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Other safety measures

Employee safety is the number one priority for contractors, because all owners care deeply about their teams. Beyond being the right thing to do, if employees don’t feel safe and avoid coming to work, it also impacts the ability to operate and bring in revenue.


Enforce safety and drive remote workflows with required forms

Now more than ever, thorough safety checks and following standard procedures can make a huge difference. Even things that seem irrelevant at first must be considered, like humidity. For example, if the humidity is too low it can cause mucous-spread viruses to spread quicker. Humidity control could play well with an IAQ section of an existing maintenance and/or service form. For more information, including the science behind why this is so important, click here and here

You’re accustomed to using ServiceTitan’s forms feature to require technicians to take the right steps and collect the right information after jobs are done, after an installation, to start a warranty process, or inspect the health of a system. Now, you can use the same functionality to make sure technicians are  taking the right steps to protect their health and safety and sign off on it. Click on the following hyperlinks to learn more about using forms and setting up form triggers!

Once jobs are completed, you can configure ServiceTitan to remind technicians to fill out a form confirming that they’ve followed your recommended safety procedures, such as wiping down their tablet. If you include these forms in the packet that’s emailed to your customer, it will reinforce that your technicians are following health and safety protocols to ensure your customer’s health. 

We have created a safety checklist form that is available for all contractors to use immediately.

These ideas certainly are not restricted to forms. We found several contractors that are making sure that their messaging is consistent across multiple platforms. We recommend taking a look at all of your messaging and make sure it is not just talking about safety but also about the importance and value of the services you provide during this time (and all the time). Here are some of the messages that contractors are communicating to their customers.

1. You and your family are in your home more than ever. It's important that your fundamental systems are functioning AND healthy.

2. Viruses spread more easily in high humidity. It's important to maintain and fix your air conditioning system to have appropriate humidity control.

3. Anything you do to make your water and air systems cleaner to keep you healthier improves your family's ability to fight off infections.

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