Equip your techs with integrated flat-rate prices

What is Flat-Rate Plumbing Software?

A flat-rate pricing software solution gives professional plumbers an easy way to estimate and book jobs faster. With flat-rate plumbing software, plumbing contractors control their costs and margins.

Upload or Build the Pricebook

ServiceTitan flat-rate pricing allows contractors to upload a pricebook they already use or create a new plumbing pricebook from scratch with an easy-to-navigate interface.

Upload or Build the Pricebook

ServiceTitan flat-rate pricing allows contractors to upload a pricebook they already use or create a new plumbing pricebook from scratch with an easy-to-navigate interface.

Easy Navigation

Organize pricebook into categories to easily and efficiently locate plumbing items.

Up-to-date Pricing

Edit prices and specs on multiple pricebook items simultaneously to reflect cost fluctuations.

Pricebook Management

Access and connect to industry vendor catalogs to automate materials and equipment price updates.

Connect Core Functions

Benefit from a seamless connection between plumbing pricebook and core business operations.

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Plumbing Flat-Rate Software: Tips and Advice

Learn about plumbing flat-rate software programs—from evaluating app solutions to discovering the key features to help your commercial or residential business close more jobs.

What Does Plumbing Flat-Rate Software Do?

Plumbing flat-rate software simplifies pricebook management, saves time, and provides peace of mind to plumbing business owners in the service industry looking to protect their margins and get the most out of every job.

It allows residential and commercial companies to set prices in real time based on the true value of services and scope of work. 

Service businesses can arrange their pricebooks by business units and verticals. For example, if they offer HVAC service (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) or electrical services in addition to plumbing services, they can create separate categories for their electrical flat-rate and HVAC flat-rate pricebooks. Or they can categorize pricebooks by residential, commercial, and construction menu pricing, depending on the customer segments they serve.

What are the Benefits of Plumbing Flat-Rate Software?

Flat-rate plumbing software using a flat rate book for pricing offers the following benefits to commercial and residential plumbing businesses:

  • Rewards high performance and efficiency, allowing them to book more jobs per week and earn more revenue. 

  • Eliminates the problem of unapplied labor (underperforming techs).

  • Allows them to sell a service with a new flat rate, with no need to justify their hourly rate.

  • Shortens the billing cycle, allowing customers to prepay the fixed cost or pay the tech onsite for completed work.

In addition, it provides the following benefits to homeowners and commercial customers:

  • Closes the door on price concerns and haggling since they know the fixed cost upfront.

  • Eases the pressure of a home service call, removing the need to closely monitor the tech’s progress, and providing a better customer experience.

Eliminates repair bill surprises or markups, even if a tech needs more time to complete the work.

What is ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro?

Pricebook Pro, an add-on feature to the core platform, offers a pre-built, continually managed flat-rate plumbing pricebook. Drawing on decades of experience from industry veterans, Pricebook Pro further streamlines pricebook management by:

  • Giving business owners a well-built pricebook, based on industry average prices and best practices—saving plumbing companies hours of pricebook setup time—while allowing them to add items or make adjustments for their business requirements.

  • Keeping on top of price updates. ServiceTitan monitors changes in supplier pricing and updates prices on a monthly basis.

In combination, Pricebook Pro features help ensure that users are able to offer their customers cutting-edge plumbing services and products at prices that align with their profitability goals, all while saving plumbing companies innumerable hours on pricebook creation and maintenance.

Does your Plumbing Flat-Rate Software Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan's plumbing software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions. Field service contractors who serve commercial and residential customers can take advantage of the QuickBooks integration to simplify accounting procedures and ensure a smooth flow of information from invoice on the construction project site to reconciliation in their accounting software, without the hassle of double entry.