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HVAC Rooftop Unit Maintenance Checklist: Free PDF Download


A well-designed checklist for HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance can provide some important benefits to HVAC business owners, such as promoting consistency and employee accountability during preventative maintenance calls. In this post, we’ll share an HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance checklist as a free PDF download. 

Our checklist includes the following steps:

  • Prepare the inspection with pre-maintenance safety precautions

  • Check blower-area components: belt tension, motor, bearings, etc.

  • Change dirty air filters

  • Clean the economizer screen 

  • Check the evaporator coil

  • Check drain trap for clogs

  • Inspect thermostat controls and electrical hookups

  • Examine the condenser fan motor

  • Check the exchange area

  • Check the ignition area

You’ll find a link below to download the checklist so that you can put it to work in your own HVAC business

It’s worth noting, though, that for all their benefits, PDF templates have some important drawbacks. 

To name just a few:

  • It’s difficult to make sure HVAC technicians use PDF templates on each and every job.

  • PDF and paper-based templates can’t be customized or duplicated on the go.

  • They don’t integrate with the other apps most HVAC contractors rely on to run their business, requiring inspection results to be manually transferred to a spreadsheet, CRM, etc.

  • With a PDF checklist, malfunctions uncovered during inspections can’t be easily shared among field and office staff, which can result in delays when it comes to generating estimates, checking warranties, verifying inventory availability, ordering parts, and more.  

So, after we’ve walked you through our free HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance checklist, we’ll explain how our HVAC contractor software, ServiceTitan, addresses these challenges, allowing business owners to streamline their inspection process and capitalize on sales opportunities. 

Do you want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s HVAC software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.

How to Download and Use Our HVAC Rooftop-Unit Maintenance Checklist

After saving the PDF as a new file, you can customize the checklist with your personal information: company name, logo, address, phone number. 

As you’ll see, the checklist is broken into three basic sections, each of which is composed of several steps:

1. Equipment Description and Safety Checklist

Describe the Equipment Details

The first section of the checklist provides a place for HVAC service technicians to enter basic information for HVAC rooftop unit equipment inspection and regular maintenance:

  • Job date

  • Voltage and phase of the unit

  • Unit location

  • Refrigerant type

  • Serial number and model number 

Pre-Maintenance Safety Precautions

Techs will also find precautionary safety check-boxes that prompt them to make sure the disconnection switch is off and that the work area is clear of potential hazards and contaminants.

2. Air Conditioning

The AC section of the PDF covers maintenance tasks for rooftop air conditioning systems.

Again, air conditioner-related tasks are broken into a handful of subsections:

Check the Blower Area 

Blower-area prompts remind HVAC techs to examine the belt tension, motor, bearings, wiring, blower wheel, and belt size of the rooftop AC unit.

Check the Air Filter Area

The filter area section of the checklist ensures that HVAC techs change dirty filters, clean economizer screens, and check the evaporator coil. 

Check the Cooling Area

Here, techs will examine the drain trap for clogs and check thermostat controls and electrical hookups for the cooling system.

Check the Condenser/Compressor Area

Before moving on, techs will need to check the air conditioning unit’s condenser fan motor, as well as its blades, condenser coil, filter dryer, and crankcase. 

3. Heating Elements

Of course, many HVAC units — rooftop or otherwise — include a heating system in addition to air conditioning, and our rooftop-unit checklist also features inspection items for heating elements:

Check the Exchange Area

  • Air filters

  • Heat exchangers

  • Fan, blower motor, burner assembly

Check the Ignition Area

  • Gas pipe and valve

  • Draft inducer motor

  • Burner logs

  • Ignition board

  • Thermostat controls

  • Electrical connections

The last portion of our HVAC rooftop-unit preventive maintenance checklist allows for techs to record any maintenance-call notes. For example: useful information gleaned from conversations with the client or tenant; difficulties encountered during the call.

