Driving a Company Culture

Finding quality employees, then keeping them for the long haul can increase the stability and productivity of any company. With the labor shortages in the trades, that’s even more important. To nurture your workforce, build a company culture that empowers and rewards everyone.


5 Steps to Effective Delegation

To become a master delegator, follow these 5 proven steps to handoff:

  1. Fact Finder. Discuss the task to be delegated. Allow them to get their feet wet and understand the basic fundamentals of the task.

  2. Solicit suggestions.  See how they think. Do they understand the main objective and have ideas that will help them accomplish the main objective? 

  3. Implement.  Give them a chance to take action and measure how they perform. What other instruction or resources do they need to be successful?

  4. Allow independent action. Let them run with a project and report results immediately. Give positive feedback and suggestions for improvement if needed. 

  5. Hand over complete authority.  You are both confident in their ability to lead independently.  

The combination of a healthy company culture and shared responsibility create an environment where employees wake up every day excited about the chance to go to work. And excited about their opportunities within the business.

“I want my team to grow,” Barnes says. “I want them to be more successful than I am at the end of the day.”

Rothacker says that’s key to a company’s culture. He stresses that the combined principles of humanity, humility and expectation on the job can help bring out the best in everyone, which is always what’s best for the company.

“If you really want to make a difference in another person’s life,” Rothacker said, “you apply your heart and purpose, talk about it and paint that picture. And that’s really the vision.”

And, Barnes says, it needs to be built into your company’s culture. 

“You either build the culture you want or the culture is going to build itself,” Barnes says. “So you figure out what you want in your culture and your team.

“Culture is in everything.”

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