Call Center Practices

CSRs are the first contact customers have with service companies, and their ability to gather information, empathize with clients and book calls can make or break a business. Spend time training and nurturing those important voices.


Required Information

On each call, the CSR should be asking important questions to collect information about the system as well as information about the customer. These questions will help CSRs and dispatchers identify the priority and opportunity within every call. 

As a company, determine your required questions about the system and required questions about the client. These required questions should be added to your call script. 

Examples of required questions about the system that should be asked on every call would include:

  • What is going on with your system today?

  • How long has that been going on? 

  • Where is the system or affected area located, and do we have accessibility? 

  • Number of units / systems? 

  • Opportunity questions: age of home, age of system, age of water heater

Examples of required questions about the customer that should be asked on every call would include: 

  • Contact information (first and last name, location address, phone number, email, primary and additional contacts for the account)

  • Do you own the property? If not, who does? 

  • Residential or commercial?

  • Who is responsible for payment? 

Examples of questions that may be customized by job type can be found in our Required Questions by Job Type Section.

Address verification, location booking accuracy

One of the most preventable costs incurred in a home service business is when a job is booked on the wrong address. Within ServiceTitan, the address pulls up automatically if the customer already exists and the address can be GPS verified, greatly reducing the likelihood of going to an incorrect address because of human error. 

Another great bonus feature available to assist CSRs and dispatchers is the Property Data feature. CSRs and dispatchers can easily identify the age and value of the home, the square footage, number of rooms, as well as construction detail.

Booking rate

Every call to the business should be documented and classified as either a lead or not a lead, to ensure booking rate accuracy. This classification process helps to generate a booking rate for each individual CSR. 

In ServiceTitan, every call over 60 seconds is automatically classified as a lead. After a call is taken, if a job is not booked, a call reason is requested by the system and this reason will confirm if it was lead or not a lead. These required reasons will also provide impactful and insightful reporting information. 

Accurate booking rates will allow your business to target unbooked leads for follow up on and allow for targeted CSR coaching. ServiceTitan records every phone call, so coaching is incredibly simple and can be done via a form with a simple to implement peer review process.

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