While an HVAC maintenance checklist like this one can assist companies in more consistently executing comprehensive inspections — helping their customers improve the lifespan of their equipment and keep energy efficiency high — PDF or paper checklists have key limitations when it comes to:

  • Making sure that techs follow every step on each and every job

  • Duplicating and customizing checklists

  • Storing, organizing, and sharing inspection information 

  • Syncing inspection data with the software tools you use to manage your business

Below, we’ll discuss how HVAC software like ServiceTitan can help contractors address these challenges.

How ServiceTitan Streamlines the Process of HVAC Rooftop-Unit Maintenance

Guarantee That Proper Forms and Checklists Are Completed Every Time

One of the most-valued features of ServiceTitan’s HVAC software is the ability to easily create custom forms. These include HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance checklists. 

Custom checklists can be generated in just a few minutes, and easily added to individual jobs, locations, HVAC equipment, or customers. Like all ServiceTitan forms, these are accessible via desktop or the ServiceTitan mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

With fingertip access to custom digital forms, our users no longer need to stock their trucks with stacks of paper checklists or manually transfer customer information and job data to their computer systems — a great way to reduce costly errors and save time. 

Every detail and data point entered into the ServiceTitan platform is stored in the cloud, allowing subscribers to quickly locate and access the forms and information they need.  

Our HVAC software allows users to build new forms from scratch. But it also gives them access to a diverse menu of prebuilt templates, which are drawn from forms used successfully by other HVAC companies through TitanExchange. Prebuilt forms can be further customized according to the individual needs and preferences of your HVAC shop.  

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Make Sure Technicians Use Checklists Every Time

With ServiceTitan, contractors can use Form Settings to create gated workflows that require HVAC techs to complete specific forms for certain jobs and job types. 

In the case of an HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance call, for instance, business owners and managers can program ServiceTitan so that the assigned technician must fill out the relevant maintenance checklist before they’re able to mark the job complete.  

The same goes for other job types. If they’re installing a new HVAC system, for example, the tech can be required to complete a warranty form and an installation checklist

By creating accountability through automation, ServiceTitan can help HVAC business owners guarantee that best practices are followed on every job — and also reduce their stress level. 

Easily Edit and Customize Checklists

Whether they’re using a maintenance checklist they’ve built from scratch or one of our many pre-built templates, ServiceTitan subscribers can add or subtract checklist items to suit their needs. HVAC contractors commonly populate their checklists with items like:

  • Condensers

  • Heat pumps

  • Gas furnace

  • Gas pressure

  • Indoor air quality

  • Refrigerant levels / refrigerant charge

  • Refrigerant lines

  • Proper airflow

  • Air filters

  • Humidifier/Humidity levels

  • Condensate drains

  • Ductwork

  • Drain pans

  • Heat exchangers

  • Drain lines

  • Flue system

  • Pulleys

Since every ServiceTitan form and checklist can be instantaneously duplicated as many times as necessary, it’s easy for techs to move from job to job, and to handle assignments where multiple HVAC rooftop units are present. This is especially useful for commercial HVAC companies, which often handle clients with more than one rooftop unit at one or more commercial buildings.  

Create and Present Professional HVAC Estimates to Address Issues 

Having a reliable, consistent HVAC inspection process gives business owners and their employees much greater ability to identify and convert valuable sales opportunities

With ServiceTitan, when a tech finds an issue with HVAC equipment in the course of an inspection, ServiceTitan gives them the ability to build a custom Good Better Best proposal right from our integrated pricebook

With their tablet, techs can use ServiceTitan to present customers with sleek, professional proposals, complete with photos, equipment specifications, and pricing — a tool that can help HVAC contractors improve their average ticket price. Homeowners can sign off on proposals while their tech is still on site, but they can also have their proposals emailed to them to mull over. This also saves time for contractors on delivering estimates

In addition, ServiceTitan’s automated estimate-tracking and follow-up features help contractors increase close rates and overall revenue to maximize their bottom line.  

