Save time by assigning the right techs to the right call, flagging specific jobs as needed, so techs arrive prepared.

Keep the lines of communication open between your dispatchers and techs in the field with ServiceTitan dispatch software, extending, shortening, or rescheduling jobs as needed. All job information, even call history and customer communication, remains in one place, keeping every team member in the loop.

ServiceTitan commercial plumbing software: Dispatch Board

Simplify payroll and customized incentive pay structures with automated payroll software to reward your top-performing employees and increase employee satisfaction. The integration with other critical software means you can easily track profitability and efficiency.

Measure apprentice plumber performance

Identifying apprentice plumber goals in the job description won't make much of a difference if your company fails to follow up. 

“If you want the job description to be effective and useful, then you have to hold people accountable to it,” Schotanus says.

Field reporting software gives plumbing companies accurate data on generated revenue, memberships sold, and more for individual techs. Track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that mean the most to your plumbing company, so you can compare individual employee performance to overall company goals.

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Tracking all aspects of your company in real time gives you an accurate snapshot of performance, enabling you to measure success and strategize for future growth.

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