Track and Update Maintenance Agreements with Ease

Maintenance checklists for HVAC rooftop units often come into play in connection with HVAC memberships or maintenance agreements.  Our membership feature provides for easy and efficient management, tracking, and documentation of recurring services. 

Like all of the other data entered into the ServiceTitan platform, records associated with HVAC memberships are stored in one place. That way, they’re easy to locate and reference via search with a few clicks, and there’s no longer any need to scour spreadsheets and shuffle through stacks of paper documents to find what they need. 

For example, ServiceTitan users can quickly find membership specs like:

  • Membership type 

  • Agreement period 

  • Membership locations (single or multiple)

  • Billing schedule and price

  • Service frequency (e.g. quarterly, biannual, or annual maintenance plan, etc.)

  • Revenue recognition (point of sale or deferred)

Office staff can view and easily edit these details through our desktop app — and techs out in the field have full access via their mobile device. 

In keeping with ServiceTitan’s holistic approach to service business management, membership tracking is seamlessly integrated with the other software tools that live on our platform, and which contractors use to execute tasks such as job scheduling, proposal creation, invoicing, and payment collection. 

Automate Scheduling for Timely Preventive Maintenance Visits 

Recurring service events, with defined dates and frequency, are automatically added to the schedule, eliminating the need for office employees to manually update and track the schedule. This both saves time and reduces the chance of missing a maintenance visit.  

Furthermore, future recurring-service events can be viewed by date range, and dispatchers and CSRs can contact individual customers to coordinate timing and initiate jobs. Once a job has been set up, it’s assigned to a tech and appears automatically on their schedule, as well as the dispatch board.  

In the event you’re unable to reach a customer, they’re not ready to book a job — or they’ve decided against continuing the service — ServiceTitan’s follow-up notifications help ensure that someone from your office will reach out again, providing additional opportunities to close sales.  

Of course, many HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance visits are unrelated to service agreements. In these cases, the ServiceTitan call booking workflow offers a host of benefits:

  • Furnishing CSRs with the name and customer information of each incoming caller.

  • Guiding CSRs through intuitive form fields and drop-downs that help them gather all of the essential details the first time around.

  • Providing for efficient scheduling from the same screen.

  • Adding scheduled jobs and job details to our easy-to-use dispatch board automatically.

Send Invoices Efficiently to Get Paid Faster

ServiceTitan automatically populates invoices by drawing on items from our fully integrated pricebook — equipment, hourly rates, and all the other variables that determine an HVAC quote. This helps avoid discrepancies between the estimate and the bill, which can result in friction with customers.  

Like proposals, HVAC invoices can be sent by email, with an attached link providing for online payment. Alternatively, customers can e-sign them on site with a mobile device. 

Whether the client is a homeowner or commercial customer, getting paid is easy, too. Using our customer portal, which allows HVAC customers to save their credit card information, clients can pay online at their convenience. Naturally, HVAC contractors are still free to accept cash or check, and our QuickBooks integration makes revenue easy to track as it comes in. 

By providing push-button access to our financing partners, we also help our subscribers overcome cost-based objections. Within minutes, customers can apply and get approved for financing through our mobile software, allowing contractors to eliminate pricing obstacles and increase their profitability.  

Get a ServiceTitan Demo to See How We Can Help You Optimize and Grow Your HVAC Business 

As we noted earlier in this post, a PDF-based HVAC rooftop-unit maintenance checklist is certainly better than no checklist at all. But PDF checklists just aren’t going to address many of the complex process challenges of managing a commercial or residential HVAC business. 

By adding a leading HVAC software product like ServiceTitan to their toolbox, contractors can significantly up their game, building and customizing forms and checklists that integrate seamlessly with all of the other tools that they use to run their business. 

ServiceTitan offers tremendous benefits above and beyond optimizing the HVAC rooftop-unit inspection process. For example, our platform offers features that enhance essential business functions including: 

Do you want to see for yourself how ServiceTitan’s HVAC software can give you the tools you need to streamline operations and grow your business? Schedule a call for a free product tour.